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Emilyjane's primal journal--day 1

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  • Emilyjane's primal journal--day 1

    So today I finished reading The Primal Blueprint and I am ready to start living the primal life! I was a bit worried about whether it was for me at first--I'm a 5 year lung transplant recipient, so I'm on a lot of medication, including the evil lipitor, because the drug regiment post-transplant raises cholesterol levels in everyone, even the babies. I wondered if "going primal" would work for me. But I think it would really help--cutting carbs would be a great thing for me, and something dietitians have suggested to me lately.
    I recently started a workout regime that incorporates strength training, flexibility and cardio--but so far it's fairly light cardio twice a week. I have never been a "chronic cardio" person (my brother is the marathoner, not me!), but I know I need someactivity, and definitely more than I've been getting. I had a heart procedure at the beginning of March, and I've just been cleared to start activity again under the supervision of medical folks. So I'm hoping to incorporate primal tips and rules while I start to get my body back in order.
    So far, I liked the emphasis on it being a lifestyle, as opposed to a quick diet plan that would be impossible to maintain. And of course I like anything that tells me to sleep more!
    I hope this forum will provide inspiration and accountability as I begin to go primal!