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  • Raaawwr!- Nettle Goes Primal

    It's been a week of reading and more reading and when I thought I had read enough I read more. Braintastic! (Does that count as exercise? ) It all started with conversation elseboard with a conversation about diet and ecological concerns and several peeps telling me that veggie (and vegan) was the way and me responding 'been down that road' was a veggie and almost vegan for about 5 years and at first it was fine, no problems and then "implosion!" Long story short, major deficiencies, depression and general ill health. Then lost of scrambling and fitzing around with 'fixes' that didn't work until I broke down and ate some meat. The horror of it all.... Then like magic things righted themselves and walaa those specific problems went away. I got replies along the lines of 'well you must not have done it right' to which I replied you've got to be kidding me I tried every supposedly 'right' way and it didn't work. Then it was 'well perhaps you are a rare case or something' which led me to start looking into my 'rare case' and I discovered that no perhaps I'm not all that rare at all and oh look there is a whole other way of looking at nutrition that I had never really heard about and after a few days I found myself here reading and thinking 'Yes, yes, yes this so sounds like things I've experienced with my body and wow I'm actually not that crazy".

    The veggie thing was about 6 years ago and since then beyond focusing more on whole foods and cutting down on processed crap and eating lots of veggies I haven't done a whole lot of looksee to things on the nutritional front and kinda sorta went with conventional wisdom (low saturated fat yadda yadda) Over the years I've been slowly gaining weight. I thought I knew why (too much junk fatty carbs and sugar) and not enough exercise. I hate cardio with a passion and get bored to tears with typical gym stuff. A few years ago I moved to a piece of property in the country with the goal of working towards a more sustainable lifestyle. I put in a garden that gets bigger every year and got some chickens. I also started to eat more local foods, both veggie and meat. I figured that with this lifestyle and generally more outdoor type work and access to more decent food that things would adjust themselves and my overall health and weight would get better.

    Well it hasn't and over the past year or so I started struggling with food again and what I thought I knew about food.

    Good cop: "You're eating too many calories! You're eating too many eggs! Too much meat. Too much fat. It's the bacon! It's the butter! More veggies, more whole grains!"
    Bad cop: "Muhhaaa have some bacon. You feel so good when you eat it!! Butter yum!
    Good cop: Cut it out! Cut down. You need more cardio! Sure you're stronger now, digging and lifting does that but your muscles are layered in fat! Run. Go to the gym and sweat or something. Stop being so lazy."
    Bad cop: " But I don't have energy and I'm feeling more and more crappy. Carbs! Sugar! Woo spike in energy but wow the let down comes fast. "
    Good cop: "Blah. "
    Bad cop: "Bladdity bloo".

    Back and forth. Back and forth until...
    Good cop: " I don't know any more, maybe I'm bad....I'm so confused"
    Bad cop: "Me neither..... and oh would you look at us now we're depressed and in the weeds again. WTF should we do now? Give up I guess..... "

    Then Grok walks in. "Grok!!! Raawwr"


    Grok: "Grok. Grokity. Grok. "

    Say what? You're kidding me. Bacon?

    Grok: "Baaacon. Gooood Eggs good. Meat Gooood. Veggies Goood. Fat Goood"

    Okay Grok you've got me interested. You're making a whole lot of sense right now. I've found through trial and error that a lot of things you say do seem to be true. Like buttter good and margarine baaad. And that grains don't really do what other people have told me they're supposed to do. And the sugar energy spikes happen all of the time. I just didn't quite figure it all out but now that I think about what happens when I eat certain things and don't eat other things you seem to be talking about me! Oh and exercise. Wow. You mean no forty five minute cardio sessions, just moving and lifting things...and it works? This sounds like me too! Bonus!

    Grok: "Raaawwr"

    Fantabulous! I'm going to give it a shot Grok, "Raaawwr!!!"

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    Day 1 -sort of.

    I put off going grocery shopping for a day when I found this site and while I was contemplating trying it out. Decided well there's no time like the present might as well go for it. I went over what I have at home already.

    I came home with a couple of packages of bacon, pork chops, spinach, various frozen veggies (broccoli, carrots and cauliflower, fresh cauliflower, a bag of onions, a small block of old cheddar, a bag of frozen raspberries, some unsalted chicken stock, butter and 2 cans of coconut milk. Besides the coconut milk these are things that I normally buy, the difference is what I didn't get. No pasta, no bread and no cookies. I also got peanut butter. I love peanut butter but usually eat it for the convenience and the hubby has to have it in the house. I love other nut butters too but will have to wait until I go to the city where I can get them. I'll have no problem eating almond rather then peanut but I don't think it's going to be much of an issue anyways since I usually have it on bread. Can't get coconut oil in the local grocery either.

    I think the hardest thing to give up will be bread and pasta. I looove bread. So right now I'm just telling myself that it's only for month. I think I can easily do that at least. Dairy won't be a huge issue. I don't drink milk anyways (haven't for about 15 years) and the only dairy in my diet is a bit of yogurt and cheese. I think for now I will stick with the yogurt or at least finish up what I have in the frig. Yogurt is a food that really makes me feel good after I eat it, usually at breakfast and I don't seem to have any digestive issues with it. If I don't have it for a few days I really feel it.

    So for supper I had the leftover pasta sauce I had in the frig minus the pasta. It was a hearty I made from scratch the other day. Grass fed ground beef, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, celery, garlic and seasonings. I just doubled up the amount I would usually put on the spaghetti since I it was sans noodles.

    Luckily I have a great source of grass fed beef. My neighbor is an organic beef farmer and I can get it for 3.50 a pound which is great. Sourcing other grass fed and organic meats is quite easy around here although it requires a trip to another town. I have my own free range, grass feed chicken and duck eggs so that's covered.

    I do have a sweet tooth so that's going to be interesting. I decided that for dessert I would have some raspberries with some coconut milk instead of cream. I've never had or used coconut milk before so it was fun trying something new. It was good! Since the raspberries were still half frozen when I mixed it in it ended up being sort of like an ice cream. I ended up adding two drops of honey which sweetened it ever so slightly. I think coconut milk is going to be a keeper.

    So hopefully I'm on my way to figuring this all out. Tomorrow I'm going to make a coconut, carrot and cauliflower soup I found in one of the down loadable cookbooks.


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      Day 3

      Day 3.

      Yesterday was my first full day. I used Fitday to get an idea of what I was eating. Ended up not with enough protein because I messed up lunch. Carbs were 70 and fat ration was okay though. I have a better idea of what's involved though.

      Exercise was a light day. Walked around my property and played with one of my dogs. It's 2 acres and I walked it twice so I have no idea how far that would be. Play time with her means lots of dodging and spinning and short running lunge movements as her favorite game is 'get the water bottle from me ha ha'. Also some like yard work, mostly cleaning up and organizing now that the snow has melted.

      I just finished the Essential moves fitness test from the E-Book. Yowza. Not great but pretty much as I expected. Very little upper body strength at all, okay leg strength and okay core strength. Well at least it wasn't all totally pathetic.


      Full pushup (on toes): 2
      Forearm/Feet Plank: 41 secs (Boy was this one a workout)
      Dive Bomber: 2
      Full Squats: 45
      Pull ups: I don't have any bar or branch to pull up at home. I'll have to figure something out. However I already know the results. It will be a big fat 0! LOL

      So if I've figured this out right next time I'll start at Level 1 for Push-ups, Presses and Pull ups and Level 2 for Squats and the Plank.

      Although I haven't run through a full workout yet I can already tell I'm going to like it and that it's going to be doable. Once I get a pull-up bar figured out I can do it all at home either indoors or out.

      Now off to the butcher to get some beef bones and chicken.

      Food for the day.

      B: 3 eggs scrambled with homemade salsa

      S: Few nuts

      L: Roasted chicken, salad: mixed greens 2 cups, carrots, sesame seeds, oil and apple cider vinegar

      S: Few nuts

      D: Whitefish pan fried with lots of butter, lemon juice, dill and a dash of white wine, 3 cups of mixed vegetable broccoli, cauliflower, carrots
      raspberries in coconut milk with a teaspoon of dark cocoa powder and 2 drops of honey

      First time I ever cooked fish. I've never been a big fish or seafood eater but decided that I should try to learn to like it. It turned out well. The Hubby who does eat fish said I cooked it perfectly. Yay me. It was a bit of challenge because I wasn't sure what it was supposed to be like. I didn't hate it but I didn't love it. It tasted okay but the texture was weird. I'll eat it again though so overall it was a success.

      I put everything into Fitday. Ended up with Fat 119, Carbs 59.5, Protein 104g. Better then yesterday in terms of protein. Percentages are 62, 13 and 25.

      So far I'm feeling pretty good. I haven't been super hungry and energy is alright even though it's less then what I ate before. I got a couple of pangs mid morning and mid afternoon but a few nuts (8-10) fixed that right up. I am having what I think is some carb craving, though it's more like I don't quite feel full in terms of heavy full. I couldn't eat anything more though without feeling sick at the thought so I guess it's a different kind of full I'm experiencing.

      Supplements: Vitamin D, Fish Oil (DHA)Om 3, Multimineral and B6.
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        Day 4 and 5

        Yesterday was a tough one. I was feeling okay in the morning but woke up thinking about bread and butter. I wasn't that hungry though just a craving. Once I had breakfast, scrambled eggs (1 chicken and 1 duck) some salsa and a couple pieces of bacon I was fine. Felt good and decided to go out and walk my dog. Just an easy walk as my quads were still stiff and sore from the squats I did the day before. However when I got back I was tired and decided to take a small cat nap. Ended up zonking out cold for 5 hours! Guess I needed the sleep. Woke up and started craving french fries and gravy really bad. A few nuts solved that problem. Interestingly even though I had missed lunch I wasn't super hungry. Had some chicken, salad and cabbage slaw with oil and vinegar dressing. Then I started craving chocolate really bad. I was still okay food wise since I had missed lunch so decided to try something out. I had some raspberries with coconut milk and added 2 tsp of raw dark cocoa powder to it. It was bitter but the raspberries added enough sweet that it tasted like a really good dark, dark chocolate. Chocolate craving solved. I couldn't even finish it. It only took a few spoonfuls.

        Also took my measurements and got my hubby to help take a few 'before' pictures. He's been great and is really being supportive. He has a sweet tooth and likes to have something for desserts. Since he knows how much I tend to want to indulge he said that from now on he would look after buying his sweet stuff and keep it with his stuff. He said he didn't want me to even have to wander down those aisles or bake like I sometimes do. How great is that? I didn't even have to ask. He just knew. Just another addition to the list of why I love him so much. He's also has no problems eating what I make and we made a deal that when I cook a meal I'll just make a starch for him. So when I made fish and veggies the other night. I cooked a potato for him. No big deal. He is interested in the whole thing but doesn't feel he can do it all himself right now because of his work lifestyle.

        Had a really good sleep last night. I had to go out today to do some shopping and see my parents. It was my first day since starting this plan that I ventured out. I stopped in at a meat shop in one of the towns on the way to my parents. Never been there before. Awesome find. They carry all local meats, free range chicken, pork, beef, elk, bison and venison. I bought some jerky so I would have something to eat in the car in case I got hungry. Also bought a scale since I don't have one. I've never been much of a weigh myself all the time person but I figured it would at least be good to have an idea. It also does body fat, muscle and hydration calculations. I'm glad I got the scale because when I weighed myself I was way off of how much I thought I weighed.

        Last time I was on a scale was at the beginning of November at a gym. 182#. Now I weigh 167.4. Great of course but I have no idea where that weight went. It sure wasn't because I was trying anything. I think that because of how I was feeling I was eating less food over all. Bad food but less I guess. In February I was quite depressed and some days would barely eat at all because I had no energy or motivation. Hardly healthy.

        I don't just want to lose weight I want to be healthy and get fit. I'm looking at my wait as just an indicator of that.

        Anyways got to Mom and Dads and Mom had lunch waiting. Thin crust chicken pizza covered with cheese. My first, I'm sorry I can't eat that. I had told my Mom what I was doing but it just hasn't clicked yet. No biggie she understood. Now she knows that when I say no grains, I really mean no grains even if it's just a little bit.

        I had tons of energy and wanted to get out and move so I grabbed my Dad and we went for a 45 min walk. My quads still haven't completely recovered from the squats but by the end of it they felt better.

        No real cravings today except on the way home and I was getting hungry for dinner. My usual pattern is to just stop off at one of the numerous drive thrus or stores on the way to get the quick fix but I forced myself to drive right by. Phew, made it home and quickly made a pork chop, veggies and a salad.

        I'm finding that it's not just cravings that I have to deal with but the general pattern of what I do when I get actually hungry. Before it would me something quick like bread and peanut butter, a few crackers with cheese out of a box or in the case of driving stopping to grab a sandwich or french fries.


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          double post
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            Day 6

            Yesterday was an interesting day. Woke up feeling not tired but the thought of all food just turned my stomach. Had a coffee. I was feeling a bit hungry but the only thing I could even fathom eating in terms of appeal was a nuts and some jerky I bought the day before. I wasn't sure if I should just go with what I felt so I posted about it here and people said to just go with it. I ate a few handful of nuts and a bit of jerky and that seemed to be fine.

            Then I got a phone call a realized I had missed a doctors appointment. I had the date wrong. No worries the doctor just said to come in. It was just a followup to some medication I had started last month after being diagnosed with depression. Going on meds for that was a last hail mary sort of thing and not something I wanted to do but things were really bad. In hindsight I'm glad I did because the result has been fabulous. I feel normal now and am actually able to function. Without the boost they have given me there is no way I would be doing something like this right now. The pre med me probably wouldn't have even found this site or even had the motivation to look at all the diet info like I did. My hope is that along with getting more healthy and fit this type of eating will help with the depression problem. I don't want to take these meds long term but for now they're helping so that I have the motivation and energy to do what is necessary to hopefully get off of them. Right now I'm treating them as a temporary measure.

            My doctor is really good and was thrilled that they had helped as much as it did and that I didn't have to go to a higher dose. I told him that I had started to work on eating more healthy and was getting much more exercise in order to lose weight and get more fit. I didn't tell him exactly what the diet entailed. That can come later. He said wonderful as good eating and exercise can help with mood. I missed having a physical last year so he asked me to schedule one. I then asked about my cholesteral level and blood work for the last time I had it done. Ended up that the last time my lipids were checked was two years ago. My cholesteral was a bit high and that he would like to see it come down. However he said the most important thing was the ratio between good and bad Ch. It was off. Too much bad and not enough good. So at least he understands that. He said that it wasn't super worrisome at this point but that it was something to be aware of. As part of the physical he asks for complete blood work to be done so I left with the form to take to the lab. I was going to ask for it anyway because I want to have an initial report to compare as I progress with Primal. I'll be getting that test next week which is good as I'll only be a week and half into eating this way. I'm also interested to see how things have changed since two years ago.

            I still wasn't super hungry when dinner time came around but I needed to have something. Ended up just reheating a porkchop and smothering it with tomatoes. Added a but of parma cheese for flavor. It hit the spot. Hunger was satiated and I felt good after eating it.

            This morning my aversion to food is gone though again I'm not super hungry. I think the hardest thing right now is figuring out my body signals. Since starting I haven't had the same types of hunger pains as before. No OMG I have to eat now. That happened a lot, even when I was eating.

            Ah well...I'll figure it out.


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              I screwed up labeling my days. This is actually Day 6. I'll blame it on the carb flu.

              Realized I never put in a whole lot of info.

              Age: 38 coming up on 39
              Starting weight: 167.5 # (taken on Day 4)
              Height: 5' 5"

              Food today: 3 eggs scrambled

              big ass salad mixed greens, shredded cabbage, broccoli and carrots
              olive oil and apple cider vinegar

              coconut milk
              bit of cocoa powder (this was left over from what I couldn't finish the other day)
              I added in: flavored yogurt (still finishing what's in the frig)
              more coconut milk
              a couple of spoonful of protein isolate

              I don't seem to have a huge appetite right now. My energy is still up and I'm not getting crashes so I'm going to try not to worry about it right now. I'm a bit concerned about going into some sort of starvation mode. I figure though my body is still adjusting so things might be kind of screwy right now.

              Fitness: Body weight exercises.
              I'm also doing things like parking extra far from whatever my destination is so I get a bit of extra walking in.

              Journaling this first week has been a big help. I'm getting my thoughts in order and working things out. I've been thinking about my goals. I've thought of a few now.

              Goal: Be able to one full unassisted pull-up.
              Crikey. I found something to pull up on and it was pathetic. No upper body pull power at all. I was sweating even doing them with two feet and only managed 5. THIS IS GOING TO IMPROVE!!

              Goal: Level 4 on all 5 body weight exercises.

              Goal: 3 months of weekly fitness and then I get a prize! I made a deal with my husband. He's uber trained in a bunch of things including some sort of Japanese sword fighting style. The fantasy geek in me thinks it would be great fun as well as a great work out to learn. So the deal is I do at least 3 months in fitness improvement and he's going to get me a practice sword and teach me some basic stuff. He said he'd even set up some dummy equipment to practice on. Woo! Can't wait. (Yep I'm a geek)

              Goal: I want the pants I'm wearing now to fall off.

              Goal: Be able to carry a 50lb bag of chicken feed with ease. (I can manage now but it's painful)

              Goal: See 140lbs and maybe even 130lb again.

              Goal Go on an expedition and see if I still have abs somewhere under there

              Goal Be able to dig holes for shrubs and the next day not feel like my arms are going to fall off.

              Goal Bike to town without feeling like I'm going to fall on the ground and die.

              That's it for now!
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                Haha, I freaking love the Grok conversation from your first post.

                Judging from your depression, you might be interested in checking out evolutionary psychiatry. The author goes pretty in-depth on psychological issues in relation to diet. It's very interesting stuff!

                Good luck to you on your primal journey!


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                  Originally posted by Funkadelic Flash View Post
                  Haha, I freaking love the Grok conversation from your first post.

                  Judging from your depression, you might be interested in checking out evolutionary psychiatry. The author goes pretty in-depth on psychological issues in relation to diet. It's very interesting stuff!

                  Good luck to you on your primal journey!


                  Great link. It looks really interesting. I'm really feeling positive about it all right now and am learning a lot. Feeling pretty good too.

                  Grok rocks so far.


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                    Well haven't written for over a week. After the first week I felt like I just needed to let it all flow for a bit without recording everything in detail.

                    It's just over two weeks in and I'm doing okay. I'm really enjoying having continuous energy all of the time. I wake up and I feel like just going. No more napping desires in the afternoon either. My desire to exercise is continuing. Before primal I always had a few days like this a month and I realize how I adjusted to it. It's a bit weird waking up and feeling the same everyday.

                    I haven't had too much problems with cravings. The odd one here and there but manageble. I did eat some poutine last week (yum) but that was a choice and not driven by a craving.

                    I can't say everything is perfect though. This WOE has totally affected my appetite It's killed it really. I've found myself going a long time without food and not feeling the desire to eat until the afternoon. The problem is that even when I do get hungry I can't eat that much. I've gone with people's advice and just gone by what my body wants but I know I'm not eating enough. In the past several days though my appetite in the late afternoon and evening has been getting really strong. I'm working at adjusting to it. Before primal I tended to have big breakfasts, a moderate lunch, graze through the day and have a small dinner. Now this pattern seems to have flipped. I read about the Warrior Diet way of eating the other day which is basically light eating during the day with the majority of intake happening in an evening meal. This does seem to be where my body is taking me so for now I'm going to work with this idea a bit and see what happens.

                    This morning I did wake up a bit hungry but I didn't want anything much. I had a little bit of full fat yogurt with some vanilla and shredded coconut. Even though it was a small amount it did the trick. No more hunger or desired for food. I am tired but that's because I didn't get a good sleep last night. This is interesting as well because now I seem to be better able to discern types of tired. Tired from lack of food or energy crashes feels different then just being lack of sleep tired.

                    In terms of physical changes so far. Scale wise I haven't seemed to have lost any weight. It's just hovering around the same average. However I have seemed have lost some inches especially in my hips and upper body. While l I guess I'm a little disappointed that I'm not one of the people that seems to lose a lot when they start I'm not super concerned. I figure that part of it may be not eating enough. I'm not starving but perhaps my body is holding onto more then it should. I think if I get things on a more even keel I'll be better at figuring out what's going on and allow my body to get to a more consistent rhythm. I feel like it's all in flux right now.

                    It has however been good at bash the fat eating critic. Just the fact that I've eaten as much supposedly 'bad' fat as I have and not gained anything is awesome. Knowing the theory on and intellectual level vs accepting it on an emotional/psychological are two different things.

                    I've done a few sessions of body weight exercises. My just move days have mainly been just my regular work, mostly yard work though I have added in some extra stuff to make it more fun. I would like to get myself onto a more consistent exercise schedule. It's all a bit haphazard now.

                    The most important thing I've discovered in this two weeks is that overall this WOE makes me feel great. It's even more amazing because if I had been eating the same quantity of food on my old CW diet I would likely be tired and feel like crap right now. I still don't have any thoughts of not being able to maintain it either. I like what I'm eating and even though I need to continue to do some adjusting it doesn't seem daunting or anything. I have no desire to go back to how I was eating before because this feels so much better and consistently better.
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