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    B: black coffee, banana w/ sunflower seed butter
    S: small latte
    L: 3-4 oz Beef tenderloin
    S: Kombucha
    D: a handful of walnuts, 4 slices bacon, sauteed peppers, onions, zucchini, and mushrooms

    Walk to and from work. Also, I finally read the PB fitness guide and decided to implement the 5 essential movements this morning. Well, 4 of them anyway. I still don't know what the overhead press is all about. So anyway I did 3 sets of each:
    Pullups:4, 2, 2 (negatives, I'm almost there!)
    Pushups:6, 8, 11
    Squats:20, 24, 20
    Planks:32s, 42s, 38s
    Lunges: 1 set of 30

    I feel like the PB fitness is worth giving a shot. I am excited to be able to do a pullup. On the other hand I feel like a lot of those moves are already incorporated into yoga. But I will still do yoga. I get bored with routine, so I'm never going to be super anal and results-oriented. But the main thing is that I'm doing something in terms of fitness.

    I'm on the 11th day of my challenge. I still haven't given up dairy obviously, but I'm sticking with my goals in all other aspects. And it's day 2 without alcohol!
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    primal start-weight (3/11): 154
    current weight (8/25/2012): 141


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      omg, mussel hunting AND mushroom hunting?!!! YES PLEASE!!! i think it may be too late, but my friend is supposed to be moving back to portland in september and i'm supposed to be going up with her... if that's the case--i would LOVE to join you on an excursion!!!!!!

      good luck on the challenge! i think the only challenge i could do is to go without coconut oil--but... i'm kind of like a crack addict with it... LMAO i dunno though, i might not be able to afford it for a while so i should probably start using it more wisely :| lol
      live mindfully.
      she's a Coconut Girl in a PRIMAL world... my PB journal


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        mussel hunting AND mushroom hunting?!!! YES PLEASE!!! i think it may be too late, but my friend is supposed to be moving back to portland in september and i'm supposed to be going up with her... if that's the case--i would LOVE to join you on an excursion!!!!!!
        Lets make this happen!! I am on the Southern OR Coast right now. September is a hunting/gathering free-for-all down here. If I am not trying to kill an elk I will most likely be picking mushrooms, or huckleberries. The chantrelles should just be coming on (depending on when the first rain comes) and when they do they come on full force- I had never seen anything like it until I moved here. Apparently chantrelles love reprod. Who woulda guessed?

        Gosh now I'm all excited to play in the woods and I don't wanna go to work...
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        primal start-weight (3/11): 154
        current weight (8/25/2012): 141


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          B: Black coffee, 2 fried eggs, pesto
          L: a lot of walnuts, maybe 1/2 C. or more, an apple, 1 oz goat cheese
          D: 2 ground beef pattys, probably 5 oz, 1/3 C. Sauerkraut
          S: a banana, coffee w/half&half

          Moved around slowly a lot as I spent the better part of the workday out in the woods teaching kids about bugs, which I consider to be play as well.

          Got my sunshine in and got to play. Haven't been getting to bed as early as I would like these days, and I haven't been IFing. This was day 13 of the challenge. I managed to avoid sugar, chocolate, beer(and all alcohol), and grains. I still haven't given up dairy. I haven't been tracking the calories. I feel like I'm pretty low calorie most days because eating is taking more planning and preparation on my part. Definitely feel better when I get more of my calories from meat. Oh, and I peaked at the scale- and the number is going down. I think dropping the alcohol is helping significantly.
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          primal start-weight (3/11): 154
          current weight (8/25/2012): 141


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            Friday (day 13):
            B: Coffee w/halfnhalf, 1/3 C. Sprouts
            L: Lamb shoulder steak braised in red wine w/ onions, celery, chantrelles (I got fancy. It was amazing)
            S: apple w/cream cheese
            D: a whole package of salami slices and a lot of water

            Activity: P90X Plyometrics DVD

            Saturday (day 14):
            B: scrambled eggs, potatoes, some avocado and salsa, strawberries, pineapple, other assorted fruit, coffee w/halfnhalf
            S: hot grape juice w/cinnamon stick
            L: a small breve
            S: cheese samples and a scoop of pumpkin icecream
            D: grilled oysters, brussels sprouts, chantrelles, and about half a bottle of white wine

            Activity: 3 hours of kayaking and a long walk after dinner

            Sunday (day 15):
            B: americano w/halfnhalf, strawberries, grapes, watermelon
            L: a couple oz. lox, an apple, ~1 oz cheese, ~1/2 C. pistachios
            D: TBD

            Activity: 2 hour hike, maybe some yoga later.

            The minivacation was awesome! It was both relaxing and invigorating. I think I know what my new addiction is going to be: Kayaking!! Yes I foresee spending quite a bit on this new hobby in the near future. I cheated on my challenge pretty bad on Saturday, but I knew I would. I am totally back on board today. Think I might even go to bed early!
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            primal start-weight (3/11): 154
            current weight (8/25/2012): 141


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              B: 1 C. black coffee, 2 fried eggs, 5 oz ground beef patty
              S: 2 C. chocolate flavored Yerba Mate (almost seems like cheating)
              L: Braised Lamb w/veggies
              D: 1 tin sardines (or possibly herring), 1 chicken thigh, ~2 oz cheddar cheese, 1 small mang
              S: 3 C. Coffee w/HWC

              Activity: 1/2 hour yoga in the morning, walk to and from work in the PM, not such a sedentary day at work either.

              I might have actually met my protein requirement for the day. I purposely stuffed myself with protein to keep the chocolate/carb cravings at bay and it worked. In other news I think I am allergic to mangos because after I ate the mango my lips immediately began to tingle (tragic, I know, but probably for the best).
              I realize now that I've been neglecting my IF and my salad goal. But other goals are going well. And it looks like I'm once again successful at giving up alcohol, but dairy is gonna have to wait. That and I probably should not drink so much coffee, especially at 10:00 at night. I need to go home and stop working so much. At least I'm not stressed. There has been a cold going around though, so I must remain vigilant.

              TMI: it is that TOTM again, apparently. The first couple primal periods were painful and heavy which I was okay with because I just attributed it to becoming extra fertile (read history of irregularity, probably undiagnosed PCOS, put on the pill at an early age, quit the pill in recent years of my own accord). So this might be my 3rd primal period and no cramps thus far. Interesting. Also this is probably the first time in my life that I have not eaten chocolate during my TOTM...hope I can stick with my challenge (eek).
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              primal start-weight (3/11): 154
              current weight (8/25/2012): 141


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                Yesterday, Day 17 of my challenge:

                B: 3 eggs, scrambled with Pesto, banana w/sunflower seed butter
                L: shrimp salad w/homemade Thousand Island dressing
                S: 2 oz. Cheddar cheese, 1 kiwi, 1 chicken thigh
                D: 1.5 Chicken Thighs, 1 yam w/chili sauce and butter, 1.5 glasses red wine

                Activity: none.
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                primal start-weight (3/11): 154
                current weight (8/25/2012): 141


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                  Today, Day 18 of my challenge:

                  B:3 slices bacon, 1 small latte
                  S: 1 C. Yerba Mate, 1 C. Herbal Tea
                  L: shrimp salad w/homemade Thousand Island Dressing
                  S: 1 apple and 1 banana w/almond butter
                  D: 1 glass red wine, ~6 oz ground beef patties

                  Walk to and from work, also a really weak set of: negative pullups, pushups, squats, and lunges.

                  My work and volunteer activities are killing me. On a scale of 1-10 I would say my stress is 7.5. Not sure if I should go to bed early, or go back to the office and try to finish some stuff...
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                  primal start-weight (3/11): 154
                  current weight (8/25/2012): 141


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                    Flaura, your menus sound fantastic! Totally looks like a woman that is eating intuitively locally and healthfully, which is what this is all about, right? FWIW, my husband was pretty skeptical when I first started my primal journey, and I only share snippets here and there, but he is perfectly happy to have delicious meat or fish on the menu every night with vegetables (we've been grain and potato free at dinner for many moons), and it's easy to share breakfasts as well. Lunches we do separately, but once he figured out that my dietary choices don't really cramp his style, he was super supportive. It's not actually that crazy of a lifestyle, and you can totally indulge in the occasional ice cream or glass of wine, esp. if the scale is still going down for you! I'm a big believer in keeping in some reasonable treats, because if you eliminate everythign now, you'll have nothing left to cut if the progress stops.

                    One thing I wonder, as I look at journals like yours, if whether I'm maybe still too high on the vegetable consumption. I tend to eat some big ass salads for lunch most days, and healthy servings of some other veggie with both breakfast (when I eat it) and dinner. Every time I enter an artichoke or bunch of asparagus into myfitnesspal and see the carb counts, I am surprised. I'm also not sure yet whether dairy is friend or foe. Haven't seen any progress since dropping it, and I've always been more of a fan of sheep and goat's milk than cows, anyhow, which I have no trouble tolerating. Might try dabbling again.
                    My primal journey involves a lot of (chocolate) slip-ups. But, I'm all about getting back on the horse!


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                      Thanks for stopping by, Sashi! Life has been a little hectic of late so my menus are mostly grab and go. That being said, I think I'm getting a little better at grab-n-go Primal fare. That was hard at first. I should be packing more salads, and that is totally one of my goals this month, but most of the time I'm too lazy to make a salad. Well, I'm too lazy to make dressing or figure out what all to put on it. Good for you for getting your veggies in. There is nothing wrong with veggies.
                      I wish I lived with my man. When we get together we are always cooking, I think he would benefit from this lifestyle and I also think he would enjoy the food. That is probably a ways off (maybe 6 months) but I can wait. Also, I have to thank you, you inspired me to put pesto in my eggs, and it has been kind of a revelation for me. Mmm green eggs, now I just need me some ham!!

                      Yesterday: Day 19
                      B: 3 slices bacon, small latte
                      L: banana, tin of smoked oysters
                      S: apple, 1/4 C. shredded coconut, 1 tsp. cashew butter, 1 tsp. coconut oil
                      D: 2 scrambled eggs w/pesto, fried in coconut oil

                      Activity: Walked to and from work

                      Yeah, I was pretty snacky yesterday. I really wanted beer and chocolate. Mostly I wanted to sit outside in the sun with a beer and a good book. Then I had to volunteer for a few hours after a long work day and I really wanted a Red Bull. Anyhow, I didn't have any of those things so that was good. Gonna be another long and probably frustrating day today, I'm going to walk to work. I really like my morning walks. There are so many little side benefits to the Primal way of eating/living. Maybe at the end of this challenge I'll try to list everything I've been noticing.

                      On that note: more TMI- TOTM is still here, lots of blood loss, but no cramps! Hey, I could get used to this!
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                      primal start-weight (3/11): 154
                      current weight (8/25/2012): 141


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                        Yesterday (day 20 of the challenge)

                        B:coffee w/HWC, eggs w/pesto
                        L: coffee w/ halfnhalf, beef jerky, 1.5 oz pistachios
                        S: 2 oz cheddar cheese, a peach
                        D: a few bites of lamb, 2 oz. gin w/seltzer water + lime

                        Activity: walk to and from work. Walk around outside while at work etc.

                        I got my first sunburn of the year! Yay! It has been rainy and cloudy, so this is reason to celebrate!

                        Today: Day 21 of the challenge
                        B: 3 slices bacon, 2 fried eggs, coffee w/ HWC
                        L:1 slice meat pizza, 1 piece fried chicken, 1 jojo
                        S: A peach, coconut flakes (unsweetened)
                        D: 1 leg steak lamb, broiled, w/ olive oil, rosemary etc., 2 shots gin w/seltzer water + lime., 1 oz or so cheese curds, 1/2 avocado w/ sea salt.

                        Activity: 4 hours of wood splitting and wood stacking. I think this counts as LHT and then some.

                        The Good Book arrived yesterday (no, I'm not gonna be raptured) I'm taking about The Primal Blueprint (yeah, I still haven't read it).

                        God, lamb is so good. It's like venison with fat all over it. mmmmmm.....Lamb is the new beef!!! Anyhow, I know pizza isn't primal. And neither is the breading, and the oil that the chicken was fried in. Big Deal! I am not obsessing. It just felt really damn good to work my body the way it's meant to work. And get all sweaty. Man, I need to move out of this apartment into the countryside!

                        Oh, and yeah, I created a new drink: it's like a gin and tonic, but no tonic. Tonic has HFC or artificial sweetener in it.I am avoiding that stuff. So I had gin w/seltzer water and lime instead. Hey, it's kinda like G&T and makes a good substitute for beer. The bad news is: it's still alcohol. And next month I will probably have to give up dairy and/or alcohol. But whatever. I am feeling good. Haven't weighed myself in awhile. Maybe I'll do that on Friday morning. Friday is the last day of my challenge.

                        In other (disgusting) news, still bleeding. This may be my first TOTM w/o Motrin or other pain killer in a long long long time. Woo Hoo! Although I do not dig waking up in the middle of the night because the blood has soaked through a "super sized" tampon and is getting all over my sheets. Gross. TMI. Eeeew.
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                        primal start-weight (3/11): 154
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                          Gosh I'm a slacker.

                          Sunday, Day 22/27
                          B: Bacon, coffee w/HWC
                          L:a cup of clam chowder, a beer
                          D: 1 oz cheese, 1/2 oz hazelnuts...??

                          Activity: hike, collect more mussels

                          Monday, Day 23/27
                          B: 2 eggs, scrambled w/pesto, 1.5 canned peaches
                          S: sugar free hot chocolate
                          L: part of a Lamb steak
                          S: 1 small Breve, 1/2 C. greek yogurt,
                          D: Other part of lamb steak, some chocolate

                          Activity: none

                          I definitely ended up feeling the beer I had on Sunday, and it was only just 1 when I was out with friends. So it was social.Normally I would have had two. I love beer, but beer does not love me back, and it seems my tolerance has gone way down. So I felt ick.

                          Monday I (subconsciously) totally decided to self-sabotage and eat chocolate for the first time all month (I was putting together a batch of trail mix). It's getting close to the end of the challenge. Hope I will have some results to show by Friday.

                          I amazingly wasn't even sore from chopping/stacking wood on Saturday, which means I must have muscles.

                          Well, gotta go walk to work now. I'm going to be good as gold today.
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                          primal start-weight (3/11): 154
                          current weight (8/25/2012): 141


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                            A week without a post? What's up? How was Memorial Day?


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                              "she's got one magic trick, just one and that's it...she disappeared"

                              bonus points if you can name that song (without googling). Yeah, I disappeared for a bit. Mostly because I lost internet at my house. And I'm trying to actually be productive at work.

                              I am finally reading "The Primal Blueprint" and I think it is going to help me get everything a little more dialed in.

                              My May 30 day challenge got cut short a bit, but it definitely helped me set some new habits. One of my new habits is walking to and from work, that's about 3 miles a day more than I was walking before. Which also means that I'm getting more sunshine. I now only drink beer at social occasions, never by myself. Chocolate and sweets don't have nearly the pull that they once did, and overall, I'm just not obsessing or stressing about food nearly as much. Also, my sleep is excellent. I wake up just before 6 most mornings feeling perfectly well rested. My teeth feel cleaner. My skin looks healthy. My bra size changed.

                              Despite all of the benefits I'm experiencing, I still have not lost significant weight. My weight seems to vary depending on time of month etc., but seems to be swinging between about 152 and 155.

                              I still am not sprinting regularly or lifting heavy things regularly. So I'm really hoping that once I am making exercize a habit, my body will find a healthy weight. But I'm okay with the process taking awhile. I understand that health is more important than appearance. It takes me awhile to form habits, but I'm convinced that for the change in my body to be permanent, the changes in my routine must become permanent. I'm not looking for a quick fix, but a permanent change.

                              I must say that the whole cave-man story is so appealing to me. I am now reading "Clan of the Cave Bear" and I recently learned to start fire using a bow drill for friction. I am hoping to add even more cave-man skills to my resume soon.
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                              primal start-weight (3/11): 154
                              current weight (8/25/2012): 141


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                                I am proud to announce that the excercize is getting dialed in!!

                                Yesterday: I did the P90X chest and back DVD
                                Today: jogged about 2 miles and did ~7 short sprints

                                B: 3 eggs, scrambled, 3 slices bacon (3 is a good number for me ), a couple spoonfulls of cherry conserve that I canned the year before last (this had some sugar in it)
                                S: esspresso dark chocolate bar
                                L: skipping, not hungry
                                D: who knows, it's going to be provided at some meeting I have to go to for work. Better be good.

                                Reading up in others' journals, and a few other forum sites, it seems like it is common for a lot of the women-folk to not see dramatic weight loss in the first couple months the way the men do. I am certainly not disappointed with where I am (3 months into the deal). But I hope by the 6 month mark I will be seeing some more significant changes. Maybe it just takes awhile or maybe I need to tweak things abit.

                                I definitely have not been IFing much. It would probably help with the results part.

                                Also, I reckon I'll be eating more fruit as summer comes along. I never really overdo it with fruit, so I'm not worried. I should probably be tracking my macros though, just out of morbid curiosity. Reading other people's journals and a few other forum entries, it is starting to sound like other ladies are adding in fruit and seeing benefits from it. I am starting to formulate a hypothesis about this, but I think I'll keep it to myself until I can test it a little further.
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                                primal start-weight (3/11): 154
                                current weight (8/25/2012): 141