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  • Rachel's April Challenge

    In March, I lost six pounds by following Primal Blueprint. I would say that I followed the 80/20 rule and felt that I used the plan's flexibility well. I started eating this way in pursuit of better energy and less fatigue, with weight loss as a happy side effect. My energy levels still aren't where I want them to be, but this is in part because of the mental energy I'm using to figure out my nightmares. Stay tuned.

    Mark's post today inspired me to take a look at my next quarter.

    My overall next quarter goal is to continue working through the stress that is causing my nightmares and to get my energy levels back up again. My weight loss goal is to lose another four-nine pounds, putting me back in my desirable weight range of 132-137 pounds. I also want to work on being a good role model for my daughter, in terms of exercise and making good food choices, to devote more time to play, and to dial in my exercise to four hours a week (depending on my fatigue levels.) I would also like to seek out some new friendships, even just some new acquaintances.

    My eating plan for this month. Avoid all wheat (I do this anyway as I'm gluten sensitive), avoid most sugar (dark chocolate as an exception), and work on avoiding all vegetable oils...this is a new one for me, as I've never read labels for this before. I am going to play around with slightly higher carb levels--especially the idea of "safe starches" as outlined in the Perfect Health Diet.

    My exercise plan for this month. 2 hours of easy exercise a week, combining walks, easy bike rides, and lifting weights.

    I'm on vacation starting tomorrow through Wednesday. We'll have a chance to do some walking and light hiking, and I'll do my best to stay on my plan.

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    Yes, I would definitely experiment with slightly higher starch levels ala PHD (especially if you aren't severely insulin resistant). I've done much better with both energy levels and body composition ever since following the Jaminets' advice.

    Best of luck to you in your April Challenge, RZ!