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  • primal journal - gt74 phase 2

    I managed to lose 30lbs in 12 weeks and then had a serious falling off the wagon for the last 3 weeks but not too much damage done.

    I weighed in at 202lbs this morning (199 before the fail).

    So, here I go with phase 2 which will be the 9 weeks up to my xmas break.

    This phase is going to consist of a much cleaner dietary regime and far higher intensity workouts. I'm going for a bit of a before and after transformation complete with photos.

    I'm aiming for a fairly ambitious 20lbs fat loss.

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    Spent last week in the hills, eating noodles and mars bars. Skin is a mess. Back on the wagon.

    Gym last night, good session and lost 3lbs when weighed on day 2, mostly water.

    Need to tighten up the diet. In the main it wasn't too bad today but slipped with a chocolate bar after some bad news. Need to control the comfort food response.

    Have been looking at candida and wondering if I might have been suffering as I used to tick many of the boxes but the medical types can't even agree that it exists.

    Might tighten the diet to anti-candida style to see what the effects might be.