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  • Killing the Sugar Monster....

    I 'discovered' primal/paleo in mid-February which really resonated and I have been trying to apply the principals as best as I can, but as someone who really hit bottom with adrenal fatigue/dysfunction mid-2010, I have been on a roller coaster ride again in the last month and have had a relapse with the 'sugar monster' winning (for a variety of reasons/issues that I have let get the best of me).

    I know what the sugar fixes have been doing to my system, but I have been ignoring the lifestyle changes I was supposed to implement as part of my recovery. I was doing well, but for a range of reasons can feel myself losing the battle again (but I am still so much better than last year - and can recognise that I need to make lifestyle changes again more quickly now).

    I have done a lot of reading on the primal/paleo lifestyle - as it is really interesting reading - and like the 'stricter' guidelines of a 'Paleo' diet but like the lifestyle guidelines with Primal. My goal is to essentially implement a three month recovery plan using the PB guidelines but having the slightly stricter Paleo guidelines with what I am eating.

    I won't necessarily record my daily food and exercise in this journal (it could get a little boring - but happy to share if anyone is really interested!), and will record those details in FitJournal which I have been using for a while. However, I will journal how I am following the PB guidelines each day - just a sentence or two each day on each of the ten guidelines.

    My biggest challenge - which I am sure is the same for many - is remembering to 'play' and what it is that I like to do when I am not working. So I need to focus on that.

    My goals:
    1. Learning to have better balance between relaxation and work (which I enjoy - but running my own business does mean I feel like I am thinking about the business 24/7)
    2. Stop feeling that I need to be doing something all the time (ie reducing the 'busy-ness')
    3. Feeling more relaxed in my every day life and not feeling so wound up
    4. I know I will lose weight with the program (and lose the extra couple of kilos that I have put on in the last month), but I would like to have leaner body composition. But - I am not planning on getting on the scales for 3 months: I need to be more focused on how I feel, not what number is showing on a particular day (which impacts my mood).

    I will be doing this for three months - mainly as I think it will take that long to ensure I am showing 'real' and more permanent improvement with some real changes.

    So - here goes: "Killing the Sugar Monster" to run from 1 April to 30 June 2011.
    Let Go. Move On. Be Free.