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  • Primal Journal - Sassy: Revised

    I've been doing a blog for a while, keeping track of my thoughts and experiences going primal (and I will probably continue to do so), but I wanted one on here, were the community is, and where I might get a little more feedback and support (or the occasional kick in the ass).

    I went primal July 4th weekend 2010, and did really great for about four months - felt great, lost 30 pounds...the whole nine yards. That was without counting calories or nutrients, and eating mostly standard grocery store food that's available to me at the moment.

    About the end of November I fell off the wagon pretty badly. I was still eating fairly primal meals much of the time, but pizza nights came far far more often, and when going out, I'd screw primal and get things with pasta and bread. My real downfall has, and always will be sweets....and with the holiday season upon me, I just lost all control.

    Rather than stress about it, I decided to just go with the flow and get back on the wagon in January.

    Only that didn't happen. Not only had my year long workout habit eroded into nothing, but I just could NOT get myself back on track. I suffer from depression and take antidepressants for that, and I think the winter funk just hit me really hard this year. Bad enough to have my husband urging me to seek counseling. (Which I did - first appointment is on Monday - yikes.)

    Right around the start of March (2011) I started exercising again. It was like someone flipped on a light switch! All of a sudden, I could get out of bed, deal with lunches and go up and do my workouts like there had never been any drop-out phase.

    Mid-March, my interest in Primal eating returned and I started reading the forum again, and taking a little more care to make good meals. That was about five days before going to Florida on vacation for a week, so I didn't try to get back on the wagon at that point, and I wasn't primal in Florida very much.

    BUT - now that I am back, it's like someone flipped on that switch too, and all the woe and depression about never being able to eat good food is gone again. (YAY!)

    Part of having a journal here is to get a little support in starting back up, and part of it is build a support base to try to prevent it all falling apart next winter.

    So here I am, renewly primal and feeling pretty optimistic.
    Sassy: Revised - my primal log

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    It's great that you're feeling better, and it seems like you're off to a great start. I have a history of some pretty serious seasonal funks, and since I started supplementing with vitamin D last year, I seem to have had a pretty good improvement In my case, there are so many other factors involved, so it might just be a coincidence--but it can't hurt! It certainly doesn't replace medication or counseling, though, and it's great that you're getting support on those fronts as well, and from your husband. Best of luck in your continuing journey!
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      Thanks! I've been taking 4000 IU (?) of Vit D for several months now, so I have that, as well as fish oil and all those good things. Going to try to get a whole lot more sunshine this summer too.

      My hubby is great - and he's primal too, so I feel VERY lucky.
      Sassy: Revised - my primal log


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        I have been EXHAUSTED the last few days!! Just miserable, zombie tired. I even stayed home from work yesterday, it was so bad. (Tho I finally did work up the energy to do the dishes and cook a few things.)

        I suppose that's my body adjusting to the sudden lack of sugar and bread that it gotten used to again, but it seems a little early for anything like carb flu, doesn't it? oh well....

        In the past couple of days, I've tried some new things mostly with great success:

        I rediscovered sardines! I used to love them, but only on saltines, and I was always afraid to try them plain. However, I took the plunge and learned that I adore them with Louisiana Hot Sauce. Yummy! And yay for another easy lunch idea I can just have on hand.

        Tried Swiss Chard for the first time the other night and I really enjoyed that. I cooked it with bacon and a little butter and it turned out too oily for me, so next time, there will be way more greens and probably no butter at all. Also, I only used the leaves, like I do with kale, but after some reading, I'm going to chop up the stems and start them first with the bacon and maybe some onions too.

        I made parmesean crisps yesterday and OMG were they good! Smelled incredible baking too!Those will be fun to do for a treat once in a while - very fancy feeling.

        This weekend, I'm hoping to spend some time getting my kitchen reorganized and cleaned up all the way. The fridge needs a good clean out.

        In spite of feeling tired and crappy this morning, I managed to get in a light workout, so I feel good about that. In other ways, the return to primal eating is still feeling pretty easy - astounding since in the past few months I've tried this before and couldn't go more than a day or two. Definitely something seasonal going on there, I think.
        Sassy: Revised - my primal log


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          Things are going pretty well all told.

          The extreme exhaustion DID subside, and while I don't feel PERKY, I do feel more or less normal.

          I did go ahead and let the reins go for the weekend, which was part of my plan to get back into primal. I'm really not a cold turkey person, and I know that if I feel like I'll never be able to eat what I want again, I will immediately rebel. On the other hand, if I allow myself treats and stuff, then I do better over all.

          Friday night, we did the family B-day thing for my grandma (99 - I have good genes!) and I drank a few beers and some champagne, and had a chocolate chip cookie bar (that was excellent and totally worth it). I also had a piece of cake, but only took two bites before I decided it just wasn't very good and put it down. On the way home, I was in alcohol-sugar overload and got a fast food burger and chocolate shake. Not good at all, but actually better than I was planning to let myself be for the night.

          Saturday I did okay - had a pancake, but also eggs and meat for my brunch, and didn't eat any other crap that day.

          Sunday: Grilled Cheese sandwich + onion rings, and beer. Zingers. But that's all, and I had a salad for dinner - which is all I ate for the day.

          So - abysmal in terms of primal, but actually a lot better than I was expecting given that I was committed to letting myself have free rein for the weekend.

          Now I'm back to pretty strict primal for the week, and a somewhat more limited weekend next weekend.

          I lost a smidge of weight, but nothing to really talk about. I'm fine with that for week one. Things will improve rapidly.

          Got my first counseling appointment today (in about 45 min) and I'm nervous, but overall glad to finally have the opportunity. Hopefully, this will help in several areas of my life and fit nicely with the renewed eating and exercising habits. Worked out Friday and this morning, too.
          Sassy: Revised - my primal log


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            I'm still amazed at how easily I've gone back to my mostly primal ways. Stunning, considering that three weeks ago, I could hardly contemplate it.

            It's been a VERY powerful lesson to me that the primal eating really DOES work for me - my cravings are mostly gone, I feel so much better. Heartburn is all gone again, appetite is under control. I'm not DYING to have dinner when we get home, I'm just hungry.

            The fact that I could do it now and not for the last three+ months seems to me to CLEARLY indicate a seasonal component and reinforces the need for a strategy for next year. One idea would be to batten down and get very strict just before the holiday season so that perhaps I'll sail through it with this kind of control and stability. I'm not sure how that will go, but I know that I kicked off my long hiatus with a weekend of cookie baking and binging, and that was most certainly a mistake. Possibly the difference in extremes is the key.
            Sassy: Revised - my primal log


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              Interesting last post considering I fell apart all over again and have been eating like crap all summer. Still not COMPLETELY back to old habits, but close. Also getting close to my original weight. I'd say I've gained back 20 pounds. Not too happy about that - what a waste of my time and effort last year.....

              Still - there's always the opportunity to start again, and I'm going to try.
              Sassy: Revised - my primal log