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    Yes, new here. I have been lurking and beginning a Primal Journey for the last few weeks and have decided to start journaling it because I have noticed big changes in body and feel it needs to be shared.

    I have a story as to how I got here and would like to start there.

    I am a 45 year old female biker. I love motorcycles, Beer & Food! In that order, lol! I became an ex-smoker February of last year. March of last year a truck ran me off the road on the interstate. I mamaged to come out of it with only a broken ankle! I was pretty happy about that when 10 days later I landed a massive blood clot that stopped just before it hit the main stream in my belly. They were able to get it all out of my left leg. I now have to wear a compression sock cause the main return vein was stripped. Shortly after that the doc did lots of lab work. I had extremely small sticky LDL's and he put me on meds, in fear of stroke. I am 5'6.5" was 199 pounds, pre diabetic, obese and had to make a change. The time came.

    I began reading everything I could about all the diets out there. I joined YMCA and Calorie King online to log my food. I tried H20 fitness at first, tried spinn class and took strength classes and eipticalled. That was a good start. I lost 12 pounds throughout the year. Brought my cholesterol levels to normal and reversed the diabetes. This past May I began to get bored with that, I had read the intense arobic exercise would increase my weight loss and so I did the Couch to 5K 9 week program. In August I cancelled my Y membership and have been just running. Since June 1 I lost 10 pounds and 3.4 of the 5.5 belly inches I have lost so far. So running has worked. I had a plateau and so I knew I needed more and a friend of mine just got is Level 1 Crossfit certification. So I started classes with him 3 weeks ago. I am planning to add this to my running. I found this site link on the Crossfit site and it really sparked my interest to the point I began to live it. All I will say right now is, wow.

    I will journal the past two weeks next and then begin to keep it current daily and I really love reading Mark's articles.

    I look forward to getting to know you all.


    Primal Since 10/2009

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    Before I came here I was eating clean and at 30/30/40. I also drink low carb beer and alcohol has been a huge issue for me this past year. I have had to learn to control that cause once I have too many I binge eat when I am alone. (Hubby is a truck driver) Please know I am still not doing this 100% yet. Some of the things I am eating may still not be within this plan. I believe in taking it one step at a time.

    The first weekend I cut bread and slipped two days into it. During the week I was real good, no bread and I tried to use stevia to sweeten my coffee, yuk. I ran a 5K race last weekend and was famished afterward. I was starving and told my hubby "Take me to "Jimmy Johns" I ate a sub on bread instead of the unwich and had a soda! Now I haven't had a soda in months. I did feel that afternoon like taking a nap, which is unsual for me. I also really tried to drink little beer and mixed in wine instead of beer. I worked out pretty hard as well. That sunday night hubby made fish tacos. I ate them on the corn tortilla .

    Last week my only slips were two mini reese cups (halloween candy) funny how now I can remember things better (here's ur sign bags). I can really remember the things i slip on.My huuby was on the road this past week and I was able to really stick to this and lost three pounds. Monday, I gave up sweetners in my coffee. So now I drink naked coffee. That as big for me and really easier to do than I had it out to be in my mind. It's just took getting use to, now coffee with sugar is too sweet. I noticed when I ate that piece of candy my mouth watered big time, like it was in shock! I also notice I am not craving the bread anymore. I don't even think about it any more. I don't really feel like I am craving anything, for a change. I am not hungary all the time, I had a few times last week where I had to make myself eat cause it was getting late in the day, I hadn't eaten at all that day and I still had a workout to do.

    More later....................

    Primal Since 10/2009


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      Congratulations on the unadulterated coffee! I drank it for over twenty years with a metric asston of milk and sugar, and even if I didn't have milk I HAD TO HAVE the sugar. Never thought I could drink it any other way, but when the time came, just like you said, it was easier than I ever dreamed it could be.

      Do you still "bike" since the accident? My uncle was into motorcycles in a big way for many years, and I always wanted one, but never had the courage and the cash at the same time!


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        hi Froggy! yes I still bike! I got r put back together last fall and have put on several thousand miles since!

        I was very nervous the first time back on it, but once on it and after all the emotional stuff passed I was back to the ole me! Yeah!

        And even healthier me!


        Primal Since 10/2009


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          hey bags, welcome aboard. Loved reading your story. Keep at it and it will get so much easier.


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            My husband and I are both Foodies! He can smoke the best southern bbq in all the carolinas! We even catered our own wedding. Whole Hog & Chicken! We are both constantly looking at and trying new receipes. He has been on board with the clean eating to the point we are making our own sauces and canning. This "No Bread Thing" as he calls it is crazy (so far). He loves to bake. He makes all the yeast rolls for the family during the holidays. He is also, obese, has high blood pressure and has already had a heart attack and two stints. He has also shared that he has seen big changes in my personality and in my energy level that past two weeks. So he is watching my process. He has just not "hit his bottom" yet and I realize he has to that on his own. Just like drugs and alcohol, sugar and wheat are addictive. (I just learned that! I know I can only control my own fork & movement.

            So I will have to continue this journey with bread and sugary stuff all around me.

            Hubby ans I are both on a spending moretorium. I cannot afford the PB book (right now)cause I am saving my $ to continue to build my Crossfit arsenal. I have parrelettes, jump rope and my newest purchase is the 12 lb weighted bar. So I will have to learn about this from this site and you all.

            Anyway back to saving money, a few weeks ago we bought a meat slicer so we could buy our meats, cook them and make our own sandwich meat and be rid of the processed stuff. We have almost paid for it.

            Friday night seems to be our grocery night these days. I had saved the grocery store ads and we found some great sales. The first store we loaded up at the produce section. Then to meats, we bought an 11.5 lb Angus Sirloin Tip, a huge pork loin and a Ham all on sale! We cut the roast up into 4 parts froze some and roasted some. Awesome, sliced up real nice! The ham is cooking this afternoon. I did turkey last weekend and have enjoyed it on salads all last week.

            I was proud of us at the store, I made this big comment to hubby - "Grok would be proud" and said who is Grok and why? Our cart was full of fresh veges and fruit and huge hunks of meat, it looked primal to me! We were even there on a hunt for the best deals and gathering needs! He just shook his head at me and laughed. It was fun!

            He is currently making Philly Cheese Steaks, mine will be bunless of course!

            I have yet to convert all my cooking oils and am still enjoying a few things I prolly shouldn't. Dukes Mayonaise, Ken's Thousand Island and Ranch dressings. I have begun to cut back on dairy some but still am having cottage cheese, yogurt and cheeses. Additionally eating them during the day, not at my evening meal. I will convert slowly so hopefully getiing my hubby in on it too. Some how.

            So far I am pretty dang excited about this change and am already noticing that I feel the fog has lifted. I have more energy and memory is keener. My hubby also noticed something that is major! my skin seems to be better. I constatly get bloches and bumps, rashes and such. It's all gone and my skin doesn't feel dry. I always thought it was soaps and dehydration that caused it. I don't feel bloated and don't get digestion discomfort. Yeah!! I look forward to seeing even more changes!

            My plans are to continue logging my food in CK and posting it here daily. I hope you all can help me make these changes. I did log the past two weeks and worked solely on getting total carbs below 50g and not worrying about total calories and the saturated fats. I figure just getting the carbs down would be a feat! Last week I was under 50 for 3 days in the 60's for three days and had a 108 day. I think I understand your 10% and 20%. That would be the % of total daily carbs?

            Well that's where I am with this. I look forward to learning from you all and sharing my experiences.

            Primal Since 10/2009


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              B: coffee x6 cups, 2 eggs, 3 strips of bacon and 6 strawberries

              L: 5 oz sirloin beef & 7 oz mixture of onion, mushroom and bell pepper sauted in olive oil, topped with cheese

              S: 12 oz GNC Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 (post run)

              D: 1/2 a beer, 7 oz of ham, 6 oz of mixed corn, carrots & asparagus.

              Total cals = 1770

              44% fat, 41% protein, 13% carbs and 3% alcohol

              84g fat, 55g carb, 8g fiber, 175g protein

              Motivation level (0-10) 7

              Todays work out, 4.6 mile run & .5 mile cooldown walk. The run today was a slow relaxed long run. I did not time it nor did I wear my HRM. I estimate calories burned at about 850. The weather was cool, overcast, about 55' and windy. My hip flexor was bothering me again.

              Primal Since 10/2009


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                Very cool your fog is lifting as well.

                How do you feel running on Primal? Are you doing more or less running? Going a bit easier?

                I'm doing easy zone 1 running. I took 4 weeks off after my Ironman so I'm building back gradually did about 15 miles this week.

                I some times feel a bit light headed.

                My husband wasn't on board with the eating and was doing low fat to try to lose weight. But wanting to lose weight. After smelling all the tasty food he decided to try my way for awhile and had great progress first week on.

                I was in a bad bike (cycling) accident and had issues getting back on the bike..but did.


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                  B: Greek Yogurt with almond slivers and fresh raspberries

                  L: Salad with ham, half a Cuke, sliced almonds and Ken's 1000 Island.(working on that one)

                  S:Pear w/almond butter

                  D: 2 low carb beers, ham and Whey Protein blended w/ice for a chocolate icy treat!


                  Fat 70g 44%

                  Carb 65g 18%

                  Protein 139g 39%

                  Motivation Level 8

                  Todays Workout

                  2 rounds warmup

                  10 pushups

                  15 situps

                  20 squats

                  5 rounds for time....14.37 minutes

                  The 2.5 mile walk with the dog

                  Primal Since 10/2009


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                    Had a sh*tty day at work today and so much needed my workout!

                    B: 2 boiled eggs, 12 Macadamia Kernels, 12 Raspberries

                    L: Had to go to a netrowking meeting at Max & Ermas, had the garbage burger, no bun. Came with sautead onions & mushrooms 2 slices of cheddar cheese and on the side Lettuce, tomatoe and guacamole! It was really delish!

                    Dinner: gonna repeat the Homeade Philly Cheesesteak w/no bread.

                    Post workout I had 8 oz of my GNC protein drink and am now having a small glass of wine.

                    total calories=1828

                    Fat=108g 52%

                    Protein=168g 36%

                    Carb=35g 8%


                    Today was my day with my trainer

                    we did my usual warm up with dips instead of pushups

                    400 meter run

                    3 rounds of;

                    30 walking lounges

                    10 jumping pull ups

                    finished with another 400 meter run

                    for time 18:37

                    I spent my muscles fer sure! Aweome workout!

                    Primal Since 10/2009


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                      Nice job on the business lunch....I haven't been out to eat since doing Primal hope I can find good choices like you did.

                      Philly cheesesteak sounds yummy!


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                        Thanks!!! and oh Pike it is.........reeaaaally good!

                        I told my chiropractor friend about my new diet expecting to get some long speal about nutrition and suprisingly she was thrilled. That was a great thumbs up!

                        Primal Since 10/2009


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                          10.21.09 Wednesday

                          B=cottage cheese, raspberries & 12 almonds

                          L=Jimmy Johns #10 Unwich (Roast Beef, Provolone, Mayo, lettuce & Tomato in a lettuce wrap 509 cals)

                          D=Chicken Breast, Summer Squash, half roma tomatoe sliced like little crackers w/avacado on each lightly drizzled with itialian dressing, 4 oz red wine

                          No snacks today, I worked on the road and wasn't hungry


                          Fat=62g 47%

                          Protein=108g 35%

                          Carb=33g 11%


                          No workout today, damn sore! except the usual short dog walk up the street!

                          Started 2 supplements, Coconut Oil and Chromium. I plan to test my blood sugar first thing in the am. I haven't tested in a while but since beginning to read Griff's Journal I got curious about myself.

                          Primal Since 10/2009


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                            Is this the same Baglady I remember from the Mizfit and Cranky Fitness blogs?

                            Since your hubby loves to bake, maybe you could issue him a no-grain baking challenge? Get him some coconut flour and nut meals, and make him come up with some yummy new recipes for us!

                            Congrats on the progress so far!


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                              Dragonmamma, sorry no I am not. I am going to work on the hubby thing, we have to go slow with him.


                              B:2 boiled eggs, 8 strawberries, 12 almonds

                              L: lettuce w/ half a cuke, slivered almonds and 1000 Island dressing

                              D: Fish Tacos, no taco shell....Tilapia with lettuce, tomatoes, fresh guac and shredded cheese and I couldn't help myself, I have been waiting for the plaintain I bought a month ago to ripen. I fried it and enjoyed it. 2 low carb beers


                              Fat= 83g 46%

                              Protein=153g 38%

                              Carb=63g 16%


                              No exercise....I am still walking funny.

                              Primal Since 10/2009