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My Abs are made in the kitchen Challenge

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  • My Abs are made in the kitchen Challenge

    I've been an avid follower of MDA for the past 9 months and have gone Paleo once before at the suggestion of a personal trainer. However, I wasn't taking in enough calcium and had a complete ice cream relapse after my 2 week Paleo Challenge. This time around, I'm going at it the Primal way and will make sure to supplement with calcium (even though I know I should be getting enough through my nutrition).

    Nutrition has always been the hard part of the equation for me. I am an athlete and adore working out, but it's become painfully obvious that body composition is almost entirely dictated by what you eat...not what you burn. For me, going Primal means finally getting a handle on my nutritional choices - using my mind to make decisions instead of my current poor habits. I think the most frustrating thing is that I am great at eating Primally from breakfast through dinner. However, I still get cravings for sweets at night. This is what throws me off in the long run. Now is the time to change.

    I love sprinting...and can't wait to get back into it. I had a great workout yesterday, but used my Vibrams on concrete...which is something I won't attempt again. Moving is not hard for during this challenge I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing on the physical activity end. Can't wait to make some great choices and go Primal for real. I only have 30 days until my 25th birthday and I want to start implementing changes that will build a healthier lifestyle in the long run. The key is remembering my new mantra "Abs are made in the Kitchen"

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    Congrats on your decision.

    Running with vibrams on concrete shouldn't hurt unless you are heel-striking. - preparing for life's worst while living for the best