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Bacchanal's Set Sail: A Primal Journey

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  • Bacchanal's Set Sail: A Primal Journey

    So, uh, I decided it would be in my best interest to start a journal on here. NOT because I have the feeling people are going to read it and hang on my every word because I'm so darned fascinating, but mostly just to keep myself accountable in my own mind. If I imagine hordes of invisible readers judging my every entry, I'll probably wind up making at least a couple better decisions for myself than otherwise.

    Here's some stats, for my public humiliation:
    18 yrs. old, 5'11-6'0 ft., 189 lbs (of pure flab) with a body fat percentage hovering around 24 or 25 percent. I know, I know, it's pretty bad for an 18 year old, especially with how vigorous and athletic youth are supposed to be...but I guess a lifetime of living caveman-style and hopefully I'll be able to look back in a couple decades and know that I'm in better health than I ever was as a teenager.

    With that being said, I started 'eating primal' at the end of last week and it's been fantastic so far. Mostly meats, eggs and nuts up to this point with few vegetables but that's changing. I did a little gorging (was vegan for 2 years prior) on animal products but now I'm getting back into the swing of things and incorporating more vegetables, thankfully.

    Also, today I (kinda) started my whole primal fitness thing. I did the self-evaluation in the Primal Fitness eBook and was a little ashamed at how bad I did given how young I am. Well, guess that provides me more motivation to get in shape.

    Pushups: Level 2
    Pullups: Level 1
    Squats: Level 4
    Overhead Press: Level 2
    Planks: Level 1

    I'm sure I'm actually higher than Level 1 on the Plank, but I did it at the end of the self-evaluation and my arms and legs were jello-y. Just to be safe (and remind myself to do better) I'm staying at Level 1 for now. It's not all that great, but hey - can't go anywhere but up, yeah?

    Besides doing the evaluation I did a mixed upper and lower body circuit in Weights today which kind of kicked my ass. Also, I'm doing another barefoot mile of walking on the treadmill tonight. I'd normally do more but my upper back and neck are super sore from doing a strangely weighted walk yesterday. Probably bit off more than I could chew with that idea, but it was fun even if it hurt like hell.

    Ok, so, let's look at food. Like I said, I've been binging a lot on meats and eggs recently but it's starting to balance out. Maybe.

    B: Skipped!
    L: Two turkey legs wrapped in bacon, with a fried egg
    D: A weak salad (lettuce, carrots, purple onions, a couple other things)
    but it'll have to do until I can run out and restock my veggies. The whole kitchen is a bit low on resources now, TBH.
    Snacks: A couple handfuls of sunflower seeds, a handful of roasted peanuts, two or three dried figs, a spoonful of peanut butter, some dried root vegetable chips with pineapple salsa

    I know the roasted peanuts and peanut butter are bad choices, and the pineapple salsa and vegetable 'chips' aren't exactly stellar either. Next shopping trip I'll be picking up some decent nut butters to replace the peanut butter with. I also know I should be avoiding the figs for their sugar content, but dried fruit is the one thing this house never seems to run out of so it's sometimes hard to avoid.

    Looking at this, I can see just how much I graze during the day. I'll probably start trying to limit my food outside of meals tomorrow and see how it goes. It definitely needs some work, though.

    Sorry for all the rambling, invisible audience. I'm still getting this journal thing figured out. I'll try to work out a consistent form of entries soon enough.

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    Bacchanal? With a picture of a Honey Badger avatar? This should be a very interesting journal to say the least. The expectations are quite high.
    ad astra per aspera


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      Originally posted by TheFastCat View Post
      Bacchanal? With a picture of a Honey Badger avatar? This should be a very interesting journal to say the least. The expectations are quite high.
      Haha, I love honey badgers. I'm hoping that with enough hard work I'll someday be able to live up to their tenacity and ferocity.

      Moving onto my food for the day - today's a fasting day. Which is perfectly fine, since I've done intermittent fasting before and actually kinda like it, given that I stick to it long enough to stop being miserable during the fasts. I'm going back to my old routine of fast days being separated by two eating days. I know it may sound a little dramatic to take up IF this early in my primal adventure but I'm confident I've got it down.

      It's also good cause it gives me time to take a break from eating, the thought of which (what am I gonna eat? What have I been getting too much or too little of? When am I gonna eat, and so on...) has been taking up entirely too much room in my head recently. I need to focus on something else for a while.

      Ok, so, exercise!

      Walking another barefoot mile later tonight. Maybe two or three if my back's feeling back up to par. I'm starting with an inaugural Five Essential Movements workout, too, and besides that, went through a pretty routine and fairly mild upper body circuit in Weights today. Doesn't sound like much but right now I'm trying to build a consistent schedule of low-intensity exercise (like walking and such) so that I don't fall out of it once I start adding in the sprints and such. One step at a time. No big rush.

      What else is going on besides diet and exercise? Not much at the minute. I ruined my sleeping schedule by staying up a couple hours late for several days in a row. I better get back into it ASAP, cause honestly I've been finding it impossible to function lately without a huge block of sleep in the night along with a substantial (hour or longer) midday nap. I try to sleep biphasic, or some variant, as often as possible. I spend more time sleeping, but it also makes me feel invincible.

      During the summer, when I'm not busy with school, I'm thinking of giving the Everyman sleep schedule a shot. I'm kind of big into self-experimentation, which is how I wound up going primal/paleo in the first place. I'm not sold on how healthy Polyphasic sleep is over the long run, but I'm figuring that an Everyman schedule (which still includes a nightly block of 'core sleep') is probably a bit safer than Uberman (which is all naps, getting rid of 'core sleep' entirely.)

      Not much else to add right now. Later, guys and gals.
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        So, it's been a little bit since my last update here. There's a couple reasons for this: A) I've been super busy and kinda stressed IRL and have been neglecting posting at MDA, and also B) I decided that I don't really want to post a journal entry every day.

        Anyways, it's been a little rough over the past couple days and it doesn't look like it's gonna lighten for a while. I twisted my ankle in a heated game of racquetball and then managed to aggravate it by spending too much time immediately afterward on my feet rather than resting. So now I can barely walk and can't really do any workouts. I know it'll be fine in a couple days but this temporary feeling of helplessness is frustrating.

        Diet-wise, my sweet tooth is not gonna go quietly. I've developed a terrible habit of going all day sticking to low-sugar primal foods only to give in to cravings and binge on disgusting, processed sweets at the end of the day (ice creams, cookies, milk chocolate things and so on) and then I feel guilty so I decide the next day I won't eat any processed sugars, then I give in to the cravings again, so I feel guilty and swear off them again...and so on. You get the cycle, I suppose. I know it's all a matter of willpower but after having spent my whole (relatively short so far) life subsisting on processed sugary foods, my taste for them isn't gonna leave without a fight.

        I have no doubt that this sugar binging is pretty much counteracting any progress I might have been making. Also, I know that the only way to stop a sugar addiction is cold turkey, but it's nonetheless a majorly daunting task.

        Also, the weather took a turn for the cloudy and cold and I haven't really gotten any sun recently. My sleep schedule is still hit or miss. So right now everything's just gotten kind of 'meh' and I need a way to jolt myself out of it. I'm getting sick and tired of feeling sick and tired whenever I go through my now ritualistic nighttime practice of sugar binging. Maybe one of these days I'll make myself so sick of it I'll have to stop.

        I probably shouldn't have bothered with such a negative update, but I figured I should write it down in case I ever have to go through something like this again. I know people with bigger sweet teeth than me have managed to overcome their addictions so I also know I can do the same, even if it's gonna suck at first.


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          So, big news.

          First, my ankle is healing up nicely. It's only been a day or two but I can walk pretty well on it now. I was expecting at least a week of recovery at first but hopefully I'll be able to jump back into the exercising relatively soon.

          Also, my books came today! I ordered the Primal Blueprint along with the two cookbooks. (The first Primal Blueprint Cookbook and the Quick and Easy one as well.) I gotta say, I'm glad I invested in these.

          First off, I don't feel so helpless after browsing through the cookbooks - in fact, a lot of the recipes seem pretty simple. I hope that once I start making some tasty and varied food with staying power (nothing against scrambled eggs, bacon wrapped turkey legs, plain salads and the occasional stir-fry, but I've been getting kind of sick of my 'default' meals over the past while) it'll be easier to not stray off into the land of super high sugar contents and other processed 'food items.'

          Also, I'm feeling really motivated after only reading a couple chapters out of the Primal Blueprint. Most of it isn't exactly new information but the presentation has gotten me pumped and ready to 'be all I can be,' pardon the cheesiness. It's hard to describe.

          Tomorrow I have a pretty epic shopping trip planned, and I'm going through with a sort of 'primalizing' of the food in my kitchen. These books were just what I needed to light a fire under my ass and start taking this whole thing more seriously.


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            Well, I was sure I had something to add to this, but now I can't remember.

            I've worked out all the dirty details of my fitness plan. For now, I'm following Primal Blueprint Fitness exclusively without trying to add in anything else like Crossfit, P90x, etc...not just because at this point I couldn't physically handle those programs, but I also want to keep things relatively simple.

            I'm successfully back in my fasting routine and plan to stick with it. Every time I take up IF, it helps me bust up weight loss plateaus but eventually I stop doing it cause of stress or whatever and then the weight creeps back on. Not this time! My results are always too dramatic. I don't want to 'let myself go' again.

            Starting next week, I'll be trying to get a regular sleep schedule again. I had it going for a while but then got out of it due to school. I'm gonna see if I can handle all my school stress and not suffer from lack of sleep. I think that'd help my efforts A LOT.

            I'm getting better at avoiding sugars and processed foods. I find it easier and easier to go longer and longer without gnawing on something gross and sugary. I think really dark chocolate helps with the cravings. Oh, and I tried pigs' feet for the first time last night. It was awesome. I'm proud of myself for trying something a couple months (or even weeks) ago I would've been too squeamish to even consider.

            More updates later. I'm hoping this is the formula I've been trying to perfect for a while - got my exercise figured out, diet is getting close to where I want it to be, fasting and sleep are gonna be back on, and sunlight and stress shouldn't be too hard to tackle. All that's missing from the equation is my dedication. Time to see if I can finally get my ass into gear.

            My no soap, no shampoo, no deodorant/antiperspirant, no shaving cream experiment (from here on out referred to as no soap, or no soap/no shampoo for wordiness, and which I don't think I've mentioned at all on this forum) is going excellently. Hardly any problems besides a little bit of dandruff, but that's only rarely and when I go a day or two without showering. When I shower at least once every day, I do fine. There were some odor problems for the first couple days but everything seemed to sort itself out in less than the standard 2 week timeframe. This is strange, considering all my life I've been super-disgusting-greasy. I thought for sure life would be hell but my body adapted extremely fast. Shaving's been a bit harder to get used to, and I'm trying to get a no-fog mirror so I can do it in the shower because I hear that yields better results than water-only shaving at the sink. I'll give a more detailed version of my experiences later when I get around to starting my experiment with dry brushing as well as experimenting with dental blotting and oil pulling. Scary, I know, but we'll see what happens.
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              I'm commenting so I can upgrade from "creepy invisible audience" category to... whatever an upgrade from that would be called, lol.

              Sound's like you're doing excellent and I don't have anything productive to say really. Sugar is my pitfall too, and I'm glad you're getting a handle on it.
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                Originally posted by Bacchanal View Post
                L: Two turkey legs wrapped in bacon, with a fried egg
                You're making me jealous here with this lunch lol. I'm stuck living with dining hall food here.

                And now I guess I can join Aphrodite in no longer being an invisible journal lurker :P Good luck with everything!
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                  Thanks for the feedback. It's nice getting people's opinions on stuff, even though I get by fine with introspection and stuff.

                  Anyways, I've started drinking kombucha to help combat some of my sugar cravings. I'm a lazy ass, so I just buy GT's rather than make my own. It has caffeine in it, and it's probably a little bit on the sugary side (7g total carbs per serving, 2g sugar per serving, 2 servings per bottle) but I think with the probiotics and antioxidants and such it should at least be a little bit better than eating some dried fruit or raw honey or whatever else I normally eat for a sugar fix.

                  The kombucha's delicious. I also picked up a few bags of wild blueberries for a snack the next time I get hit with an intense sugar craving (which is pretty much all the time, constantly.) Trying to dial the majority of sugar out of my diet has been near impossible, I've found. I keep breaking down and binging hardcore. Well, in time I'll make it, I suppose. Managed to go all of yesterday eating only meats, vegetables, fats and such, so I think that's a start. It was rough, though. To prevent myself from gorging on sugar, I forced myself to eat part of a stick of butter, instead. Sounds gross, I know, but it worked and I wasn't hungry after it.

                  Sugar is the devil, I think. More updates later.