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Don't confuse effort with performance

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  • Don't confuse effort with performance

    Restarting the PB life today. I found MDA about two years ago and lost 40 or so pounds. Gained a few back recently by falling off the wagon. Right now, joints ache, have heart burn, headache, tired and foggy mentally. The other thing the SAD gives me is impatience. When I eat like crap I get angry easily.

    I remember a line from the Matrix (I know) - there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. Well, today I decided I am going for a walk.

    It wil be difficult. My wife is petite and eats like crap and doesn't see a need to change. So convincing her to join me will be difficult.

    I can't be sprinting because of bad ankles and some serious longterm soft tissue damage, but can carry more weight than a pack mule. So what is my plan?

    Walking, I plan to walk alot. It provides great exercise and can be done anywhere.

    Eating - will be doing IF. It is liberating to know that you don't have to eat 6 meals a day.

    Playing, will be playing with the kids more

    What are my expectations? To feel better, to sleep better and to look better.

    The last time I was 90% PB, I felt great, eat great tasting food and began to lose some serious weight.

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    Welcome back!
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      Feeling good

      A couple of days into it and I am feeling pretty good. Makes me wonder why I ever went back to eating crap.

      Not going to weigh myself for a while, just want to concentrate on making the change.

      Mark's posts on solitude made me go for a really long walk. This is the best time to clear my head.

      I had colon cancer and went for a check up and the scale said 270. I thought, Holy shit. There is no way I am that big. I was and it was uncomfortable. The first go around on Paleo, I lost forty pounds or so and had to buy new suits and other clothes. It was a good feeling. I think I looked at the changes as temporary. Maybe I was a little scared of success. It is easy to sit back and bitch about natural selection or genes or what not at the root of being big. "oh well, it runs in the family" and all that other bullshit.

      Then I read the success story of John a few weeks ago. Holy cow batman, what a change. This was a guy that was not looking back for one second. Full steam ahead.

      So that is what brought me back to PB and my life long goal of getting fit.

      I could blame the wife for not supporting me, I could blame the Oreo's in my pantry or I could blame something else. I have never been good at blaming anyone and been pretty zen about most things.

      Now I just have to make the right decisions for today that will give me long term satisfaction. The taste of the food only lasts a few minutes, but the gratification of a healthy life is forever.