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    Okay, I'm going to go ahead and start a journal. I think that it'll help me, so here it goes.

    I started "living primally" on February 7th of this year. I swear I started feeling better the very first day. It was amazing. I stopped getting the stomach aches that I used to get almost daily, and I felt less bloated. Obviously, my body doesn't like grains. I feel so much better now - and I haven't eaten any grains since.

    I lost 5 pounds that first week, and was a little worried about losing so much so fast - especially since I am still breastfeeding my son. However, I haven't lost any weight since. I haven't weighed myself in a couple of weeks, but I'm pretty sure that I haven't lost any weight since - it just doesn't feel like it. While I am definitely into this as a lifestyle, not a "diet", I do have a goal of losing 10 more pounds.

    My problem is that I overeat. I have good days, where I eat primally and not too much - and I feel great! But, more often, I eat primally, but WAY too much. Or I'll really over do it with the dark chocolate (as I did tonight ) or berries or nuts. It's not that I'm hungry. I just eat when I'm bored. Or sad. Or happy. Or tired. Etc..... I have a huge problem with overeating. So lately I've been working at noticing when I'm full. Stopping myself (or at least trying to) before I put that food in my mouth and asking myself, "Am I actually hungry or am I just eating because I enjoy eating?"

    Some days I enter into Fitday everything that I eat. Those days I tend to do better because I am more aware. But it's also kind of annoying having to enter all that in (the measurements, exact type of food, etc.). I think it might be easier if I just write the basics here every day. Also, hopefully, I'll get some feedback here. And with a real audience, maybe it will be easier for me to keep myself from overdoing it - because I'll be embarrassed if I do.

    I'm also going to be keeping track of my workouts here. I'm not the strongest person, so please don't laugh at me.

    ETA: I am going to be 30 very soon; I weigh ~130 pounds and am 5'4".
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    My First Try at IF

    The other day I tried IF. Now I usually cannot (or I should say do not) go more than a couple of hours without eating, but that is just because it's all in my head. For some reason, I actually get a panicky feeling when I realize that I may not be able to eat for a few hours. But I have noticed that since starting PB, I do feel full for longer periods after eating. My husband mentioned the other day that he's noticed that I don't get grumpy when I haven't eaten in a bit (like I always used to before PB). So the other day I decided to take the plunge and try IF, even though it sounded scary.

    I took it easy. I didn't eat after 7PM. And when I woke up the next morning, I didn't eat breakfast. I waited until lunch at 11AM. I know. Not that amazing. But for me to skip a meal? It is amazing. And guess what? I didn't die!!! Yeah, I got hungry at about 9AM. Instead of eating, I exercised. And then I cleaned the house a bit. And then I played with the kids. It felt great.

    I think I'm going to try another fast tomorrow.


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      Oh yeah, I also wanted to mention how much energy I have now!! It's so awesome to not be tired all the time! I've only had a few days since going primal where I felt that midafternoon slump (even with a nightwaking toddler).


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        I fasted today until noon today.

        I was going to do some sprints this morning, but we've had lots of wind and rain all day, and I just don't feel like going out. I'm waiting until tomorrow to do more strength training, as I am still sore from two days ago when I did a bunch of squats and leg lifts.

        Lunch: I had about a third of a can of wild salmon, a small bowl of chicken and vegetable soup, and some raw carrots and celery with almond butter.

        Dinner tonight will be left over meat from last night and maybe more soup or a salad or both.
        ETA: I had about 3 servings of roast beef, salad with an oil dressing, and some berries with cream and almonds for dinner.

        Between lunch and dinner is the most difficult time for me to not eat. So right now I'm just counting down the hours until dinner, trying to stay busy. I'm not hungry, just really wanting to snack on something.

        I took some "before" pictures today (although I was even bigger a month and a half ago when I first started) after reading the before and after pictures thread late into the night last night.

        I did use Fitday today because I was curious and haven't used it in a couple of weeks:
        Calorie total: 1262
        Fat total: 78.3g
        Carbs: 43.5g
        Protein: 98.9g
        Protein is right on (if my calculations are correct) for about how much I can/should have. Carbs are great (basically I've just been shooting for under 100g). I'm surprised it's so little calories, as I feel like I ate a lot at dinner. It's the no snacking I guess? I usually snack SO much. This was a really good day. No wine or chocolate tonight. No more snacking at all - I feel pleasantly full.
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