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  • *This is my life* - The Primalicious Journey of Mandy

    Ok so here I am. I've been primal now about 85% -90% for two weeks. I decided to start this log so that I would stay accountable. Some background:

    Athlete in HS, stayed active after but started to put on some weight. Had back injury in 2001 and surgery to remove one ruptured disc (still have another one slipped). Gained weight!!!! Lot's of it. Got into cycling and would cycle 5 times a week 30 miles each, and 50+ on Saturday with husband and friends. Then I had my daughter (she's 4). Love her more than anything but cycling went Bye-Bye. Was still fat while cycling because all I ate was carbs, carbs, and more carbs. Started gettting really sick in 2010 and eventually had my gall-bladder removed in Nov. 2010. Just found this site in March and got Mark's book delivered yesterday.

    My starting stats two weeks ago were:

    Age: 37
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 211 (OMG yes that is what the F'n scale said) (size 16 or 18 jeans depending on brand)
    Fitness: ZERO - feel like total sh*t, only work out occasionally with no real plan

    Today I am down to 206 (lost 5 pounds). I worked out three times in week 1 and once in week 2. I am down with a sinus infection (bad seasonal allergies). I walked five times in addition to the other workouts. My workouts consisted of short (10 minutes) of bodyweight (knee push-ups, squats) and some weights (one arm rows, bicep curls, overhead presses 12# weights). Have done nothing but lay around for 3 days with this sinus crud.

    My eating has gone like this:

    B - coffee w/splenda and milk, 2 eggs, 2 or 3 slices bacon
    L - BAS or
    1 can tuna w/mayo, mustard, onion wrapped in romaine, cheese on the side or
    plate of cheese slices, HB egg, cucumber & tomato slices, 2 slices bacon
    D - meat (pork chops, hamburger, steak etc) and veggies
    Snack if needed - cashews or almonds
    Sweet - couple squares of dark chocolate 55% up to 72%

    No workout for today.

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    Husband is doing this also. He is somewhere around 235 or so and is in the same boat. He will eat whatever I tell him to but will not read the book or anything like that.


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      Best of luck to you on your Primal journey! And, yes; time to start believing.


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        Ended up walking last night even though I still feel pretty cruddy

        Made a YUMMY YUMMY quiche last night. The first one I've ever made. It was crustless.


        1 onion (chopped)
        1 pack frozen spinach (10-12 oz)
        2 tbsp. butter
        1/2 pint of mushrooms (sliced)
        6 eggs
        splash of milk (maybe 1/4 = 1/3 cup)
        salt and pepper
        CHEESE (lots of it, I used about 3/4 cup of sharp cheddar and 1/4 cup mozzarella)
        meat (I has some sliced turkey so I added some of that) next time I'll use bacon or ham.

        Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Saute onion and sliced mushrooms in butter. Add in meat. Add in spinach to remove any ice or water and to mix in with onions & mushrooms. Whisk eggs, add milk, salt, pepper. Shred cheeses. Place spinach mixture in pie plate or whatever you want to use (I used a pyrex casserole dish). Pour egg mixture over. Sprinkle cheeses over the top. At this point I also added a sliced tomato on top (and it was yummy too). You could add any multitude of things to this and it will be great. Pop this in the oven until the top is brown and bubbly. 30 to 45 min depending on your oven. The center will still be soft but will not stick to a knife and will finish cooking outside the oven. Let cool 20 minutes and dig in!

        I had some for breakfast today as well with coffee, splenda, milk.

        OMG I am reading through the PB and I need to adjust what I thought about it. I thought I was doing a lot better than I really am in reality. LOL, dumb ass I still need to cut out poisonous things #2 because I have splenda, diet soda, coffee, and some others. I will work at this and steadily do it!!!!!!!

        I already have a bucket of 1/2 caff. coffee so that will be first to go. I doubt I will ever fully give up a hot cup in the mornings though, but at least I can get rid of the caffeine.

        I was also shocked at reading the Korg's story. We don't take any meds but I was almost crying at the little girl who they gave cough medicine too. I do that also and didn't realize it was bad. I am always so terrified of my 4 year old having a high fever that I give it to her when she is sick. I'm vowing to make a commitment to wean us off all this crap.

        Tonight I am going to have all electronic shit off at least an hour before bed. My hubby can just deal if he doesn't like it. I have a routine with my daughter of brushing teeth and reading stories, but she does have a little music player toy that she's had since birth that puts her to sleep to classical music that I don't want to give up. I think it helps her relax and nod off so that electronic device will stay for now.

        I'm going to walk today too. My mom is coming (she lives a couple hours away) so I'll also be planting some irises she's bringing.

        I neglected to mention when I started this that I am unemployed (stay at home mom) until my daughter goes to pre-k this fall. I am finishing up my bachelor's degree and will graduate in July with high honors (I'm proud to say). I have a background in military and law enforcement, so my degree is in Criminal Justice Administration. I am anxious to grad. so I can go back to work.


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          I wonder if cleaning house is considered a good workout for moving around slowly? I'm doing a LOT of it today, so I'm counting it!


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            Originally posted by Ireallywanttobelieve! View Post
            I wonder if cleaning house is considered a good workout for moving around slowly? I'm doing a LOT of it today, so I'm counting it!
            It sure is!

            Too bad I'm not that into cleaning...


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              Cleaned house and walked neighborhood with the fam.

              Had a t-bone, sauteed mushrooms and onions, sweet potato, green peas for dinner. First potato since beginning. Was very good :-) For 33 grams of carbs it was worth it I think. I satisfied somewhat of a sweet tooth with it as well because I added butter, cinnamon, and one spenda packet.

              Up late though and not unplugged yet!! GRRRR..... I'm working on a HUGE paper for class and am having some issues with it.

              Signing off now though. G'nite primal world. May the peace and serenity that Grok usually did not have (since he might have to be awake to fend off predators) be with you in your wonderful slumber.

              That reminds me I didn't get a chance to read anymore of PB today. HMMMMM maybe tomorrow. WWGD (what would grok do?) - hmmm maybe use the book for TP, not sure. LOL. That would be some day-um John Wayne stuff for sure though, OUCH!


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                WHEW, just finished up my huge paper for school!! Three more months and I'll be done with papers forever hopefully. Been pretty good this weekend. The crud is still hanging out and I'm still on antibiotics, so I'm not doing any hard workouts.

                Food has been around 60% to 70% because when I went out to a late lunch with family yesterday I succumbed to a flatbread steak sandwich with FRIES!!! The fries were the first I've had in three weeks, so I wasn't too concerned about it. I did note that within a few hours after the meal I was very lethargic for several hours though and have not been that way at all after any PB meal.

                Today I've had:

                4 slices bacon, coffee
                small handful of cashews
                Polish sausage and BAS for lunch
                2 diet sodas
                5 glasses water

                Tomorrow I am hoping to get back to regular workouts. I've looked around some and read through Mark's fitness plan. I may end up doing the SimpleFit plan and adding in planks just because it is an easy and uncomplicated program. Haven't decided for sure yet.

                Currently I can only do knee push-ups, but I'm ok with that. I can also only do suspension (TRX-like) body rows instead of pull-ups also. Not too concerned there either since I have such a high body weight. I believe that as it comes down I will eventually be able to do chin-ups and maybe even regular pull-ups.

                I'll save this for another post, but I have made my own TRX-like suspension system that hangs down from my doorframe pull-up bar. It only cost about $20 in supplies from Lowe's, so if anyone is interested I'll detail how I made it. Works perfectly and is quickly adjustable and safe up to 2500 pounds (vehicle tow straps).

                More to come.......


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                  Ok so, I'm not so good at posting on here every day. I will probably just let this die and only post to it occasionaly. Been really sick and not able to work out for a week now. As a result I only lost a pound this week. Still anything moving down is a good thing IMO.

                  Planning on starting out with a simplefit workout using a suspension strap system for body rows since there is NO way I'm doing a pull up at this weight.