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    After reading an excellent 30 day journal on the MDA forum, I thought I would give this a go, rather than keeping a personal journal for my challenge.

    As background, I have tried to be fit and healthy for a couple of years now, but have been following CW - and with overdoing it with regard to work, personal issues, overtraining etc etc, I suffered from adrenal fatigue last year and put some of the weight back on as I dealt with huge sugar cravings.

    This led to an interest in nutrition, and after about 8 months of looking at and trying different nutrition guidelines, came across Paleo/Primal last month. It all makes sense, and I don't miss the bread, other grains, processed food etc at all. What I am struggling with is the sugar - I still get stressed (a lot of it self-imposed) and when I get really stressed, I don't sleep and the sugar cravings kick in. This is where I fall over.

    After another fall down yesterday, I have taken the time to really assess how I am going to manage dealing with this going forward and created a lifestyle guide for me to implement based on the 10 PB Laws. I have attached this document below - partly as a reference tool for me - partly for anyone who is interested. Some of the 'laws' are really easy for me to follow - others I need to work on more, so there is more detail under some of the implementation guidelines than others. After dealing with this for a while, I know where my weaknesses are!

    So, today is my first day of implementing these guidelines and would like to try it until the end of April to really ensure it is a habit (also makes it a 'rounder' date to work towards rather than 30 days from 24 March). It will be a tough period with some planned social occasions, overseas and interstate travel, my birthday and Easter - but I figure if I can manage it until 30 April, it will really become my lifestyle.

    Note: I would like to lose a couple of kilos as part of this as well (4-5 pounds), but I am not going to let scales dictate how I feel. I know I am slightly heavier than what I would like, with no plan on stepping on the scales until 30 April - part of the strategy of not stressing about a number.

    Here goes!
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    Day 1 of 38 - Thursday 24 March

    And so the journey begins to develop a true Primal Lifestyle habit and learn to manage stress better.

    Woke up @ 7:15am

    Breakfast IF (not hard given the overdose from yesterday)

    Slow moving cardio @ 8am - 40min on the Elliptical (average HR of 130 - 72% of MHR)

    Lunch @ 1.15pm - left over roast lamb (not much else in the fridge) with fish oil. Using up all left overs today and go grocery shopping tomorrow.

    Crossfit @ 5pm
    Sprints - wall to wall (12) x 5 sets
    Pullups - 7 x 5 sets
    Front Squat - 15kg 7 x 5 sets
    Modified (basic) handstand - 7 x 5 sets

    Dinner @ 6.30pm - remainder of left over roast lamb and veggies (zucchini, red onion, pumpkin and sweet potato) with fish oil and magnesium supplements

    It's been a good day today. Feeling better and the exercise has been good. Hopefully it all translates into a good night's sleep!
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      Hello! So good to meet you at PrimalCon! I'm still recovering. i spent most of the day snuggling with the cat. I hope that your flight wasn't too terrible and there was some room for you to stretch out a bit.

      Thank you so much for the ride back to LA. You two really made it fun. i think if I had just taken the shuttle bus back by myself, I would have spent the entire day being sad about the weekend winding down and wondering if I had really made the most of the experience. Instead, I got shopping! And the Hollywood sign! I didn't even know that I needed to see the Hollywood sign, but now I really feel that I had a full California experience.

      I'm excited to try out some of my new running skills but I am so stiff today...when is that going to wear off?
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