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  • challenge journal(almost natural)

    dont know if i belong here....i love the eating plan, because i think this is the only plan that will keep my weight down...

    I want to lose 82 pounds!!...60 of which gained while dieting!!

    I've lost 26 already...56 more to go!

    I beleive in creation not evolution!! and i am not here to debate that or need convincing otherwise. I am here to find people who want to eat this way. I do beleive that people long ago ate differently...and i am certain that my failure to keep my weight down is because my body cannot tolerate modern food!!

    In high school i kept my weight down by dieting off and on...then moved to the usa...ate waffles for 2 months and gained 85 pounds....i discovered lowcarb diet...lost 60 pounds but could never lose more not even with i am convinced its because of the excess fat calories i continue eating at a smaller size!!.. i regained the 60 pounds with health issues also!!

    So here i am commiting myself to eating this way and learning alot from Mr.Sisson!!lol

    I am currently less than 20grams of carbs most days ..but not more than 30 carbs 6days a week!! one meal a week ( 1 day sometimes), i eat off plan...(fruits veggies nuts)....30 min.excercise 6 days a week!! My body is responding very well as i am losing weight and i feel my food is being consumed and not stored by my body!!

    i've lost 26 pounsd in 2 mounths!! started at 232 now i am a happy 206!! i look smaller now than at a smaller weight!!...guess its the excercise!!

    I never commited to being lowcarb!! cause it was a tool to lose weight!!...

    i am having difficulty with accepting no dairy, and no legumes!...i love legumes....i will cut down on dairy! sweet potaoes plaintains....i love also....but i will have to find a balance!! cause i cannot say i'll never have these ever again!!....

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    so here i am!! letting go of food!! not letting food control how happy or how healthy i am!!

    i have already devoted the next 18 months of my life to making this my way of life! i get discouraged when i plateau!! But now i think the longer i stick to it the better my body will intial goalis to correct the damage i done to my body, lose weight....get down to my natural weight!! if i dont get down to my desired least i'll be healthy, and happy AND NOT 232!!!


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      got my total gym yesterday and "tried it out"....i am a little sore ....bought it for my upper body.....this week i plan on adding veggies to my protein get me back on track...then 2 weeks of protein fast...all in attempt to get to 195 by th end of November. I am setting small goals so i dont get tooo disappointed!!!....


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        STill getting used to using my total abs are so sore....i used an easy level today as i could do the leved suggested by the DVD!!...i've been 206 for 3 weeks now...its time to gear down and get back into the scheme of things!!I had a great run yesterday....i enjoyed it...i did 15 mins....and 15 walking!!.....6more pounds to 200...I CANT WAIT!!!