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    Hello all....I feel like I should start a primal journal to keep myself motivated.

    When I started this about two months ago in earnest, I stood 5'4" and weighed in at 236. I am now wobbling around 215 and stuck here on a fairly frustrating yo yo. I will admit a lot of the yo yo is caused by my "off night". One night a week where I am not !00% paleo. I think that the temporary joy of having pasta or chips is worth the three to four days if takes to catch back up to the weight before the cheat day.

    I feel like I'm really just cheating myself.

    My glorious paleo-fiance got rid of all the pasta, grains and no-no's from our pantry and we've been doing well with cutting back on dinner's out and experimenting with paleo meals. Honestly, at first, I was worried that I'd get to the dreaded "bored with options" point where a lot of folks seem to struggle. But my fiance has been AMAZING with his experimental paleo cooking.

    I have been reading the Before/After thread and it gives me a lot of hope. I am just trying to keep up the paleo diet, not to cheat and to keep doing what is nutritious for my body.

    I will be posting my "before" picture as soon as I get home and Anivair can take a current one.

    Hope to have good news soon!