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    Your doing great Pike. I am sure whatever has you emotionally eating will pass. Just keep doing what you are doing, it will get better

    So how was the grass fed beef, really good huh? I am going to the Fresh Market tomorrow but it is so expensive, my hubby would seriously shoot me if I spent a bunch of doe in there. lOL

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      Kathy, IF is a great way to get your calorie count lower while also doing something wonderful for your body. Keep trying...just try to go 14-18 hours from your last meal at night till your first meal the next day. This is a double whammy for me because it elimiates night-time snacking as I stop eating by 7pm, and also eliminates the calories from breakfast. I can then really enjoy all the food I eat from lunch to dinner as it is really hard to overeat with only two meals.


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        Monday 10/27

        IFed until after noon so about 17 & 1/2 hours

        Did my WOD while IFing: ran 40', walked 40' including some before and after run,ended with doing sprints...per my Garmin was running 7:15-7:25 m/m pace while fast feels so good. Yoga after move slowly and sprinting workout

        L: 2 eggs, bacon, banana w/cashew butter, chocolate zucchini muffin, zucchini fritter

        S: zucchini muffin, small dark chocolate square

        D: 2 eggs, bacon, 1 left over meatball, small dark chocolate square

        cal: 1586

        fat: 114 grams

        protein: 81 grams

        carbs: 67 grams

        It was interesting to see how I felt different while IFing..started grumbly tummy but no hunger..had to fight urge to eat out of habit..once I went out to run/walk I felt good and okay w/o eating. Ifing I think will help with keeping calories lower.

        Tomorrow going to my first Crossfit class to try it out.


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          Wed 10/28

          B: eggs, bacon

          S: pistachios

          L: Chinese dumplings w/o skins, cottage cheese, coconut bread

          S: dark chcolate

          D: More Chinese dumplings steamed w/o skins, chocolate zucchini muffin, broiled kale w/olive oil & salt


          P: 105 grams

          F: 133 grams

          C: 48 grams

          Scale is saying 20.1% body fat most days


          First Crossfit class checking it out...okay this incredibly arms are so tired that shaky I can barely lift them type of feeling..this was a heavy emphasis on upper body stuff which is my weakness.


          50 squats

          40 jumping jacks

          30 sit ups

          20 push ups

          10 side planks


          Gymnast stuff

          V sits

          Ring dips

          V push ups jump through to dips

          ring flips backwards

          21 KB swings #20

          12 push ups

          9 pull ups

          400 meter run-outside

          x4, 21:50 total: 5:02, 5:34, 5:48, 5:29

          This was so difficult as my arms were shaking and had had that spent feeling after one time through.

          Pull ups we could either jump up or use a band with one knee in it so I sort of combined them..jumped up and tried to lower slowly

          I have lot of room to improve with strength training. I will be wicked sore today and tomorrow I know. It was fun and I pushed myself more than I would on my own. I will try another Crossfit place in Providence.


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            OMG Pike.....ya thinks ya may have over did it? Dang did the trainer know you had never done this before? He sould not have put you through so much in one class. that was on hell of a flippin workout! I hope he didn't scare you away...

            You will get stronger with crossfit and when you do you will love how you feel. I just wen tout and ppicked up the recycle can to put it out to the street and it felt feather light, three months ago It would have been extremely heavy so I can feel a difference at home in my everyday life. Oh and my back is so much stronger and doesn't hurt anymore.

            Hope the pain doesn't last too long

            Primal Since 10/2009


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              So is your husband sticking with it? How does he feel? For me that first two weeks had some discomfort, but it was smooth sailing after.