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  • Primal girl in a CW world AKA Feed the Woman MEAT!

    Sup! longtime reader, thought it was about time I made a journal, to keep myself accountable to me, and also to really get involved, cos man! this is such a great community! and I want IN!

    i guess ill start at the start, Im and Aussie, had weight and body image issues for many many years, since late primary school. I was stockier than all the girls, and played baseball and raced cars, so even though I think it sounds cool, i was pretty much a social outcast, girls didnt like me and i didnt get along with em anyways cos we had very little in common, and boys were kind of intimidated i guess. my parents were always amazing but.

    any way fastforward 16 years and im 26, currently in the middle of a divorce, living with a beautiful man now, and I want to take control of my body, my mind and my future. I have gone up and down in weight at big extremes since i was 17, at 110kgs (242 pounds) down to 60 kgs (132 pounds) and back up to 99kgs (217 pounds) and im currently sitting at 80.2 kilograms (176.4 lbs) this last lot of weight loss has occurred through cutting down carbs, "going atkins" for a period of time, HIIT in the gym to excess, etc etc youve heard it all before. I know I am extremely carb sensitive, i feel like instant poo when i eat a carb loaded meal, need to sleep, get blocked up and end up crabby when the crash comes. and most of the time I can deal with not eating the things like rice, bread, pasta and grains, my weakness is potatos, not soooo bad i guess, but im a good aussie girl, raised on my mas irish cooking, or meat n 3 veg... and spuds! and those babies are like heaven to me.

    I dont have a sweet tooth except for when i get a good dose of PMT and I can satiate that with strawberries, or if the beautiful man brings me cherry ripes... which he knows is a naughty but he does it when he knows i have had a shitty day, no more than once every couple months.

    so I discovered the primal blueprint a couple of months ago, whilst on a google hunt for some more low carb recipes to kick start me and have sat on the site since, reading journals, (and gaining new heros!!! - Batty you amaze me!) learning about all the laws, and DROOOOOOOLING all over my freakin computer at all the amazing food pr0ns!

    I have bought the book and am in the process of reading it, its taken me a bit longer than I would normally have liked but Im bloody snowed with work, and home life and then study and the extra reading just aint getting done. but I am gonna get through it this week.

    i got a tonne of work on my desk right now so im gonna do a run down of how im doing with the laws in a little while, for now, hi all, welcome to the spazzy world of me...


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    Ok, so heres a bit of a run down on where im at, hopefully the action of writing this out will help me to see exactly where im at and decide what component needs the highest amount of attention next... i dare say I know already, but im gonna just write and see what comes out

    Law #1: Eat Lots of Plants and Animals
    I have no dramas at all with this, I have always been one of those weirdos that loves vegies and salads but more than anything I'm a carnivore! I neeeeeed my steak! and lamb, and pork, and chookens, and buffalo, and kangaroo, and turkey and seafood!!!! pretty much the only thing I do not eat is anchovies... YUCKAYE! but all other beasts are pretty much ON the menu! love it!

    Im quite happy eating bacon and eggs, omelets, cabbage and bacon, or various other meals for breaky, the biggest issue i have is time in the morning and that relates to another law Ill cover later...

    but foods, yep, got that shit covered...

    Law #2: Avoid Poisonous Things

    Ok, so i fall down here a little bit, number one - I'm a smoker... something I am looking to change in the not to distant future.
    number 2 - I am a fan of the alcoholic beverages... no I do not have a problem, nor would it ever be allowed to get to such a point due to personal experiences. however I live in the far north of Australia, its a damned hot, humid place, and there is nothing quite so amazing as an icy cold beer on a steaming hot day after some seriously hard hot work in the garden/on the car/ in the house etc. yes i have cut back, no its not enough...

    the other weakness is Jack Daniels... love the shit! this too is consumed too often, in too great amounts... this too needs to be cut back...


    as far as poisonous foods go, im a sucker for savoury pastries, I do reasonably well in avoiding these, and work hard at that... but the one thing i can currently honestly declare will never be cut from my diet is ham and cheese croissants... OMFG i love these... no, i do not eat them often, infact its probably less than once every 6 months, but i love them and they are a treat i cant declare a no go zone.

    the only other time i have issues with eating poinsonous shit is if i dont get organised and leave the house without planning, like yesterday, i ate a dirty servo pie because i didn't get sorted at home, and then got very dizzy and my belly got very very rumbley and it needed to be sorted. so I must now remember that organisation is the key to success. durrr...

    Law #3: Move Frequently At A Slow Pace

    I do not do this enough, yeah, i get up, and I move around, but im a desk bunny at work, im strapped in and get very little opportunity for moseying around, I do try and go for a wander at lunch, and I am making a concerted effort to take the stairs more often, and generally get moving more.
    what I would really like to do is start to walk our gorgeous little dog each morning. that is something that is dependent on another law im having issues with, more on that later. (id also love for the beautiful man to come on said wanders, I hope to put this to him sometime soon) afternoons are pretty much out for me, because I am on the go from the second I finish work till generally reasonably late in the evening, between running the household, and getting all the bits n pieces that need doing there (washing, feeding of the family, currently packing said beautiful mans nasty cow ex's stuff up and getting it out of our home. long arse story.) plus running a small home business I have sweet FA time to take part in any wanders if i want the rest of my world to keep turning.

    Law #4: Lift Heavy Things
    kinda got this sorted at the moment, because of lifting lots of heavy boxes and rearranging an entire house at the present time, plus major garden overhauls, im doing ALOT of incidental heavy lifting and squatting. I want to through in some push ups and lunges and really am looking to invest in some kettlebells. hopefully this happens in the next couple of months, im not concerned about this law though, i do ALOT, i feel im covered for now.

    Law #5: Sprint Once In A While
    This - this I dont get enough of, during the motor racing season I definitely do, as a side effect to being a mechanic, I end up doing a lot of sprinting around the pits and too and from the track, as well as lifting loads of heavy heavy things. but its not racing season, and I have been slack...

    ok, yes, ill work on this

    Law #6: Get Adequate Sleep

    AH..... yes... now heres a huge problem Law for me, not for lack of trying believe me! firstly, I suffer insomnia on a fairly regular basis, this is something that I can get under control using Valerian and hops supplements, provide i realise im not gonna get to sleep naturally at an early enough time.

    why do i get insomnia.. lots of reasons, ongoing issues with depression (which is very under control but still and issue with meds etc) STRESS... my divorce, the beautiful mans divorce (much hairier than mine), issues with his ex, work is very high stress, and I seem to be everyone of my friends go to agony aunt, which I have never minded, because I am a good listener and I dont dole out advice im more just a place to vent. I have been working on this in particular, because I have found this role increasingly draining emotionally, and I haven't got the stamina to keep it up any more. I have upset some friends by telling them just that, but the majority get it, and are totally amazing and definitely do the same for me!so its ok.

    also between work, the home business, sorting the house, having a real relationship with you know, conversations, and activities and sharing and SEX! I take on too much and cant relax till I know I have achieved a minimum amount of required effort in each area... yes im a control freak, it could be worse, and I'm trying to get better at relaxing.

    I DO take naps however, because I would NEVER get through the things I need too, without stabbing someone in the throat, if I didn't take naps when I desperately need them. they take the edge off the tiredness, I do need more sleep though, and Im working on it, once that falls into place I think several other areas will too. wish me luck with this one.

    Law #7: Play

    funnily enough, I do tend to find time to play, I play with the beautiful man, we laugh and joke and wrestle, and smooch.
    I play hard with my mates, we ride horses and quads, and go bush to big waterfalls and knock around in the pools, yeah, we play

    and I play pool, thats the beautiful mans fault, he got me into it, I'm no Eddie Charlton, but I can hit a ball, I love the game, and it is something I can chase without fear of injury (or aggravating old injuries from racing cars and playing beach volleyball, both of which have left me with some serious issues)

    Law #8: Get Adequate Sunlight

    Im not too bad on this one either, I like to get out in the garden and do things out doors, and I have always had a great tan because of that, I have also rarely used sunscreen, although I do on my face, because my mums skin shows me what I have to look forward to if I dont, and dont get me wrong, she is hot stuff, but she is now having to work hard to fix issues in her skin that if she had just covered her face, worn a hat etc, she wouldnt have now I have also started to take vit D, to up the levels, because despite my best efforts, sometimes I just dont get out often enough, and I want to be covered

    Law #9: Avoid Stupid Mistakes

    hmmmm, stupid mistakes... yeah, work in progress.
    Im a klutz, like seriously, as a minimum I injure myself once a day, not seriously, just stubbed toes, fingers slammed in doors, cuts, bumped heads, rolled ankles, general stupid mistakes... why, cos im rushing everywhere. yeah... ill try n work on this.

    Law #10: Use Your Brain

    This I'm fairly happy to say I have covered. I project manage audits as a job, so that's definitely for the brain working, I crew on sprint cars, and that works the brain too, I take part in a personal development program and so read and do exercises to increase my personal knowledge base. and I communicate with the beautiful man, which can be harder sometimes than it needs to be - for both of us - due to baggage we both have, but we work hard to not get angry, and to communicate effectively, and that - takes serious brain function.


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      yesterdays foods,

      B: ummmm yeah nothing,

      L: BAS with tuna and balsamic dressing

      S: 2 fried eggs and 5 small home made meat balls

      D: Bunless burger, home made with beef mince, onions, and a stack of spices with lettuce, avocado, capsicum, egg and tasty cheese.

      noted: I need to drink more water... seriously!

      eat plants n animals: yep yep
      move slowly: not so much
      lift heavy: not so much
      sprint: not so much
      play: yeah.... sorta
      get some sunlight: not so much
      sleep: in bed by 11.10pm - thats impressive for me!
      avoid stupid mistakes: yep, mostly
      use your brain: yep, do that alot. sometimes it hurts.

      feeling better today than I did yesterday. yesterday wasnt a great primal day for all the laws but im working on it. today Im planning to get moving around the office and campus alot. the moving will involve being outside in the sun so thats two covered need to pick up some more vitamin d from the pharmacy. definite brain usage again today, and we'll see how we go with the rest.

      off to find my water bottle.


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        Law #1: Eat Lots of Plants and Animals
        B: tuna and avocado smashed
        L: protein bar - yes its a frankenfood, but i was ravenous, and it was all I had at my disposal
        D: fried egg, on home made beef burger with bacon, lettuce and onion - YUM!!! im loving this!

        S: avocado on 1 salada- yes ill touch on this later...

        Law #2: Avoid Poisonous Things
        like here - so I ate a salada, I was hungry all day yesterday and that was the food within reach - MUST GET MORE ORGANISED!!!

        Law #3: Move Frequently At A Slow Pace
        Definitely covered this one, was on my feet most of the day at work, then had two beauty clients in the evening so was up doing facials. twas a good day for moving. today shall also be good

        Law #4: Lift Heavy Things
        Yep! got this covered too! lifting lots of boxes and other random heavy!! things!

        Law #5: Sprint Once In A While
        not so much

        Law #6: Get Adequate Sleep
        yes, still and issue here, had a conversation with the beautiful man about the fact that were both not getting enough rest and we need earlier nights, he definitely agrees, our moods are suffering and we both want to be more productive. shame said conversation happened at midnight and finished at 1am... oh well, maybe tonight?!

        Law #7: Play
        yep, I consider my beauty business play, because i get to hang out with women, and make them feel lush and relaxed and beautiful. this satisfies the urge for fun.

        Law #8: Get Adequate Sunlight
        yep, in my travels all around the work campus yesterday I strayed into direct sunlight whenever I was able.

        Law #9: Avoid Stupid Mistakes
        apart from said salada indulgence, yup!

        Law #10: Use Your Brain
        lots of that, work, personal stuff, business stuff, and research.


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          been a few days since I posted, I have been madly reading the primal blueprint and trying to fit things into my more than stupidly busy life.

          food has been relatively good,

          friday :
          Breakfast - None
          Lunch : beef burger with egg and tasty cheese bunless of course
          dinner : quarter roast chook with cabbage sauteed in coconut oil.

          breakfast : Quarter roast chook n eggs
          late lunch (after 5.30pm) : quater roast chook and cabbage and eggs fried
          dinner : at like 2 am - we had been at an engagement party that evening, and I did not drink, but the beautiful man did, so due to the late lunch and no food all night, the drunken man wanted macdonalds on the way home. we both got burgers and he ate my bun, it wasnt the worst, but wasnt the best either. theres not alot of choice at 2am, should have just gone home to bed but whatever. had a great night and spent a good hour and a half just chatting and laughing with the fella when we got home. this pleases me

          breakfast : made scrambled eggs with cabbage for breaky, YUM!
          lunch : didnt get any - ran outta time
          Dinner : made us a really nice curry with chicken, sweet potato and butternut pumpkin, i had mine over cabbage, which is kinda my favourite food at the moment, as a side, because its easy to whip up,

          Im drinking far too much Coke zero and need to curb this habit, seriously... i already drink alot of water, but am going to endeavour to drink more water, and have coke zero free periods, for a start i want to just go 48 hours without it. so thats today and tomorrow - im sure that will be fine if i can I would like to extend it out to friday and go for 5 days, but I know I personally work better on super short term goals. so 48 hours it is.

          physically - im still not moving enough, slowly or sprint wise! but the movement level is up on what it was, im taking the stairs more often than the lift, i spent a good couple of hours in the garden on sunday and was pulling out clumps of baby spear grass at the root so there was alot of squatting, pulling and stretching, throwing and hauling and pushing and my Hammys are slightly tender today this arvo I am going to hit the harden again, I have to rake the last remnants of the jungle that was off the top of the soil, then turn the soil, and then put down the new grass seed theres a good hour or so of work to do there.

          the gardening has another great benefit (apart from re-claiming our block from the jungle that is..... currently making us look like total hobos
          adequate SUN! yay! I have always been the type of person who burns and tans and i can get pretty dark fairly quickly, and im really starting to get a nice healthy glow again. im still supplementing though, because im in my cubicle prison 8 hours a day minimum during the week and I play indoor sports so its needed.

          im off to read some more of mr and mrs fists awesome journal.

          hope your all wonderful.


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            Hi, and welcome to the journals!
            "Be careful what you pretend to be because you are what you pretend to be." Kurt Vonnegut
            "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." Douglas Adams
            "Moderation sucks." Suse
            "Wine is a vegetable." Meaty
            "Every decision you make, from what you eat to what you do with your time tonight, turns you into who you are tomorrow and the day after that." Cmdr Chris Hadfield



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              Hi Winencandy!!!

              Thanks for the welcome!


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                ok, so as is apparent, im hopeless at updating regularly my own journal, I have however been keenly following other journals on a daily basis,

                easter was... well about 50 / 50.... in fact i have been sliding that way for a while, but thank goodness thats over because now I can really get stuck in again, a lack of organisation has been the major set back.

                I need to get organised with lunches and snacks! lunches really shouldnt be too hard, just left overs is the go, however we do have a minor food theif... in my partners brother, who grabs the left overs before i can sometimes.... fecker, i do the shopping and the cooking....

                anyways, ill sort that out.

                Im actually sitting here eating left overs right now, slow roasted porkbelly and veg. it is DE.LISH!

                but this arvo im off to do a food shop, get together the makings for a fully primal week.

                the other place im falling down is the diet soda arena! .... yes i know all the bad stuff, i crave the fizz, so soda water will be in the trolley tonight, slow conversion is the way for me.

                ok, im off to trawl the recipe boards for food ideas for the coming week!

                (cos it feels like monday here, we had monday and tuesday off work in australia for public holidays! Score! 3 day week!)


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                  so today is what we in the trenches will call "a day better than yesterday"

                  let me explain, i ate great all day yesterday, i also had a bloody hectic time in the office, followed by a session in the garden, quick shower and straight back into work from 6.30pm to 11pm... and my absolutely gorgeous well meaning fella, had the new mcdonalds strawberry dream thick shake awaiting my arrival home.... i dont even want to consider that spike on the insulin radar, needless to say, i felt like shite, (yes i did have it.... i know, i know, ) and this morning i felt really really like shite, amazing how i seem to suffer food hangovers these days if i eat crap...

                  anyways, so I havent been food shopping yet, i havent got my crap together food wise but that is in tonights list of things to do, but i have managed to eat ok given a severe lack of time and resources. better than yesterday in any regard....