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Journey to healing my adrenals/thyroid

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  • Journey to healing my adrenals/thyroid

    Will do my absolute best to post every single day. I need to fix my adrenal fatigue and sluggish thyroid. I am looking for a GOOD doc right now to help me with all of this, however anyone who has ANY advice on the adrenals and thyroid, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CHIME IN AND GIVE ME SOME ADVICE. I am very open to suggestions and am serious about finding health.

    Background on me: Have been active ALL of my life. Became borderline anorexic for about 2 years in my early 20's. Have battled with body dismorphia, severe caloric restriction, binging, and overdoing the cardio for quite awhile. Found Mark's Daily apple over 2 years ago and it totally changed my view on nutrition. Have been eating primally for over 2 years. Initially lost some fat, but took the lifting weights, and HIIT too far which brought me to stage 3 adrenal fatigue. Got pregnant shortly after I started my protocol. My baby is now 7 months and I am stuck with about 20 pounds to lose....or should I say 2 sizes to lose since the scale doesn't mean everything. This is where I am now. Had my normal family doc check my thyroid: TSH=2.45 Free T4=1.41 Total T3= 67. He told me I'm "normal". So as I start this journal I am also looking for a GOOD doctor who will work with me, support me eating primally, and help me regain my health. (Although I really don't feel that bad) However something is going on, because this weight is NOT coming off!

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    *wave* Hi! Looking forward to reading your progress
    Calm the f**k down.


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      1 Tbs coconut oil
      a few pieces of 100% cocoa/goji berri bar from whole foods
      burger (no bun) sauteed onions/mushrooms
      salad with guacomole
      a few sweet potato fries
      2 glasses of cabernet

      no exercise but ran errands all day

      mood was good, felt positive most of the day despite being very worried about my adrenal/thyroid issues


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        Lifted weights this am
        Walked 3 miles this evening

        Today: ~1500 cals
        3 tbs coconut oil (I've read it is good for the thyroid)
        taco salad: organic lettuce, guacamole, salsa, chicken, black olives
        3 slices of bacon
        mixture of toasted shredded coconut, coconut flour, coconut milk and 100% cocoa nibs

        felt a little tired today
        always seem to feel better in the evening times when I get home


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          No workout today.

          3 tbs coconut oil
          chicken breast
          6 slices of bacon
          broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, parsley
          coconut flour/shredded coconut and cocoa nibs

          felt on top of the world after I ate 3 tbs of coconut oil at 11 am!!


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            how are you eating 3 tbsp of coconut oil? I can barely take one down by itself, I usually have put in my coffee or tea lol!
            Calm the f**k down.


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              I realized I had adrenal issues when I went primal and low carb. It was horrible at first. Upping my carbs some and adding sea salt helped tremendously. I don't feel like I'm going to pass out every time I stand up so big improvement. I recently had a tissue mineral analysis done and it really nailed my health history and said that I have a sluggish thyroid and adrenal fatigue most likely. It recommended several supplements, ok like five or six, and I've started those. It's too soon to tell if this will be life changing but I'm hoping so.
              True healthcare reform starts in your kitchen, not in Washington. ~Anonymous
              The worst carrot is better than the best candybar.--TornadoGirl


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                Metismomma: LOL! I can barely choke it down! In fact sometimes I mix it with my food! (sweet potatoes, today). It's weird, but in the last 3 days since staring the Coconut oil....I have a lot more energy! ( I hope it's for the good and not overworking my adrenals!)

                Shat: That's funny you say that, because I'm still experimenting, but am begining to think that when I eat sweet potatoes and squash, I feel better. ( I just worry that maybe my carbs are too high, though. I really need to get these pounds off) I'm going to an integrative health clinic next week to check out my adrenals and thyroid. I'm praying that this will be the "right" clinic! I hear so many people say it's hard to find a good adrenal doc. Let me know about your progress....i'm interested!


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                  Lifted weights in the am
                  walked 3 miles this evening

                  3 tbs coconut oil
                  2 chix breasts
                  sweet potatoes
                  coconut mixture


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                    Walked 2 miles

                    Two pieces of salmon
                    Coconut oil (3tbs)
                    Sweet potato


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                      Is that all you've eaten all day?
                      Doesn't seem like much to me. Hows your sleep going?
                      Calm the f**k down.


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                        I forgot I had some bacon too. The sweet potato was huge. I was full. Sleeping pretty well ...but when I get up in the am...I don't feel as rested as I should. Getting blood work for the thyroid done, cortisol tests and food intolerances test. Will know more at the end of the month.

                        Thanks for your input. Let me know if you have any advice or suggestions. Are your adrenals completely healed?


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                          I wouldn't say completely, I still have a ton of stress and drink coffee But I'm a helluva lot better! I find that the more I stress about food(calories/macros etc.) the worse I get. If I focus on what I enjoy( exercise, play...sleep lol) that helps.
                          This month or next month for your test results?
                          In regards to sleep, I know that it is recommended that you are in bed before 10pm. The hours between 10pm-12am is when you do a lot of healing. Maybe getting to bed earlier will help you feel more rested?

                          What are your days usually like?
                          Calm the f**k down.


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                            End of April all my test results come back.
                            I try to be in bed by 9 some nights it ends up being 10. I usually wake up at 5 to lift weights on m,w,f and 6 am on t, th. On the weekends I sleep till 630 or 7. Sometimes even later.

                            I am a teacher, so the job can be stressful at times. I also have a seven month old.


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                              Originally posted by hannahm34 View Post
                              I try to be in bed by 9 some nights it ends up being 10. I usually wake up at 5 to lift weights on m,w,f and 6 am on t, th. On the weekends I sleep till 630 or 7. Sometimes even later.
                              what kind of weight program do you do? Are you doing weights everyday, or is that something else on tues/thurs? one of the big things about adrenal fatigue is not overdoing the exercise, it stresses the adrenals a lot. I wonder though, if lactic acid training would help. It can be a pretty quick session too, since its to fatigue.

                              Interesting stuff.
                              Other than that, I would sleep longer in the morning. Sleep helps weight loss way more exercise at this point. Well at any point really
                              It would interesting to see what your test results say.

                              I am a teacher, so the job can be stressful at times. I also have a seven month old.
                              Oy. d00d
                              /bows before you
                              I have a huge amount of respect for teachers after I homeschooled my oldest. Seriously. You're hardcore.
                              /tips hat
                              and she was a fairly easy student. I can't imagine teaching 10-20 kids at a time. Plus a 7 month old? Whoa.

                              What grade do you teach?
                              Calm the f**k down.