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    okay well here I am. I have been wanting to start an online journal about my weight loss and my rants about not losing weight fast enough(lol) so here I am. Lets see I like most people have done it all. I have been overweight since about 4 years old. My folks didnt know better and my dad liked processed junk so it was always around the house. I was generally pretty healthy growing up despite being a portly child except being picked on unmercifully my school years. During my freshman summer though I was starting to grow taller and being sick of all the name calling I decided enough was enough. I went on the latest craze which was low fat. I ate low fat everything. My favorites of course where the snackwells devil food cookies. But being young and still having a metabolism and growing taller I did lose weight. I think i started around 240 and by the end of the summer I had shed around 30 pounds. Everyone noticed and that fueled me to lose more to the point of obsession. I started eating less and less until I was full blown anorexic. i starved myself so bad but the weight kept coming off and so i added extreme excercise into the mix. then it happened i hit 169.5 and the scale wouldnt budge. i still had some fat on my belly (due to unknown insulin problems) but i looked good and i wanted to look better. I was freaking out a little that my beautiful thick head of hair started falling out and i would almost black out in the shower in the mornings but i looked good. Then my mother stepped in and threatened me..... or go to the hospital!! and heres where it all began again. I finally started eating but the weight stayed mostly off due to my active lifestyle. I graduated high school and slowly it started coming back. By the time i got married at 19 I weighed 230 pounds. The first year of my marriage my weight shot to 275 and I finally figured out I had insulin problems. I am insulin resistant(bad), I have pcos, I also have a multitude of maladies due to insulin and possible low thyroid. I divorced at 30 and weighed around 280. my highest weight had been 326.5 but due to atkins i had lost some weight. After my divorce though I went strict low carb all the way down to 176 pounds!!! And life started normalizing and complecancy kicked in and then tons of stress oh woo hoo. i found myself back up at 260ish. OMG!!! why did i not weigh occasionally. well first thing i gave up drinking my calories. and my weight slowly started coming down.. but I wanna be thin again and i wanna be healthy. Im not getting any younger so me and my mom have decided to go on PB together. I had been on and of PB for a while and yoyo dieted all year long so i wanted to really try to make this my WOE instead of just a diet. So we decided march 1st would be a good day to start. Im not sure of my starting weight But the first time I weighted the scale said 253 But i had already been eating good for a few days anyhoo it is as of today march the 18th and i am down to 241. So i am gonna consider my weight loss as 12 pounds. And like i said earlier I believe i have a slow thyroid so i am taking a thyroid supplement and starting back on my extra virgin coconut oil ( the shit miraculously seems to speed up my metabolism and set my hormones straight ) oh yeah and I forgot to mention I quit smoking over 3 months ago as well. I really am finally enjoying eating this way. the first 2 weeks were absolute hell!!!!!!!! But im finally starting to feel better!! okay enough for now I will check back in later!!!!

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    Ugh my days at work are so long but at least I have access to a computer so I can get online. I Have a weird schedule. I work 2 16 hour shifts a week and have five days off. The days off are nice but the work days kick my butt. Anyhow I am finally getting my PB tweaked to where I am doing good. My daily supplements so far are 1 daily multivitamin. 1 vitamin c. 2 thyroid support capsules and 3 tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil in hot mint tea. I started taking the coconut ages ago due to having my gallbladder out 6 years ago and I was having problems that led me to believe i was undernourished cause people without gallbladders dont digest fat properly but can digest coconut oil because it doesnt require bile to digest. but it seemed to help in alot of other areas too. I believe i have a real low thyroid and the coconut oil seemed to boost my metabolism. my body temp went up and my skin started looking great and i had energy but when i started PB this time for some dumb reason decided to hold off on the coconut oil. I think this was a big mistake. My weight loss was slow and my depression and irritability returned and I started getting constipated. So now I am thankfully back in my right mind and taking coconut oil again and already feeling much better(started it back up yesterday). I feel like I am my own science expiriment on dieting lol!!