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    Hello everybody,

    I joined a couple of months ago and just couldn't stay on track due to the holidays and with tons of school work. But now I'm starting a journal which will hopefully help me stay on this diet and not cheat. I made many changes to my lifestyle because of this website and all the info Mark provides which is awesome.

    So some background info on me. I'm a 16 year old male weigh about 130 lbs 5'8. My goals are to bulk up a little, I need to put on some muscle. Also I would for this diet to help clear my skin, because it sucks have acne. Lastly I'm trying to live a pain stress free life, the last three years of my life has been brutal. I currently just had my third knee surgery, which will hopefully be my last. Arthritis and Lyme's disease ate away all my cartilage in my knee which is really painful.

    So for today I had:

    B: 2 eggs with peppers, mushrooms with 3 slices of bacon

    L: bison burger with slice of duck bacon, kale, turnip greens, and zucchini

    Snack: 3 hardboiled quail eggs

    D: pork chop with dark leafy salad greens

    As for exercise, I had Physical therapy for my knee. Which is mostly exercises for that one leg plus 10 minutes on the bike. Also I did 3 sets of 10 : Pushups, rows, overhead pushups, pullups and planks.

    That's pretty much it for today.

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    sup skillz? I too suffer form post knee surgery but all I had was my ACL. I am hoping that this whole healthy eating thing will clear some things up there. Hopefully it will for you too! (Sounds like you had had to overcome a lot with your knees!!) I am also super impressed that you are going primal at the age of 16. In my house, that would never have happened. Do you cook for yourself or are your parents supportive? My step mom believes I am crazy for eating how I eat but I am 23 and can do what I want! Good luck to you!

    "Become Your Dream" - De La Vega

    "“The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses - behind the lines, in the gym and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.” - Muhammad Ali


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      Thanks! Haha you can call me skillz. Yeah my last surgery involved replacing a fresh meniscus, cadever bone for cartilage and had to tear and repair my acl to get to all that. I'm hoping eating Primal will help everything heal a lot better. And I do most of the cooking for myself but my parents usually cook dinner. I converted my parents to the point that they will use coconut oil and butter to cook but they still eat grains. My mom thinks I will clog my arteries will al the fat lol.


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        Day 3

        B: 2 eggs with bison patties and asparagus

        L: beef burger with leafy greens, vegetable beef stew. It was Delicious!

        D: Curry Swai fish with turnip greens, peppers and asparagus

        Pt for hr and 1/2. Rode bike for a little. Also it was finally beautiful outside here, so I played with my dogs getting some vit D. I think the neighbors thought I was crazy playing on crutches. (:


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          Day 5

          B: 3 eggs with pork patties and turnip greens, also a cup of peppermint tea Supp ( Vitamin D 5000iu)

          L: london broil salad with spinach and sauteed mushrooms

          Didn't have dinner yet, probably some fish. I rode the bike for 10 minutes.
          3 x 10 pushups
          3x 5 pullups
          2 x 10 hanging leg raises
          2 x 30 sec plank
          3 x 5 overhead
          2 x10 row


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            Day 6

            B: steak with mushrooms and asparagus (Vit D 5000iu)

            L: huge ass salad with chicken and avocado

            D: 2 eggs over easy with 2 slices of duck bacon with spinach

            Walked around a lot on my crutches so I got a good arm workout(: I think I will ride the bike later. I go to the doctor april 7, I hope he says I can start walking but i doubt it.


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              Day 9

              B: Bison burger, fried egg with curried onions, zucchini and mushrooms (Vit D 5000iu)

              L: Rainbow trout with spinach

              3 x 10 pushups
              3 x 10 row
              3 x 6 pullup
              2 x 5 leg raises
              3 x 8 overhead
              3 x 30 plank
              Also rode the bike for 15 minutes.

              D: Thai braised beef with cauliflower rice

              S: some leftover coconut cream


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                Today I actually started the whole 30 program so I'm going to start over.

                Day 1

                B: 3 eggs with sausage and kale (Vit D 5000iu)

                L: Roast pork with carrots, sweet potato and swiss chard

                D: GF petite sirloin with swiss chard and artichokes

                S: Can of sardines

                No workout today, knee was killing me.


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                  Day 2

                  I hope this whole 30 is worth it, I'm starting to miss my butter lol. I also gotta catch up on my sleep, brother's were home for spring break so I stayed up late most nights. And my home tutor is coming so early But I can't complain staying home from school is great, less work and don't have to worry about bringing a primal lunch to school. So that's a plus but I can't wait to walk again, I'm sick of crutches. Enough of my ranting lol.

                  B: 2 eggs with 3 slices bacon and mixed curried veggies of kale, onion, zucchini and garlic

                  L: Can of tuna with avocado, onion, garlic and celery

                  S: Strawberry coconut smoothie

                  D: Monkfish with bok choy and brussel sprouts


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                    Day 4

                    Physical therapy was great today, my knee was able to bend past 120 degrees for the first time! This Whole 30 is much easier than I thought, I guess because I'm eating more fat I'm fuller.

                    B: Coconut milk smoothie(Coco milk, 100% cocoa powder, and half banana) Supp( Vit D 5000iu, 1g fish oil)

                    L: Beef/pork burger with 2 slices of bacon, can of herring, loads of broccoli, bok choy, onions, garlic and scallions

                    Worked out before late dinner. Besides riding the bike at pt today I did:
                    3 x 10 pushups
                    2 x 60s plank
                    3 x 8 pullup
                    3 x 6 overhead
                    2 x 10 row
                    2 x 10 leg raises

                    D: Fatty lamb chop with asparagus and lettuce, cup of bone broth


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                      Day 8

                      B: Threw about a lb of bison in a pot with coconut milk, curry, onion and kale. Cup of bone broth. Soooo good. (Vit D 5000iu)

                      S: 1 oz blueberries. Wasn't really hungry from that monster breakfast(:

                      D: Salmon with bok choy, broccoli over leafy salad greens. Bone broth, love this stuff!

                      Rode the bike today for 15 minutes on 3 resistance! I feel my muscle starting to come back. I go to the doctor tomorrow I can't wait. I'll post tomorrow with what he says.


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                        Day 11

                        S: Coconut milk smoothie(banana, 100% cocoa, coconut milk) with Vit D 5000iu

                        L: 3 sunny side up eggs with lamb, green beans, and spinach ( all fried in Grass Fed Tallow) oh and bone broth (:

                        D: Almond crusted pork cutlets with cauliflower pilaf and brussel sprouts, ooylong tea

                        I was so happy, the doctor told me I can put 25% of my weight with crutches when I walk. I'm almost there. Also my order of meat came in yesterday. I got over 30 lbs of marrow bones, suet(for my tallow), pork cutlets, ground beef, stew beef, and beef shanks all for 60$ but it came to 80$ for shipping. But still got a lot for only 3$ a lb. The site was Meadows Raised Meats from Sweet Grass Farm they have some good stuff. The only thing the didn't have was organ meats. I'll get those in a couple of week when my farmers market opens, can't wait!