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    In two months, May 17th, I will turn 34 years old – and on this day I will be marking the end of my 34-year battle with weight, once and for all.

    I am a 34 years old, I live with my partner (who reminds me daily why older men are better) and two daughters (that drive me crazy) ages 11 and 7- I work full time (for "the man"), attend University part time (for the eye candy) , and any time not taken up by family, work, and school is quickly filled by my commitment to my local community (including a campaign to change the school lunch system in my school district – shameless plug ☺ ).

    My entire family is obese. I’ve watched my mother struggle with her weight my entire life – I’ll never forget the leotards and leg warmers, my father severely obese and is currently suffering from the effects of heart disease and type 2 diabetes – and yes he has a hoveround, my brother is 6’6”, well over 300 pounds and suffers from alcoholism and depression, and my sister just had weight loss surgery after getting tired of the weight struggle (I’m a little jealous!).

    So yes, many people would say I have the deck stacked against me – little time to spare, and average income, and bad genes. But, as usual in my life, I disagree with conventional wisdom

    4 .5 years ago – at the height of my weight struggle – I weighed in at 275 pounds. I woke up one day and literally looked in the mirror and said, “Who the f*** are you?!?” After six years of losing my identity to my spouse and my children (no offense to spouses or children) I had enough. This was the beginning of my long, rocky, IED covered road to find my key to health and fitness.

    I quit my job (kind of), went back to school, ended the dead end marriage, and began the (single) life I was meant to lead. I made a promise to myself that I would break a cycle of obesity and depression in my family so that my daughters would not have to live the same struggles as I had.

    After two years I was working my dream job and had dropped down to 185 pounds using the conventional wisdom of “calories in, calories out”. But for the past two years I have struggled to continue progress and have managed to wiggle back in forth with 25 pounds or so and currently sit at 200 pounds.

    Let’s get one thing straight – I am by no means a fat and lazy person. Even at the weight I am at today I consider myself to be stronger, fitter, and healthier (even by primal standards) than 90% of the people I know! I can remember being the largest of my friends (wearing a size 12-14) in high school and at the same time was the most active and “healthy” out of the crew. And with the exception of the two years prior to the height of my weight struggle, I have always led a somewhat “healthful” life and have never understood why my weight was such a struggle for me – until the last year.

    Last year a friend suggested I read “7 Principles of Fat Burning” by Dr. Berg. This was my first exposure to the whole crazy idea of sugar, carbs, and processed foods creating a hormonal imbalance in your body that makes you fat. I found the documentaries like Food Inc., Killer at Large, Fat Head, Dive!, Food Matters, and others that exposed me to the food crisis in America. Then I was told about Gary Taubes – watching a video of him speaking to a group of obesity DOCTORS who did not know about these concepts. I promptly read Gary’s book, “Why We Get Fat”. My journey came full circle when I found the “Primal Blueprint” – a honest to goodness real life guide to applying these principles to your life.

    And here I am – armed and dangerous!

    Over the next two months I am committing to the following:

    1. I’m throwing away my scale – I am so sick of tracking my weight and being disappointed by my ups and downs, so I am getting rid of it. I will keep track of my progress through my measurements, my energy level, and my clothes.

    2. I am committing to my Primal Lifestyle – fitness and diet, tracking it here

    3. I am throwing out expectations of what I should be – woah! That’s a biggie! I’d rather find out where the PB can take me than have expectations of where it should take me.

    I’ve been practicing for a year – my cupboards have been free of processed foods for quite awhile, I already shop organic and grass fed etc. But now it is time to put all the aspects together and find out how fit I can be.

    Speaking of which - it's time to go LHT!
    I'll give my daily update later.

    Disclaimer: I have a horrible memory so it will be a challenge for me to remember to post every day!!!

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    Right on! You're gonna do great! You are going to feel so good when your body adapts to living primal. Your story so far is inspiring, thank you for sharing.
    The more I see the less I know for sure.
    -John Lennon


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      Originally posted by teelea View Post

      3. I am throwing out expectations of what I should be – woah! That’s a biggie! I’d rather find out where the PB can take me than have expectations of where it should take me.
      What a concept! best of luck looks like all you need is time..
      I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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        Did I follow the primal rules? Let's find out!

        1. Eat lots of animals and plants
        Breakfast: 2 eggs, red peppers, red onion, broccoli, mushroom and a sprinkle of feta cheese. Coffee with splash of whole milk
        Snack: handful of almonds
        Lunch: Leftover grass fed burger with homemade coleslaw, lettuce, onion
        Snack: coffee with splash of whole milk - walked to starbucks to get it!
        Dinner: huge Vietnamese salad - celery, radish, cucumbers, basil, onions, cilantro, fish sauce, lime, carrots (all raw)
        Snack: handful of almonds

        I even sliced up and started marinating my first batch of beef jerky between dinner and class.

        2. Move around a lot at a slow pace
        I did my hour hike yesterday, but I did walk home from class tonight - about a 20 minute walk

        3. Lift Heavy Things
        Today was my first time doing the 5 essentials!!! I spent Saturday skiing and had a run in with a hill and various parts of my body - so I had to take it a little easy...

        I managed 2 reps of:
        25 wall assisted squats
        20 elevated jack knife presses - I found these easy and will try step 2 next time
        90 seconds of forearm/knee plank (I thought I could manage 90 seconds of a full plank since I am an Ashtangi - but noooo!)
        45 seconds of hand/knee side planks
        10 2 leg assisted pull ups
        20 wall push ups

        We will see how I feel tomorrow

        4. Run Really fast once in awhile
        Hmm... maybe tomorrow. We will see how I feel after my LHT!

        5. Get Lots of Sleep
        This is my specialty. I do love my sleep - I'm already in bed.

        6. Play
        I didn't get to do the physical play I would like to due to my schedule - but I did skip cooking the lamb I had out for dinner and did an impromptu Vietnamese dinner with my kids instead!

        7. Get some sunlight every day
        Yes please! The sun came out for a nano second today - I was lucky enough to be outside when it did and even had to put on my shades.

        8. Avoid Trauma
        Although I am still feeling my trauma from my first experience skiing on Saturday, today I managed to avoid any new trauma. +1 for me.

        9. Avoid Poisonous Things

        10. Use your mind
        I solved problems at work, wrote my first journal, and took college level classes. My brain is overwhelmed


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          Good for you! I am inspired by you already. I cannot wait to see what you accomplish and I wish you all the luck in the world!

          "Become Your Dream" - De La Vega

          "“The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses - behind the lines, in the gym and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.” - Muhammad Ali


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            Grok on!!!
            Ancestral Health Info

            I design websites and blogs for a living. If you would like a blog or website designed by someone who understands Primal, see my web page.

            Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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              Thanks for the encouragement all - it is much appreciated

              So today I had to wake up via my alarm. I typically set it, but for a time that allows me to hopefully wake myself up first. Well - today it rang and my body was not appreciative. So, I laid in bed till my honey said my omelet was ready!

              Breakfast: 2 eggs, red pepper, mushroom, broccoli, red onion, little feta, and black coffee - so delicious

              I settled in and did some brain work - I love my job and it is challenging - so it counts! And then ate some almonds before hopping in the shower for a long one, including a nice shave. I know grokette didn't shave, but I think it follows the "look good naked" rule - and will assist in my play time later

              I put my marinating jerky in the dehydrator before walking to the office.

              The boss was buying lunch - pizza... so when he asked if I wanted some, I just happened to know that this particular place has a great greek salad and since I'm not one to pass up a free lunch, I replied, "no, but I'll have the large greek salad, thanks!" ya - I'm a pain in the arse, but I don't much care! Only draw back, I was so excited about my free lunch I forgot to ask to have them add chicken, but my salad was still delicious.

              I walked to school - moving slowly - had two classes, PSY and PHL, more brain time - and walked back home. It was even sunny out, so I took off my jacket and enjoyed the rays!

              Got home and saw that my jerky was done! YUMMM -

              so I snacked on it while I made my lamb and BFS - big f'ing salad. (A BFS can have a theme, I'm still in the mood for greek, so tonight it is a greek BFS. But many times BFS's are just whatever needs to be eaten or it will go bad, and I find those are the best BFS's)

              If you don't eat lamb, you are missing out. Lamb shanks and lamb steaks are incomparable - but ground lamb is cheap and easy. I buy ours from our farmers market for $2.50 lb. Just season it up and roll it into logs and throw it in the oven.

              We eat a lot of ethnic food and my sweetie makes great tzatziki. All it is is garlic, dried cucumber, dill, lemon juice, and greek yogurt.

              That's leftover oil and vinegar from lunch salad next to it

              Put it all together and - holler!!

              I did not injure myself today and my body is finally starting to feel like I am recuperating from my skiing accident!

              Anyway tonight is more brain work (aka homework) and then off for some play time ....
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                Today was a rest day - but I got lots of sun and a bit of walking in - plus I did a quick play session with my youngest daughter pre boxing class!

                Breakfast was the usual omlette
                Lunch was a BAS w chicken breast, boiled eggs and BACON! I used a tad of caesar dressing to dip my cucumbers in, but other than that I just used the artichoke hearts to flavor the salad.
                I had my first iced coffee with HWC - omg, omg. I will be having that again!
                I made a trip to the health food store for some ingredients needed to make butter chicken tomorrow night. We are having a guest over and I want to WOW them with my primalness.
                I got my favorite treat from the health food store - a spelt flour cookie made with succarat(sp?) oh ya baby. I only get one once a month or so and I love them.
                I also got my favorite nut to snack on - the raw pistachio. The little buggers aren't cheap - but I love sticking those little green nuts in my mouth and it IS St Pattys day
                Dinner was pad thai with no noodles - I use cabbage instead and it is a recipe so good I need to post it on the forums.
                I had a few more nuts before bed - and now I'm too tired to write more -
                Time for some primal rest!!

                I wish I would have pre-planned for some corned beef and cabbage - next year


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                  Originally posted by teelea View Post
                  Dinner was pad thai with no noodles - I use cabbage instead and it is a recipe so good I need to post it on the forums.
                  Please do!

                  And congrats on your mindset (most important thing, really). You seem well on your way!
                  August 2010: 207 lb, 37" waist, 25+% BF | Currently: 177 lb, 33" waist, ~15% BF

                  I have a new site up and will soon be blogging at The Wayward Mind. (My journal is semi-retired at this point)


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                    LOVE your attitude!! I will be following along in your journey. Good luck to you!!
                    Starting weight: 168 lbs
                    Current weight: 168 lbs
                    Goal weight: whatever makes me look strong and healthy!

                    Current goal: No More Muffin Top!!
                    a real pushup, a real pull-up, weekly sprints

                    Visit my journal:' Place for Primal Rantings...because everyone else thinks she's nuts


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                      Thank you muchly all - I'll try to add that recipe this week.
                      This whole lifestyle is pretty fun for me because it builds on the philosophy's I have found myself believing in over the past year.

                      Anyhoodles - my update

                      The weekends are busy for me, well busy is a bad description because every day is busy for me - the weekends are less scheduled and controlled which makes it difficult for me to make my PBJ posts. But no worries, I'm good at catch up!

                      Left over lamb and coleslaw for lunch
                      Butter Chicken for dinner

                      The butter chicken is worth mentioning. I started craving it after reading the Indian food thread on the forums - I had to make a couple of substitutions to keep it primal, the dinner was not only delicious - but impressive. Another recipe I will have to post!!
                      I don't think I had the time to do any exercising Friday - but it was a great day that I was EXHAUSTED at the end of and I learned to crochet from my dinner guest - so that should count for something!

                      I almost forgot - I had a scoop of sugar free ice cream from ben and jerrys. Def not primal, but a nice treat.


                      Saturdays are my favorite day of the week because it is foraging day. We buy most of our groceries at our local farmers market that is about 1.5 miles from the house. It is one of the bonuses of living in an urban area. Since the weather is finally starting to break, we walked with one of my daughters - dropping her at art classes on the way (and IN THE SUN!). But not before my morning omelet! I skipped the coffee today out of sheer forgetfulness and found myself thirsty for water - so I drank some.

                      Walked home and then had to head out to a great farming program for kids that I plan on volunteering for over the summer. We had an info session about sustainable practices. Good stuff.
                      I had no time for lunch so I snacked on nuts and beef jerky - some strawberries, veggie snacks, and even had an apple. This was throughout the day until dinner. I tend to try and stay away from fruit in general because of the fructose content and the fact that my body seems to have a hard time giving up its fat stores - but when I find myself in a hurry or in a social situation where my options are slim, I do eat it.

                      Dinner included a girls night at a friends house. You know you have good friends when you tell them your dietary needs and they conform Her hubby made chicken shish kabobs and I appreciated the effort. They also had a fruit tray setting out - so I enjoyed it. I also had two wonderful glasses of wine. Coppola #4 - yummy.

                      I'm feeling lazy this morning so I'm sitting in bed doing some catch up and loving it. When I decide to get up I will either sprint or LHT - whichever I feel more like doing. My bf and I like to be competitive, so I'm guessing the sprinting might be in order


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                        Today was an interesting day. I've been working hard to listen to my body and give up the guilt and today I had something interesting happen.

                        I had wanted to spend a lazy morning in bed and then get up and do a LHT or sprint - but my lazy morning in bed ran long (because of a little play time) so by the time I got up, I was starving and didn't have time for my workout plans. So, I had a huge omelet and decided to walk to my 1pm destination just in case I didn't get my workout plans in today. Sure enough, even after my walk home, I didn't have the time to fit it in. I was busy all day up till the honey's hockey game at 8pm.
                        We got to the rink a little early because he had to change and stretch, so the girls and I decided to walk around the rec center and have a look at some of the renovations they had been doing. When low and behold my kids started begging me to take them down to the running track and have a race - what fate. My KIDS wanted to do SPRINTS! So we went down and did some sprints - My 11 year old won every time

                        Anyhow it hit home about how this is all supposed to be fun and working out and living the good life shouldn't be stressful, in fact, if it is - it is counter productive!!

                        I haven't been sleeping that great the past week. I don't know if it is the time change or what - but I need to work on it. I do believe I'm eating too much dairy and need to cut it out except for the feta on my morning omelet's cause I <3 it and it makes me happy. Anyhow... I'm rambling.

                        The point I was trying to make is that I measured myself this week. The last time I measured was on the 3rd of March (cause remember I've been paleo for awhile now - this new challenge is just about giving up the scale and taking the time to track my goings on, especially w exercise) and since then I've remained the same in my hips, I've dropped .75in in my waist, and .25 in my upper arm - but here is the kicker, I've gone UP in my thigh and calf... weird.

                        But anyway - I took a joy ride on my scooter today. Skipped 2nd meal since we ate such a late breakfast, had a great walk, did some sprints, had Pho with no noodles for dinner (and extra veggies) plus some lemongrass pork kebab. I munched on a bit of 85% chocolate after dinner, and stopped to get custard for the kids and the bf after hockey - I ate none - with no feeling that I was missing out on anything.

                        Life is good.


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                          It is Monday - and this time change business has still not settled in. I'm still tired - and I had been feeling so good. Why does an hour make such a difference?! oy vey.

                          I had weird things happen to me today - like I couldn't finish my breakfast. Which was the usual omelet but with some local pork sausage with 0 fillers. BTW this type of sausage is kind of "white" because it doesn't have all the crap in it that store bought sausage has - kind of scary when you think about it...
                          Anyway - ya I couldn't finish. Then I wasn't hungry for lunch! But I ate some Indian leftovers around 1 because I was afraid I would get ravenous at school later in the day if I skipped lunch... I should have skipped it - because I got sleepy and took a 30 minute rest. During my rest it started to POUR outside, the rain woke me and it was a wonderful way to wake up.

                          Then I walked to school and back - made an awesome taco salad dinner (minus the taco for me) and settled in for some homework.

                          I take pictures of all of my food, but can't seem to figure out how to post the pictures on here...

                          I'm sore and need yoga - will do some poses before bed.

                          Nite all.


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                            My new recipe book came today and it looks like I was one of the 1000 lucky people to get an autographed copy - la ti mother effin da!
                            Thanks to Patrick - you get a picture!

                            Anyhow - today I lifted heavy things - the heavy thing being my rear.

                            2 sets each

                            20 wall push ups
                            10 double leg assisted pull up (ya I'm a sissy)
                            30 squats
                            10 jack knife push thingys (in the downward dog pose)
                            I made it through knee plank too easy - so I got to 60 seconds of full plank
                            Same thing with side plank, knee was too easy - so I moved to full and made it 20 secs

                            All my ashtanga practice paid off there i suppose.

                            I was completely not hungry today. I ate leftover breakfast from yesterday for breakfast, which was 1.5 sausage links and 3 bites of omelet.
                            Handful of nuts
                            Last of the left over indian food - not much left, but like I said - not hungry
                            Big ass iced coffee with HWC
                            Salad w cucumbers, onion, and nuts for dinner - simply for some veggies - still not hungry

                            It was a long day of work, school, and research. I aced an exam today - go me. I even did a little coding at work while I rocked out with Pandora on - always a good time.

                            Oh and I'm trying out this screen program, Flux, another member talked about in Patrick's journal. So far so good - screen is very yellowy tonight.

                            I am in serious need of some play time - who wants to play?
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                              Originally posted by teelea View Post
                              My new recipe book came today and it looks like I was one of the 1000 lucky people to get an autographed copy - la ti mother effin da!
                              I'd post a picture if anyone ever read my journal and told me how... just sayin'.
                              Cry moar, n00b!

                              Upload the picture to a photo sharing service like Flickr, Photobucket, imageshack, Picasaweb, etc. Once it's up there, right click it and "save image URL" and then paste it into a message body here using the "Insert Image" button.

                              Originally posted by teelea View Post
                              Oh and I'm trying out this screen program, Flux, another member talked about in Patrick's journal. So far so good - screen is very yellowy tonight.
                              Yeah, I gotta grab that tomorrow. I'm still at work, so I can't worry about it tonight.
                              August 2010: 207 lb, 37" waist, 25+% BF | Currently: 177 lb, 33" waist, ~15% BF

                              I have a new site up and will soon be blogging at The Wayward Mind. (My journal is semi-retired at this point)