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    Where to start. I have been doing the primal diet now for almost 2 weeks in my first week i lost a whole stone but i was told by my personal trainer that it was water retention. so i was happy but at same time a little bit down about the fact that it wasnt fat. Now im onto my second week. starting to find this diet alot easier to do now. i am wanting to do a new training workout but not sure what to do so i am scouring the internet to see if i can find one, but if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for me to do. i love the whole being able to eat as meat as i want i am in my element. but now i just need to get used to eating veg again. i have been a salad dodger most of my life. so takes some gettiong used to. started reading mark's book which i am enjoying as well. so any advise anyone has for me will be much appreciated thanks again. Big Dogg