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    First off, I want to apologize to the other Optimus Primal here on the forums. I did not know you had that username until I was already posting. (if anyone knows how I can change my username without losing my same posts, please let me know.)

    Anyways, I am 26 years old, 5 feet, 9 inches tall and currently weigh 208 pounds. I haven't done an accurate body fat measurement yet, but a quick tool I found online estimated I was at about 16% BF with 177 pounds of lean mass.

    I mapped out my primal blueprint last week, I have started incorporating the exercise regimen. I've been moving slowly, I took my baseline 5 essential movements, and I even did my first sprint workout on Friday!

    I have been trying to avoid carbs and have been doing an OK job (until this last weekend) and I figured keeping a daily journal of what I eat, and what exercises I do, will keep me honest.

    I live in the #6 fattest city in America, Kansas City, MO. so avoiding unhealthy foods if something I need to try extra hard to do.

    My baseline 5 essential movements are as follows:

    Pushups - 31
    Pullups - 7
    Squats - 75+
    Dive-bombers - 12
    Plank - 80 sec

    I am extremely looking forward to all the numbers going up!!!!
    I will post again tonight with baseline pictures and my food intake for the day.
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    OK, (real) day one

    B - 2 Oranges and Coffee

    S - Apple

    L - Steak & Mushrooms

    Activity - The 5 Essentials Workout

    D - Chicken Breast and Mushroom

    See baseline pics below:
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      OK so today was a little setback since last night I started feeling sick with a sore throat and my joints were hurting like I had a fever. I had to stay home from work today since I felt so bad, but I stuck to eating primal.

      B - Wasn't Hungry

      L - Turkey and Asparagus

      D - Chicken breast.

      Time to go to bed.


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        Yesterday's Journal

        B - coffee

        L - Shrimp Cocktail

        D - Chinese Buffet, UGH, but I didn't have any fried meat, noodles, crab rangoons, or anything else with grains associated with it.


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          Journals 3-17 through 3-20

          Thursday, St. Patty's day

          B- not hungry
          L- Grilled Turkey and Asparagus, mmm...
          Activity - My wife took me to urgent care for a severe cold
          D - Chicken Fajitas (without the tortillas) and a green light beer

          Friday 3-18
          B- Made Scrambled eggs, but they sucked, so I had an orange instead
          L- Fried chicken...UGH
          Activity - Still trying to get over my cold, so null
          D- T-bone and popcorn, and 3 light beers later on...

          Saturday 3-19
          B- Sausage, Egg and Cheese on whole wheat from panera with coffee of course
          L- 1/2 Lb Burger with grilled bacon and mushrooms, no bun : ) and a side of fresh fruit
          D - Fantastic Indian food, which by the way I had never had before. I got Indian style BBQ. 100% meat, lamb, chicken, shrimp and sausage.

          Sunday 3-20
          B- eggs and sausage
          L- Leftover Indian food
          D - Pork Steak and mixed veggies w/o corn, and a mushroom