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    Hi I'm lorez, Im from Bristol in England and I thought I would start a primal journal. I've been doing this for around 12 months with varying success depending on how distracted I get. I thought if I started this journal I might stay on track.

    Im 40 next month so this is a good reason to get focused. Ive been more active in the last 12 months than I have been probably for the majority of the previous 20 years. There is something about primal life that speaks to me on a level I understand. I get to do the stuff I really enjoy as well as eat all the things I love (ok, I have a soft spot for crisps and noodles). Things over the last 10 years have been used as excuses by myself to not get a grip of things but around 18months ago events in my life forced me to change my tack.

    I wont log details of every meal/workout but will monitor major events, new things tried and also put my thoughts about primal here.

    Currently Im doing the following exercise plan:

    Kettlebells Mon & Fri
    Body weight w/o Weds
    Sprints weekends

    I will try and do other things around these but these are my main focuses at the moment.

    Primary goals at the moment are to lose some more weight and increase my level of fitness. Once I get to my target weight I will then evaluate what I want to do. There are no big pressures at the moment other than keeping focused (that word again)

    Thanks for reading


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    Hi Lorez, I just started my journal today also! Hoping it will be a way to keep focused (your favourite word ). Feeling much the same - i.e. its time to stop making excuses and a few things are making me confront this. Good luck with everything!


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      Thanks Penny, I will take a look at your journal.

      Yesterday I had a session with a trainer to run over KB technique and make sure I wasn't doing anything to hurt myself or grooving bad habits so I now feel full of confidence and have ways to start introducing new lifts in to my twice weekly sessions.

      Food wise things are a combination of eggs, chicken, brocolli, salad, avacado, bacon and salsa. I've recently stopped IF'ing every day as I found I wasn't making any progress losing weight and introducing eggs for breakfast is helping me get back in to losing some timbre. I will IF about once or twice a week depending on circumstances.

      Another thing I have been trying is cold showers and ice packs. I'm working up to 5 minutes in the shower on cold and/or sitting in the evening of having an icepack on my shoulders for 30 minutes in the evening. its something I picked up from Tim Ferriss's 4hourbody book and I am experimenting with at the moment.

      I also took delivery of Robb Wolfe's book yesterday so will get around to reading it this week.


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        a weekend of illness decended on our household but at the moment I've managed to avoid it. things ticked over for me on a slower rate as I had to look after everyone but I managed to get in a session of KBs on Saturday and sprints yesterday. I found a place on the common close to where I live where the perimeter has marker posts every 100 meters so it means I can work my way around sprinting 100m walking 100m.

        Food wise its been very good also, mainly as my wife is trying this "low carb" thing to see how it goes for her. I do need to reserve some portion control I think as well. I made a great homemade chicken and veg soup on saturday for lunch and an amazing grass fed steak with brocolli and my sauce made with tomato, anchovy, chilli and garlic.

        I also managed to do 2 days of IF, I think that would be a good balance during the week but I will vary the days so that my body doesn't get used to anything.

        Weight wise I lost another pound but the main thing is that I can see some physical differences, even more so than when I was 7 pounds lighter towards the end of last year. I'm not sure why but I think it might be the change in my training recently, more focus on functional strength and less on weight training.

        I'm searching for stores that sell coconut flour, I was wondering whether I could just blitz some desicated coconut in the food processor to make it, similar to what I've done for almonds?


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          i'm feeling a little bit under the weather today, I just hope it isn't what has been going around the family this week. I hope I feel better before this evening as i have a session planned.

          I've managed to get a taster session next Wednesday with the local crossfit place. If all goes well I will probably make this a regular thing although I would like to find somewhere local that did pay as you go so that I can start squatting and deadlifting again.


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            My fears were right and the last couple of days weren't great so I skipped my planned sessions. I'll have to double the efforts next week as I'm away visiting family this weekend. I guess the crossfit will take care of some of the intensity though


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              Best of luck to you in your Primal endeavors! Also, if you start feeling any signs of sickness, I would recommend taking 10,000 iu of D3, 1-2g of vitamin C, and 30mg of zinc each day until you feel better. I've been doing this and haven't been sick in well over a year now.

              Hope it helps!