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    Hi there all!

    I'm Tess, 25 years old from Minnesota. I've debated about starting a journal for a while now. I'm a big blog-reading fan and love the idea of starting one, yet food creativity and beautiful pictures sound like more work than its worth for me.

    I've been a low-carber for a while, yet am still trying to find the best method that works for me. I cut out most grains about a month ago;gluten issues run in the family and I thought it might be beneficial. I'm not really a bread or pasta girl, but I LOVE oatmeal. I was starting to realize though that the eating of sweet things in the morning started the trend for wanting sweets all the time. I ate low-carb/primal, but definitely utilized stevia and protein powders and sweetened cottage cheese. Real food took a back seat to high-protein pseudo-food.

    So I've nixed the protein powders and stevi-fying everything and am sticking to real food. My diet actually isn't that high in protein, but moreso in fat. I find that I'm satisfied for much longer. I was actually craving oatmeal the other day, decided to 80/20 it...and found it to be 'meh'. I feel like I've really been making a shift. Yet there still seems to be some fine-tuning needed.

    So yeah, that's a bit about me and where I am at. My plans for this little journal is to keep me accountable and to interact with some like-minded folks. I work within an industry that definitely does not put health at the forefront so I sometimes feel like I'm on my own for support. So I guess, expect to see some food and work-out logs and I'll see where I go from there.

    3/11/11 Food log:

    B: 2 eggs cooked in coconut oil + 2 strips of bacon.

    L: coconut crusted chicken breast (new fav!) + 'stir-fry' of onions, mushrooms, cabbage and spinach topped with some drizzled truffle oil (it makes everything more delicious) + a serving of Baker's unsweetened chocolate + some almond butter.

    D: mushroom, onion, and manchego cheese omelet cooked in butta.

    Had 2 Makers Mark cocktails as well. I work in an alcohol-related industry so this is the norm for me. Truthfully, if I had to choose between crusty french bread or a glass of red wine, wine would win every time.

    Workout:Had a bit of a time crunch so 35 min on the stepmill starting with 20 min of intervals. 1 min of LL to 20-30 seconds level 12-13.

    Have a great day everyone!

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    Yesterday was perhaps a bit too much fun. I went out to a pretty amazing dinner and enjoyed libations more than I probably should have. Regardless though, I definitely don't do that stuff every day, or every week, etc so, moving on. It was kind of funny to wake up today craving eggs and bacon. Alas, one egg and no bacon. I'll have to get on that grocery shopping.

    B: flax n-oatmeal with coconut + egg + 1/2 slice ham + (my last strip) bacon + coffee with cream

    L: 2 eggs + 'stir-fried' mushrooms, onion, and cabbage in coconut oil.

    S: almonds

    D: a few pieces fritto misto + 1/2 size seafood pasta (pretty much left all the pasta, I wanted the lobster and crab) + side of braised brussel sprouts + a few bites of some amazing chocolate dessert. + drinks.

    I didn't plan to work out yesterday because I was just feeling whooped, but I picked up some energy at some point and went for 50 min LL cardio on stepper and bike.

    Now on to get some stuff done. I might opt for today being the rest day too.



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      What up Tess?! Welcome and congrats on starting a journal! I am on day 28 of my 30 day challenge and I feel great! I was also an oatmeal and all things carb lover so I know how that goes. I wish you the best of luck in your journey. Get em' girl!

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      "“The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses - behind the lines, in the gym and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.” - Muhammad Ali


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        @BecomeYourDream. Thanks for checking in! I was going through your journal last night and wow, congratulations! I've looked into Whole30 recently, but figured I would go crazy trying to cut out dairy and alcohol as well. Giving up artificial sweeteners was a big one for me. I also live with my boyfriend and he loves cheese; it gets incorporated to our dinners often. It's taken years but I finally learned about myself that if I attempt all-or-nothing, eventually I will have an 'Oh, F@#$ it' moment and go to the dark side.

        But back to your journal- really, really motivating. If you could handle the road trip thing, I can tighten things up on my end. Sometimes I wish I didn't work within an alcohol-related industry. I'm relatively tame; I get incredulous looks when I meet someone for lunch and I don't want a beer. Really? Well, I will definitely be checking in and following your journal. I hope you won't be done with it after the 30. Keept it up! 2 days and counting

        Ahhh, good morning folks! Or to myself, if no one reads this Yesterday I did opt for utter laziness, meaning rest day. I've been trying to 'listen to my body' more and though I wish I could go all-out, exercise 6 days a week, etc. I found that I can't. I burn out pretty quickly as evidenced over years of trying to push myself regardless and developing a hate for the gym. I've only recently started to repair that. I have a BF who can work out 1 1/2 hours every day and he never hits a wall; though that is pretty consistent with his personality. So though I wish I had super-cool crossfit workouts or was a machine in the gym, I'm not and won't be able to offer that stuff up here. Maybe one day... At least by keeping this journal though I'll keep better track of my workouts!

        Random, non-primal note, I got glasses yesterday. First pair after 25 years of not. My prescription isn't strong or anything but I have some serious eye strain if I have to work at a computer for long. Well, finally kinda used to them. Yesterday was trippy to say the least... "Why is the floor at a 45 degree angle?" "Why did everything get that much closer?" "And where the hell did that curb come from?" ***steps in a half frozen puddle***

        On to the food. Yesterday I didn't eat enough, which is strangely kind of a victory. I'll explain. I spent virtually the entire day at home, did the chores, cleaning, and attempted some guilt-free R&R (somewhat successful). But typically when I'm home like that, I snack. It's completely a boredom thing. Well, yesterday I did not. I ate when hungry though it wound up yielding a low-cal day.

        9:30 Breakfast- Fried egg (last one otherwise I always like 2) in bacon grease. Some ham with a side of 'stir-fried' onions, mushrooms,and cabbage.

        12:00 Snack- flax n-oatmeal with coconut, coconut milk, nut butter, and 1/2 scoop of protein powder-->it was too watery, needed to thicken.

        3:00 Lunch- Stir-fry of shrimp, broccoli, onions, and mushrooms, in coconut and sesame oils with tamari. Piece of Baker's chocolate with nut butter.

        8:30 Dinner- bacon and blue cheese stuffed pork chop with a spinach salad in warm-bacon dressing. Yum!

        9:00 Snack- The pork chop was a mini so I was still hungry. Had scoop of protein powder with nut butter and green tea.

        Macros: 55 F: 15 C: 30 P

        Mondays are a big day for me so time to get moving!


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          Hi Tess! Welcome!

          Sounds like you understand yourself well. Stevia, cheese, alcohol and protein powders are not terrible. Actually, all OK as a minor part of primal. But, yes, the more you can focus on core primal, the better.

          Good luck with primal!
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            Girlfriend, I feel you on the cheese! (Except its not my boyfriend who loves it...its me!) He actually hates cheese. As strong as I have been with the whole cheese thing, every time that I go to our local Co-Op I circle the fresh cheese island haha.

            I think thats good that you recognize your our limits in terms of the "all or nothin". Better to just maintain a healthy lifestyle than to bounce in and out of binging and being super strict!

            I could imagine that working in the alcohol industry would be tough in that respect! Pretty cool though at the same time haha. My family's a bunch of booze hounds (and I mean that in the mostly loving way), so whenever I go home its hard to say no! All in moderation...

            As for my journal, I will DEFINITELY keep going after. I am going to stick to it, just loosen up a bit. I may be setting myself up for failure since I have a special order of maple almond butter being delivered to my house on day 31...hahaha. Oops! But this journal has definitely held me accountable which I love, and its nice to look back at progress made. I will call day 31 and on -the "after party"! I am going to post a picture of my progress, unfortunately I don't have any starting photos! Oh well.

            Well you sound like you are doing great and I plan on following your progress too! Keep it up sista!
            -Hilary (thats my real name!)

            "Become Your Dream" - De La Vega

            "“The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses - behind the lines, in the gym and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.” - Muhammad Ali


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              @Hedonist- Thank you! Yep, it's taken me a while to figure things out. My biggest downfall was definitely the sweet tooth and protein powders gave me the perfect excuse to 'stay primal' while indulging it. The problem is that I began to sacrifice real meals because of it.

              @Hilary- So glad you will be keeping it up! And I love the 'after party'. I'll check-in to see what progress you made in the 30- exciting!

              So I've already puttered away about 2 1/2 hours, but for somewhat good reason. I bought and received last night a new laptop and I've been transferring documents and downloading softwares (explorer, no bueno). It's been fun, who doesn't like new toys? But re-organizing all of my saved Outlook emails, meh. I had, for the last few years, been using a netbook that I've really loved. It's so portable and has all the functionality of a full-size computer. But now that I've been doing more real work on my computer, I just got irritated with the mini-screen. I also apparently like to have about a million programs running at the same time so more POWER was necessary. My desk does look funny for the moment though- I have my new laptop, my netbook, and my full-size screen that I hook my netbook up to when I am home. Below is an awesome pic of that. I'm badass

              Yesterday was a hungry day. Even after my gargantuan dinner I was still ready to graze...on everything (but didn't).

              Breakfast @9- Three strips of bacon (they were tiny!) with 2 fried eggs in bacon grease. Cup of decaf iced coffee with cream.

              Lunch @12- Snacked on a red bell pepper with cream cheese while lunch was cooking. Opted for another coconut-crusted chicken breast. With a stir-fry/salad on the side- shrooms, onions, cabbage and spinach. Baker's chocolate topped with some almond butter.

              1:00- Iced coffee with half and half

              Snack @6:15- 10 almonds- so hungry

              Dinner @7:15- grass-fed burger on a mock bun (coconut flour and egg) with blue cheese, onions and mushrooms. Spinach salad with lemon vinaigrette. And blueberries with cream and topped with coconut and cocoa nibs.

              Kcal: 1596
              Macros: 62 F: 12 C: 26 P

              Workout @9-

              Wide-grip lat pull- 3x12 @60lb
              Walking lunges- 3x20/16/16 @20lb

              Hack Squat- 3x15 @50lb
              Push Press- 3x8 @ 40lb

              Chest Press on machine- 3x8 @30 lb <---I think there was something wrong with the machine. It was a pain to lift; it kept getting stuck.
              Seated leg curl- 3x10 @60lb

              Seated low row- 3x12 @ 55lb

              Bicep curl on machine- 3x8 @30lb
              Tricep pushdown on machine- 3x10 @I can't remember-whoops!

              20 minutes on bike.

              Truthfully, I lost steam about halfway through. I'm trying to find a program I like. My gym isn't in the best neighborhood so lifting with all the 'guys' is not my fav.

              Off to have a snack; the hungries carried over from yesterday. Have a good one! Finally some beautiful weather here.
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                Interesting - my experience with "all or nothing" is strikingly similar - it took me years to just accept that that wasn't going to work for me. For me, I'd make some sort of commitment like a Whole30, slip up (usually in a social situation), and use the "cheat" as an excuse to just binge. Only recently have I successfully embraced 80/20 - I don't "plan" the 20, but I don't beat myself up anymore when it happens. Oddly enough, the result is more of a 90/10.

                Enjoy that nice weather!!


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                  I love your computer family haha- quite the get up! I also like your work out! I'm excited to see what other work outs you do. I am always lookin for new ideas! I didn't end up having my wine tonight, but I did indulge in some chocolate and carrot cake Glad you are getting some good weather, we are expecting some in a few days! 70 and sunny! Cheers.

                  "Become Your Dream" - De La Vega

                  "“The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses - behind the lines, in the gym and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.” - Muhammad Ali


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                    Alrighty, I think I'm going to try updating this thing at night versus the morning. It seems a good way to wind down whereas the mornings I really need to get-up-and-go, and I can get stuck at the computer. So yesterday and today...yesterday not so good, today better.

                    Yesterday started out with the best intentions. Good food, good meals. And then, the hunger hit which, coupled with a healthy dose of stress and appeasement = slippery slope. Long story short, I just was out away from good snacks too long and got too hungry. Sometimes I can do it with no problem, sometimes I can't. So when my bf asked me to pick him up a cookie, I did (I'm a great gf after all. I did of course sample the cookie. All was well and I moved on. I ravenously hoovered my dinner though which was unsatisying. And then the appeasement- bf decides he wants to try his first-ever homemade pizza, dough included. Well I must have a piece to show my love. Sweet dough, sweet sauce, left me wanting more sweet. Lucky for me, I just bought a new bottle of peach vodka, which happens to be quite sweet. And all three drinks were mighty tasty, and unnecessary. Oh well, moving on. Only proud revelation was when I opted to stop because I'd had 'enough', yet still wanted one more.

                    It's kind of funny too when you're in the moment and going, "Well, damn it, I'm going to have to post this now." So here ya go:


                    Breakfast @ 8:15- flax n-oatmeal topped with a coconut flour cream, bacon, and decaf iced coffee with cream.

                    Lunch @ 11:20- Had to run out the door so had a whey smoothie with nut butter and some ham.

                    Dinner @ 7:00- 1/4 chocolate chip cookie, some cheese (so hungry!) followed by dinner. Eggs, chicken sausage with broccoli and kimchee (weird, I know).

                    Slippery slope @ 8:00- Slice of pepperoni pizza followed by a piece of Bakers chocolate and saucing it up (3 peach vodka, rocks). I feel like I'm forgetting something too. The vodka has been moved to the basement bar. Out of sight, out of mind. And I hate going down there, it's chilly!

                    Okay, going to keep this short-ish. Today, a better day but again, went out to do some work and waited too long between meals. I've also had to run out the door and went with protein powder which doesn't seem to stick with me. Simply ate too much at dinner as a result. It was today that I had my 'oh maybe I should bring a snack' revelation after linking the results of both days.


                    Breakfast @ 9- Fried eggs, bacon, and some avocado (finally ripe!) Decaf iced coffee with cream and a piece of Baker's chocolate.

                    Lunch @ 12:00- whey smoothie with nut butter and coconut.

                    4:00- Iced coffee with half and half

                    Dinner @7:30- 1/4 avocado when making dinner (hungry!) Shrimp and chicken sausage with a cream sauce and asparagus. This sounds weird but was unbelievably delicious. I was actually making a shrimp and sausage pasta for my bf, just left the pasta component out of mine. And I really do have to toot my own horn here on the cream sauce; I've become a master

                    Kcal: 1583
                    Macros: 60 F: 11 C: 29 P

                    I think I'll leave it at that. Have a lovely night all!


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                      You rebounded so well from a slice of pizza and a few drinks! I would have eaten the whole pizza haha. I am also envious of your ability to have a little chocolate and leave it at that! Although I may be able to do that if I just leave the almond butter out of the has powers over me! Keep it up!

                      "Become Your Dream" - De La Vega

                      "“The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses - behind the lines, in the gym and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.” - Muhammad Ali


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                        Thank you! But don't give me too much credit on the pizza, I am a pizza snob and it just wasn't that good I didn't tell him that though.

                        When it comes to chocolate, I can easily inhale it if there's too much sugar in it. I've noticed that when it comes to too much fruit as well. The chocolate I regularly eat is Baker's Unsweetened chocolate squares, as in no sugar. Initially it was way too bitter, but now I'm very used to it. It's something I enjoy but doesn't set off that 'must have more' reaction.

                        I read your update too. Food hangovers are the worst; I'm grateful it's been a while for this girl. I do think this may be a better mentality for you. Challenges can be so ?fun? (I love challenges so I think they're fun), they just don't set you up well for the after-challenge.

                        I know I need to be a bit more consistent in my habits but for the purposes of knowing what works, and what doesn't. I've noticed that no matter what I've done, the scale just doesn't want to budge, and I so wish I had the energy that you do. I'm wondering if my setbacks, though not big, are still what's keeping me from making any progress. I'm almost wanting to start myself on a consistency challenge just to see. Damn it, there I go again. Silly competitive streak.


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                          Haha. I LOVE the competitive streak! Yeah, you are so right about challenges. It is great while it lasts, but so hard to figure out what to do after feel so free and thats not always a good thing haha. The worst is after a sugar/carb binge, even when I feel like shit, I still crave more! But today was good, and I am going to bed soon to make sure no late night cravings get the best of me! As for the pizza, I hate wasting an "eat" on something that doesn't stack up to what you had hoped! I'll have to check out these baker's unsweetened though. Cheers!
                          MY "GET AWESOMELY FIT AND HEALTHY" JOURNAL!

                          "Become Your Dream" - De La Vega

                          "“The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses - behind the lines, in the gym and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.” - Muhammad Ali


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                            Ola folks,

                            I'm not gonna lie, I'm just not feeling it today so I think this'll be a quick one and I'm off to bed. Overall did pretty well on the food. Dinner was a strange combo but it was what I was craving so I just went for it.

                            Breakfast @9- N-oatmeal with a coconut flour cream. Decaf iced coffee with cream. And I snacked on 1/4 avocado. It's just been so long since I've had them and forgot how tasty they are with just a sprinkle of salt.

                            Lunch @12- Went with another smoothie as I ran out the door. Lesson only kind of learned. Had almond butter with it and some more avocado.

                            Snack @4- I did remember a snack and took almonds with me. Had an iced coffee with half and half.

                            Dinner @ 6:30- I was seriously lacking in the veggie department so I was craving some (a ton, really) of stir-fried mushrooms, onions and broccoli with coconut oil and soy sauce. And paired with this lovely side was...scrambled eggs topped with cheddar and some more avocado. What is additionally strange about eggs and stir-fry is that I don't even really like scrambled eggs. I LOVE fried eggs. Scrambled, in an omelet, etc, not so much. They were tasty this time though.

                            And after that, an evening of just My new computer, so slow! It has other mini-issues that I'm unsure of are normal. I've had my netbook so long and have loved it for it's purposes so I don't know if this new one is normal or buggy. But I'm not loving it. Also not loving...the glasses. My prescription just doesn't seem right, like it's too strong. But I've never had glasses before so I'm just not sure. I was really excited too but now my focus is even more off. My 2 big expenditures this month and I'm just disappointed. I'm going to end on a grouchy, 'Hmph!' and hopefully wake up with all the answers tomorrow...some of the answers tomorrow...maybe just looking forward to breakfast. I guess I'll take it.