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    Post one

    Well its been a week now 100% was not prepaired for the fog, the crashes and just the whole way your brain/body shuts down.

    Good points.
    NO cravings for carbs at all....
    Not to much hunger.

    Had solid 6 hors sleep then two extra for being a good boy.
    Breakfast at 8 was.

    3 eggs omlette with some of last nights leftover roast veg and 3 rashers bacon.
    Protein drink.
    Ususal 3g fish oil and MultiVits.

    Train medium circuits for 60mins today.....
    Bit worried about tonights supprise party....I hear the Vodka calling

    Anyway....see what the next week brings.

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    Welcome to this awesome site.

    I'm new too. Been primal for about a month now. Was inspired by Dave's story.

    The Unconquerable Dave | Mark's Daily Apple


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      Amazing story.....mine has run along the same lines....just wish I'd known PB four years ago @=)


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        Mixed Balti and lots about buzzing......
        Dont want brekie not hungry its 9:30.....lets see how it goes.....


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          For the first time in a long long time, I got to fry bacon in dripping (chicken)...OMG how nice was that :-)

          Feeling better today.....crashed hard this morning....Almonds sorted that.

          Chicken roast no spuds for dinner made training easy......settled at sub 2000 cals 70-100g Carb...


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            Feeling a lot more comfortable end this week......a lot less Carb flu.
            Need to find an alterantive to B&E for the routine, just getting fed up of eating them :-)
            Found local butchers, got some nice local home cured bacon....big difference in taste...loved but man its expensive.

            Need to stop watching the scales.....Hydration makes them swing like I don't know what...
            Still staying sub 70g Carb no problem....bit concerned about Protein levels being to high though......give it a month (another two weeks) and see what I need to adjust.


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              Yesterday was a partial IF day......quite interesting, no hunger to speak of....had usual 30g protein, mutlvit and 3g fish oil early morning......not too bad.
              Finished the day with veg ommelette (SP-) two sausages and a big slab of ham.

              For last 14 days
              Fat is about 52%
              Carbs 18%
              Protein 30%

              So pretty happy with that...
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                Carb crave last night...not sure why.....yuk......had to admit hated the effects...not just feeling 'guilty' but grumbly guts......nausia etc.


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                  Another solid week completed....starting to feel good now....brain is actulay working again....still a little foggy sometimes.
                  Able to train at nearly same levels as before but when you run out....IT IS LIKE A BRICKWALL!!

                  Averaging sub 2000 cals a day still about 70g Carbs daily....
                  Scales are showing improvement but the biggest indicator is definitly clothes.
                  Starting to put on muscle as am incable of sustained cardio....all good stuff....

                  On a health front -interOrgan fat deposits seems to have fallen......feeling much better.

                  Onwards and upwards.


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                    Week 5 (I think).
                    Brain is quite slow at times, some memory issues, think its Ketosis as carbs are usualy very low.
                    Always had oily its very dry, may have to use 'stuff' on it lol.
                    Bowel movements are slow but daily, I do drink a lot of water but am wondering if I store less....causing slow movements.
                    Hate the way my mouth tastes, again pointing to Ketosis.

                    Had cold (man flu) last 10 days....carb crazed doesnt come close!!
                    Have finaly decided that the cronic cardio has to go....maily because I just don't have the Glycogen to last for more than an hour (see PB book).

                    Seem to have settled into a pattern of eating twice a ill effects and suits my job as I travel a lot.
                    Its going to cost me a fortune in replacement clothes this summer

                    Strugling to find real supplies round where I live at a sustainable price
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                      Spring is here.
                      Walked the Wrekin (local hill) about 8am......Sun was up burning the haze from across the plains of Shropshire....
                      Found a handful of young Lime tree leaves, just chilled in the sun munching.....guess it doesnt get any more Primal than thal


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                        So interesting week this a conference in Galway.......the challenge how Primal can i stay given free alcohol, biscuits (cookies) and three chances to eat a day.

                        Well last night was ok...nice bit of Lamb and veg.....although I had to ask for three times as much veg as they sent and had to get more butter lol.

                        Eggs, bacon for breakfast....nice fresh too.....