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    Well my energy is coming back after cutting down on all things sugary. Also....I BROKE MY PLATEAU! Yay! I'm down to 120.8 and 20.5%BF based on the scale. I couldn't believe it this morning. I knew I felt skinnier!

    I really think the sprinting helped. I've been doing it every other day, 4-5 sprints per walk.

    Yesterdays meals were egg and one applegate farms chicken sausage, salmon salad with bacon/tomatoes/red wine vinegar/olive oil for lunch with a bite or two of chocolate peanut butter coconut bark afterwards hehe, and dinner was calamari in tomato sauce followed by more coconut bark. Bad I know. I need to cut it back out. So hard, though. I've been really hungry this week. I know why. A visitor is due soon. Makes my sweet tooth go nuts.

    I was thinking about IFing this morning cause I wasn't too hungry upon waking. However, now the stomach is grumbling, and I feel if I don't eat it could spell disaster later on.