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40 Day Fat Tuesday Paleo Challenge

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  • 40 Day Fat Tuesday Paleo Challenge

    Hello! New to the forum, long time reader, first time poster.

    Although not a very practicing Catholic, I thought the start of Lent/Fat Tuesday would be a good tracking point for a Paleo Challenge. I have already been following a modified Paleo (very low dairy, no gluten, lots of fruits and veggies) for about 6 months and have good results so far. However, I have been having too much sugar lately, and IBS symptoms that have been around for the past 5 years are back with a vengeance and I know diet can help. Also looking to improve skin, hair, water retention, and lose 5-10 lbs/drop a size in jeans and gain muscle. I'm an active female, twenties, but IBS holds me back from a lot of things.

    So, rules are:
    1. No grains, sugar, dairy (except organic butter for cooking), nightshades, soy, legumes (including corn, beans, peas, etc), processed foods
    2. Minimal fruit, nuts/nut butters, eggs, heavy cream, alcohol, coconut as dairy alternative, processed paleo friendly food (minimal as in hopefully none, but these are my fall backs due to traveling for work a lot and not being in control of my own meals.)
    3. Small meals to help control bloating, water throughout the day, 7-9 hours of sleep a night, magnesium supplements, daily exercise.
    4. Daily posting of meals to track progress.

    Tough, for sure, but I've given up gluten and haven't looked back, so I'm up for the challenge. After 40 days I plan to move to a more modified paleo/primal plan if this is too restrictive long term. I know there are a few days (meetings, etc.) that I will have to modify, so hopefully being strict the rest of the time will make up for it. Wish me luck, join if you'd like!
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    good luck! i'm slowly but surely on my way to eliminating dairy but not just yet LOL looking forward to your progress/results!
    live mindfully.
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      Hey! I'm also practicing Lent this year for the first time. I am giving up all sugars and sweeteners (including fruit) for the 40 days. Keep us posted on how you're going!



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        Thanks for the well wishes!

        Day 1 down. Boy I miss fruit.

        Breakfast: Coffee (late dinner the night before, still full)
        Lunch: Salad with ahi tuna and olive oil vinegarette
        Dinner: Salmon with horseradish, cauliflower.
        Snack: Mixed nuts

        Stomach wise, I feel better not snacking throughout the day, and I'm a little less bloated, but my digestion still seems to be really slow. I have plenty of fat in my diet, so I may need to look into sources of insoluble fiber as opposed to the soluble I always have. I noticed when I ate gluten free baked goods this happened, and those mostly soluble ingredients tend to gum everything up. Any suggestions or experience with this?

        I also changed my goals to nuts or nut butters once/day. They don't seem to bother me, I would just get lazy and eat them for my protein source too often

        39 to go!


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          Between fat, magnesium, and salads, I wouldn't think you need to worry about "slow digestion". Eating paleo/primal doesn't produce the mass of solid waste that grains and fiber do, so it's just different. You should get plenty of fiber from your vegetables. Although... I don't see a lot of fat in what you're eating so far. People around here eat it by the spoonful -- which I would recommend over snacking on nuts. Also, not sure why you're minimizing coconut?

          I'm also doing DONN (Days of No Nonsense) over Lent - I already eat really clean but don't exercise enough. Besides move slowly often (and the five essential movements), extra attention over Lent is no alcohol and no getting on the scale (except 22 March for a pre-scheduled weigh-in). I also travel and do conferences a lot for work, and find IFing extremely useful, not to mention sardines, homemade jerky, and eggs when I have a microwave.

          Good luck!
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