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    Hello Cyber World!

    I've been feeling so down and out lately! I realized today just how low my life has become, and I want to change. I am going to take ownership, and do what is right for ME. Thankfully I have action steps! I can try to be grateful for the fact that I do have things to change, that there are reasons for this current low. It would be harder if I were living a perfect lifestyle, and still feel this way! At least now, I have things to change, and hopefully, progress to make.

    What I struggle with, is how to get past the first few days/weeks. I don't like where I am right now, weight wise, habit wise, and appearance wise. I need to remind myself to stick with it, and wait for the results, because I know they will come. I need some faith!

    My Goals with Primal:
    1. Gain confidence
    2. Stop obsessing about what others think about my appearance
    3. Lose 5-10 pounds of fat, get down to my ideal weight of 113-115 pounds
    4. Do fun exercise that is fun and varied
    5. Live, laugh, love
    6. Be open to new experiences
    7. Try to get through the first 30 days

    I really really want this. Any good advice to get over the hump of the first few days/week? Or even first 24 hours?

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    Oh! A little extra. I thought of what might help me through these first few days of low self esteem and confidence, the first few days after ending my less healthy less vibrant life filled ways. Some things I am excited about! I realized that the reason I binge sometimes and don't eat super healthy and tend to hate my exercise routine and be unhappy is because I don't love what I do! And it's not because I don't have the ability to love, it is because I am doing the wrong things, not the things that bring me joy and happiness!

    Excited about:
    • Trying running barefoot
    • 1/2 marathon on the 20th
    • Primal living
    • Being home for spring
    • Flirting with a new friend
    • Cultivating a dawn wake up habit
    • Seeing my dad in one month!
    • Idea of having been primal that whole month
    • Losing my binge-ing habits

    Oh and two questions:
    When did you all start seeing/feeling results in your body/mind/life?
    Tips for getting past hard starting point?
    Do you all make a meal plan and stick to it?
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      Welcome AnnaMae!

      It's usually the first 3 days that are the hardest. Primal can be fun and easy if you enjoy all the foods you can eat, like bacon, butter (if you can do dairy), tasty meat.
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