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  • Cateydid does again.

    Hi, all. This journal is my attempt to stay accountable as I lose the 20lbs I have regained from stress-eating (and let's just say I am not at the point where I stress-eat primal foods lol). This time, they are staying off for good, so I know I've got to crack down again.

    - To lose 10 lbs by 30 April
    - To shed the next 10 over the course of the summer, by September
    - To fit into my clothes ASAP!

    My Rules:
    - Stay within my daily calorie allotment, using SparkPeople.
    - Learn to cope with stress in healthy ways. <-- Anyone got any suggestions for this one?
    - No added or refined sugars, no grains.
    - Cutting back on fruit (max 2x per day) and dairy (only 3 times a week, I'm thinking).
    - Only 1 serving of nuts or nut butters per day.
    - Running at least 3x per week, M-W-F/Sat (it makes me happy).
    - Full-body weights 2x per week, Th-Sun.

    - Peanuts and peanut butter can go towards my daily nuts/nut butter allowance. I love these too much to live without them!
    - Once summer rolls around, I think I'll enjoy an ear of fresh corn every once in awhile.

    So, with these in view, this is my day today!
    Breakfast: 2 eggs, 50g spinach, 143g strawberries, tsp olive oil
    Snack, post-WO: Nonfat Greek yogurt (last tub, it's gotta go somehow!) with an apple for carbs
    Lunch: sardines in olive oil, steamed broccoli, carrots
    Dinner: chicken breast with garlic/rosemary/olive oil, steamed asparagus, 1 square unsweetened chocolate.
    Workout: Easy 3 mile run, 4 mile walk.

    This reminds me, I have no bacon in the house. This must be remedied.
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