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    Hi, I'm Lucelu. I'm 45, female, live in the Northeast. I am married and have an 18 y/o son and one cat. I'd like to warn you, this post is long.

    My high weight at 205/210 (I often fluctuated up to 5lbs w/in 24 hours) last November. I started eating more CW diet healthfully, exercised and lost 10/15 lbs to 195 and hung there for a while. About three weeks ago my dh returned from TN and we both ate the slow carb diet popularized by Tim Ferris in 4 Hour Body (he is an electrician and often has to travel to work--his last travel job caused him to be in TN for 6 months). My husband had been eating slow carb since January. I should explain that last August he was very overweight and out of shape. He started running and using the for his diet guidelines and has reduced 90 lbs and is now marathon training. He feels much more healthy and energetic.

    I however, according to my BMI continue to be morbidly obese (I am 5'4"). I have found it more difficult to stick to a diet because of food cravings and always feeling hungry. I have also found it difficult as I would get inflammation to my hip, plantar fascitis, to my shoulder--tendonitis and knees-- it would travel. So I was not compliant with my diet nor exercise program. I also had trouble getting enough sleep-- when I had the discipline to get to bed at around 10-11, I couldn't sleep; in the morning I was very groggy, would eat breakfast (oatmeal) and then want to go back to sleep --pretty much drag myself around and struggle to maintain my daily activities. My digestion was also unpredictable and at times, very uncomfortable. You can see why it was hard to get myself to workout-- who wants to work out when they are in pain, feel lethargic and have brain fog?

    So we started this diet, the slow carb and I was initially having a hard time keeping to it the first couple days but gradually felt better and more energetic. One day I realized I was not in pain and I did not have a food craving. I also realized my stomach did not bother me. I started up exercising more regularly. I looked up some menus for the 4HB so it would not be as monotonous as my husband was making it. One of them was really good and had Mark's Daily Apple as the source. So I clicked the link and entered Wonderland.

    I lurked like a fiend. I bought the book at the bookstore. Finally I signed up for the free ebooks/email blog subscription. I like everything about this plan.

    Today my favorite thing is-- I don't feel compelled that I have to eat breakfast everyday. I wait until I'm hungry now, and I eat eggs. In fact, I don't need to worry about figuring how to eat 6-8 times a day which always boggled my mind. I guess people who have an office job with a refrigerator can do this but what about the rest of us? Sometimes I like to just have a big meal and then nothing for a really long time.

    Tomorrow it might be something different.

    Cooking in a mixed household....
    My dh decided to go back on a Spark type carb filled diet. He was hitting a wall with the 4HB possibly d/t not enough calories. He runs about 50 miles a week. I have mentioned the Primal Blueprint to him but he thinks I am just making things more complicated and that is why I don't succeed. Although he has done the Zone and Atkins in the past, he believes he needs more carbs for his energy needs. I believe he is closed to new information from me, perhaps because he has been successful in his own program. He is not interested in reading the PB or website. He also is very busy spending a great deal of time running around (training) after work so has little time or energy. I don't have to ride a speeding train to know to avoid stepping in front of them.

    I think people should do what works for them. This is what is working for me so I am sticking to it.

    So I am preparing 2 different eating approaches in my household. Our 18 year old eats when is hungry-- he is tall, thin, active (not athletic type)-- he doesn't overeat. Since we eat pretty healthily--grassfed meats, organic or local veggies and fruit, nuts, -- it is easy to put together. I just make them a big pot of grains and beans for the week and add them to their dinner. DS doesn't really like beans but will eat them in chili. I have given up beans this weekend since starting PB.

    So, back to me.....
    My Health Goals: They may be pipe dreams, but they are my dreams:

    Body Morphing Goals: Weight loss 60lb; Bust 36, Waist 30, Hips 38; Pattern size 14; Retail size 8.

    Endurance Goals Hike the Appalachian Trail, Ride my bike everywhere (to work and back), Keep up with my husband running for 2 miles.

    Strength Goals Complete Level IV on the Essential Movements/Strength from the PB Fitness Guide. (Currently there for squats).

    Everything Else Rate my energy levels consistently on 8/10 or higher, Weekly screen/cell fasts, Seasonal food fasts, Yoga/meditation practice for stress/anxiety relief, No more cravings, No more brain fog, Life without traveling inflammation. Looser neck/shoulder muscles (bring those shoulders down...), Adequate refreshing sleep. No more acne.

    I'll put my current stats on the next journal entry.
    March Onward! Lucelu
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    Current status: Luckily my friend was over last week and measured me for a computerized dressmaking program I use. Here goes:
    Bust: 44.25"
    Natural Waist 41.5
    Hip circumference: 47
    Last weight: 192, Height 5'4"

    Fitness Plan: I use a combination of fitness dvd's and gym work at least until we are snow and ice free. Then I plan to replace some of that with outside work.

    I have a series of dvds that use functional fitness movements in cardio/sculpt, sculpt, cardio, and stretch modes created and led by Tracie Long-- the Longevity series and Focus series. I also use Leslie Sansone's walk videos to get in an extra mile here or there or sometimes a 5 mile walk. I got the gym and use audio workouts called Cardio Coach for bike or running sprints intervals and Podrunner for running a 5K (Hope to run a 5K in April). I also use the gym for their pull up machine in which I use the weight as a counterweight as I gain the strength to do pull ups and chin ups. It is also handy to work my triceps as french presses are difficult for me. I have very stiff shoulder/neck muscles and a limited ROM there. While there I do the rest of the 5 essential movements. My gym is very close so I walk there and back.

    Where I am on 5EM:
    Pushups: Level 2--12 (30)
    Pullups: Level 1 --6/190# (20)
    Squat: Level 5 --30 (30) (ready to learn Bulgarian squats which seem like reverse high box leg presses)
    Overhead Press: Level 2 -- 5 (15)
    Plank: Level 1 60s (90s)

    My trouble with the plank is arm strength. I also have to grab a trainer at the gym to make sure my form is correct for the hand/knee side plank-- It feels funny.

    The running: I am up to Week 6/Mix 3 on the Podrunner, 3 more weeks to go to complete the "9 weeks to 5K" although I do tend to stretch the weeks out.

    DVD's--I work my way through the series. The Focus are 30 min long and the Longevity are 45-60 min I think. I alternate them or sometimes do just the Focus. I don't do them on weekends. The walk dvd are for days like today or sometimes at night if I feel like I have been sitting too long. Since the focus dvds are chaptered in 3 sections, I can do a 10 min segment at time if I wish. The Longevity ones are chaptered too.

    We received about 2 feet of snow in the last 24 hours so I will probably shovel today.
    March Onward! Lucelu
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      Today I had bacon and eggs and ate a banana. Later --about 1 I ate a green apple and some almonds. I don't know why I am eating so much fruit. I normally don't hardly ever eat fruit. I think I will have to cut back again.

      This must be why I am so burpy and belchy (I hardly ever am that lately either).

      My exercise today-- I did 30 minute dvd --Tracy Long's Focus #2, Kick Back. It had lots of kicks and punches in it--great for aggressive/stress release. Also lots o' squats, pushups and lungey stuff. I had to modify the pushups down to the knee-up. She was lifting legs and doing all kinds of slower count holds. All I could do were my knee pushups.... but I did the slow counts too. When I first started doing these tapes, I did not use weights as I am/was in horrible shape and wanted to have my form correct etc. Then I went up to 3lb weights. Today I went up to 5! That may not seem like alot, but the weights are used quite a bit for 4 limb.

      I was going to ride my bike.. Holy Shite it is cold out. Forget the bike ride. So I loaded some boxes my husband packed up of old clothes that don't fit him anymore and put them in the car.

      I sewed up my fitting sheath based on the measurements I got last week with my friend measuring. It looks really good so I think I will make a blouse today. If you every want to sew anything, please have someone help you do your measurements! It is worth it.

      One thing I want to mention is hunger. I have got to be one of the most hungry people I ever knew. When I am hungry, I am practically in a panic and I have always had a really healthy appetite (too good). I have worked with cancer patients who have no appetite and it is harder to gin one up and gain weight when you aren't hungry than to not eat when you are. I have often thought if only I could bottle the "no appetite" ability-- I really need less of an appetite. Starting this diet I am amazed. I am not cachectic cancer no appetite but when I have enough, I stop eating--and it is well before I've overeaten and felt bloated and too full. It is at the correct point of having enough. I have to say, I've never known what that felt like before without being hungry again in 20 minutes. Now I stop and I'm fine.... for hours. Part of this is d/t no food cravings after eliminating grains and dairy.

      No more compulsive eating.

      You know, even it I don't lose weight I think I'll eat this way forever only because it makes me feel better. It is bad enough to be obese and feel out of shape, have trouble finding good fitting clothes, and just you know the whole attractiveness thing etc.--I mean an overweight woman in her forties is practically invisible in this society.... but to be in pain and feel like shit all the time too is just unacceptable. Energy rocks!

      Other things: My skin is starting to look a little better. (TMI warning but I'm sure I've read worse here) I'm still morbidly obese--192 lbs, 5"4' of course and I have a history of adult acne and had noticed that on the sides of my body/abdomen my skin was well, pimply--no itching or anything--I get this on my back too. That is fading on my left side and has all but disappeared on my right. Still have the back & chest breakout. My face is clearing up, not so red. But one stupid zit on my jaw.... maybe I'm premenstrual.

      Uranus watch: I like astrology -grew up with it as my mom's one. Anyway Uranus is hitting Aries for an 84 year cycle on Friday. There is a sense of "I'm not taking it anymore!" kind of energy. The next few months are going to be kick-ass interesting.

      My husband went to TN yesterday because his old roommate got in a horrible car wreck and is now in critical condition. My dh will be there for a few days to try and help the family-- if they want him to pack up the apt. as it is not on lease and we volunteered to foster his dog until he gets well enough to take her.

      My house is dusty and I hate housework. Someone here gave a link for a game called ChoreWars. Whoever thought that up was genius.
      March Onward! Lucelu
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        Dinner: Bison and Grass fed cow steak, bag of steamed spinach/arugula and sliced cuke. I didn't think I could eat that much steak. Ate at about 4:30. No more food for the night. That is very cool as I am not in the lease hungry. 2 weeks ago I would be obsessing now about what to snack on. Now I'm kinda antsy and want to walk or dance around or something. Maybe I'll channel this energy into housework.

        We are getting a dog! Her name is Simone and we are actually fostering her for our injured friend. If he makes it (still very critical) we plan to bring Simone back to him once he is well enough. Send healing vibes to our friend Robin! He is in really bad shape.

        Our cat is not amused.
        March Onward! Lucelu
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          Starting again. I had done well last year (got down to 174) until the second half of the summer when my life changed quite a bit. Our friend Robin is now living in a SNF and it is unlikely he will ever be able to care for himself, nevermind a dog. Please wear seatbelts. Now we still have the dog who is very sweet, have now acquired a teenage nephew and elderly mother in the household. My house is quite full. My job changed and I am working longer hours and have greater responsibilities. I've gained about 20 lbs back. I tried at the end of December to go locarb/induction but barely made it through two days before I hit sugar like a smoker let out of the hospital hits their cigs.

          Anyway, I need support. I have lots of stress. I have lots of pain in my feet at the end of the day, they just throb. (Sprained left foot last Oct., out of work for a week, has healed)-- both feet really hurt after running on them for 9 hours so I've started taking ibuprofen after work. The workload at my job keeps getting older and heavier. I don't want to be them in 30 years.
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            Update, I'm on Day 27 of a Whole 30. Feeling very good. Clothes fit much better. I end up inadvertently IFing on work days as they are so busy I am usually unable to take a break. Just started getting a there a little early, filling up on eggs and bacon in the cafeteria before my shift starts so I don't get lightheaded.
            March Onward! Lucelu
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