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    I have no idea how much protien or fat I eat.

    If I track my calories its going to confuse me with this.. seriously.

    So.. I eat

    today I ate:

    B:3 slices of bacon, 2 eggs cooked in bacon fat with four cups of mixed greens

    I had a steak med rare a few hours later; let's call that lunch.

    oh i dried some strawberries this afternon.. and ate them

    Dinner? I made some quick fake kimchi and baked some cod.

    I've been eating this way for about a week now and reading Wolf's book. I found out about this lifestyle doing research for proper nutrition for running.

    I'm a new runner... like 6 weeks new. I quit smoking so I could run longer than 60 seconds at a time. I haven't smoked in five weeks. So far I average 6 miles a week jogging.

    I don't drive, though I do take public transportation to work. I walk... well I walk a lot. Its a half mile to the store one way. From the train station its a little more than a mile and if the weather is nice i enjoy the walk.

    I started with the 'lift heavy things' essential movements today. I did as follows:

    LVL 1 Pull up - 2 sets 12
    LVL 2 push up - 1 set 20, 1 set 15
    lvl 3 squat - 2 sets 20
    2 min grok squat
    overhead press lvl 1 - 2 set 2
    plank lvl 2 - 30 sec front, ad sides

    I like round numbers normally and i think will do as many as i can with good form the first set and then try to match that number the second set. I won't do these on my running days.

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    Sounds like you are off to a good start. Grok on!
    Ancestral Health Info

    I design websites and blogs for a living. If you would like a blog or website designed by someone who understands Primal, see my web page.

    Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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      Congratulations on ditching the cigs! Well done.


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        Today was an intermittent fasting day.... kind of.

        I didn't plan on it, but I forgot to get my eggs ready on Sunday night so I didn't have any this morning.

        Lunch was a salmon packet.
        Dinner, oh that's right, i put a roast on this morning in my crock-pot. THAT is why I didn't have time for breakfast. Dinner was the roast and a bag of mixed salad. It was fing awesome and ill have the few bits that are left over with breakfast TOMORROW and a few eggs.

        Lunch tomorrow will be something.. its only 8 i dunno what yet. OH maybe some sardines I have and some brocolli

        Dinner tomorrow.. *shrugs* NO idea. I have some chicken, I have some fish who knows. I have a lot of veg too.

        Running today went swimmingly

        I am trying to do some research on Factor V Liedens for my bf, so that maybe I can snag him into the loop too. His concern is the thrombin regarding red meat, and while I understand that, and don't mind having a primarily seafood diet if that is what we need to do I am just having a tricky time looking things up I guess. But I'll get there.

        OH! Regarding barefoot running. I would like to give it a shot, I read at some point that you should build up to the running on pavement, so today when I walked home from the train station I took my shoes off for a good part of it. I put them back on when i eyed the little pebbles up ahead. I'm not ready for that yet :P


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          Today I did another 'keeping track' weigh in and measurement

          The last one I did was Feb 25 and weight was 185, waist was 34 inches and hips were 45.

          Today weight was 182.6 waist was 33 and hipes were 44.75

          I can live with all of that.

          I ate sardines for the very first time today. They were better than I thought. I had to get over the 'but their sardines" in my head and they were pretty good.

          We went to Chipoltle for dinner. I had a bowl w/ barbacoa and pico de gallo and red peppers, and um.. guac and LOTS of their lettuce

          He, my boyfriend, is super supportive of .. well i think pretty much anything I want to do. I try really hard not to lecture him about some of his choices.. for instance he does shift work and doesn't sleep enough and it pisses me off. BUT he is a grown up and I'm not his mom. I just hope I can be a good example of healthier living and he will join that bandwagon.

          I'm going to hit up the asian market this weekend. I seem to remember them having some good fish and some interesting produce. Maybe even some live crab! I also found this produce cooop that i am thinking about joining, my issue is that in their sample list it was like 3 different apples and 2 pears, but the greens were for full members. I am not sure if its worth it to me or not.

          SO THAT IS IT FOR TODAY.. looking forward to run tomorrow

          also.. i wonder if anyone else does this. I find when I am planning my food, i imagine the cave-person me gettng it.. so yesterday (which makes for a more entertaining example IMO) i was walking along a small stream until midday when i stopped and caught a small fish. I had been tracking a small deer (really it was beef but for the sake of my imagination) and picked back up the trail after i ate before finally killing it and cooking it over a fire for dinner.

          It makes it more fun for me, i guess. and it makes for fun stories to tell people who are already questioning what you're up to.


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            Please excuse the absence - I'm still on the band wagon!

            I ran my first 5k on March 12; it was great. I finished in 41 min 22 seconds.

            I COULD slowly work up my distance and do a few 10ks.. then half marathons, but somehow that doesn't 'fit' with me. So I started training for the White Rock Marathon (dec. 4, 2011) this week using one of the programs Hal Higdon make's available on his website. The marathon is 38 weeks away, its a 30 week program w/ only one long run a week and several shorter ones.

            I love the internet.

            Regarding weight loss - i haven't had super fast weight loss, more of a slow trickle. I think partly due to not eating enough fat or protein. Using the calculations in a thread I found here earlier today I see I should eat about 92 grams. I am pretty good about keeping my carbs under 100 and most days under 50. I do a lot of strength training too (by a lot I mean two or three times a week) and so I am hoping that its muscle. i WILL say that I my clothes fit better, a slight roll on my waist is turning into a slight curve and changes are being made.

            I was able to get some coconut oil (why they don't have it at the asian market is beyong me) last Saturday as well. When I get to feeling a little slow (like when i haven't had coffee in the morning which I am going to wean myself off of I guess) I take a tsp of it and i feel better.

            Most importantly - I feel great and I am happy.


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              The department I am in at work likes to party. Give us a holiday and we will bring food and smiles. St. Patrick's Day is not exception to this rule.

              I forgot to get something... 'good'. So I got donuts.

              I was FINE all day until I ate a donut yesterday afternoon. Now I feel like crap.... it was interesting experience really. I was ZOOMIN for a few hours.. and then all of a sudden it was like someone had beat me with a sugarfilled baseball bat. My stomach was upset. My head hurt. I went to bed early. I woke up almost late AND I've been dragging alll daay looong.

              Its a good think today is Friday.

              Other than that nice little journey, things are good. The running is good. The strength training is good. Coconut oil has changed my life I think?

              Oh.. work sucks but not the actual job, just that people... sometimes I just want to tell people when they call and are pissed off about something to calm down a minute because while they may have just gotten upset, i just got off the phone with someone else and i need to have a NICE conversation about what they are mad about. BUT its not how it works. so I just let them get it out and i go run it off.



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                I really do a very poor job of keeping things update. What has happened in the past two months?

                I decided after the 5k that I want to run the White Rock Marathon...which (for me) is great except that I started smoking again. How did that happen? I don't have a good way to deal with stress. Something I am trying to have in place before I quit again. I've been tapering down - which seems a bit more painful than just quitting cold turkey but is what I'm most comfortable with.

                My diet is slightly better than my not smoking. I don't know why.. I can acknowledge that I feel better when I haven't been eating SAD. Maybe its another stress thing.

                I'm really pleasant to be around generally. I've been bitchy for a few days, its not PMS. It could be that I am tired of people dumping their shit on me though. I say that as I am about to go to my mother's for memorial day where I will be bombarded with manipulative conversation and looks.

                "Would you like some biscuits and gravy?"
                "No thank you - ill make some eggs"
                "Why isn't my cooking good enough for you?!"

                I might be exaggerating my example, but you get the point..and likely you've been there. I would bring my own food, but it seems like that will stir things up even more. Though.. a few hours later she will tell me she wants to eat better so it may be wise to have some tasty goodies available.

                I have a friend who is either deaf, just ignores me, or doesn't actively listen to anything I say. A new Italian place opened up the street and he tricked me into having dinner with him. Seriously - tricked. How does that happen? Like this:

                VIA TEXT MSG
                Him: "is the italian place open yet?"
                Me: "i dont know im going to walk by in a min and ill let you know"
                Him: "Where are you now?"
                Me: "CVS talking to Abba"
                At this point I finish my conversation and start heading home, which means I pass the new place
                Me: "yes its open"
                Him: "i know! I'm on the corner"
                and then i see him walking towards me... He asks if I want to eat. I say no, i am running.. he says come on. I say no, i don't get paid until tomorrow.
                he says "im buying" I realize I've run out of polite excuses.

                I order some shrimp.. in butter or olive oil or something. It was good. No less than 7 times does he offer me some pasta. I say no thank you each time. I was trying to get out because really I did have a run planned and I didn't want to be out past dark. After the food.. he orders dessert. terimisu or however it is spelled. He offers me some. Of course, I say no. He offers again. I say no. He asks the waitress for a second plate to give me some. I tell her no. He insists she brings one. She does. I shake my head and tell her no. He takes it from her and gives it to me. I give it to her. She QUICKLY leaves.

                This would be less frustrating if it was the only time this happened. We have this same exact interaction regarding alcohol. Movies. Concerts.. basically anything he wants to do I somehow get signed up for.

                Last night? "are you home" "no" "there is a meeting at the apt office at 6-7 are you going?" "im not home yet so no" "im going to get some food, do you want anything?" "no" "im at wendy's do you want anything?" "stop doing that"

                so.. i realize that i can not control his behavior. so i can either stick it out or not. Im thinking not.

                sorry this was so long and negative. ..maybe i'll write something happy sometime soon.

                So.. there are a few things I need, if anyone reads this. I need suggestions for primal comfort foods and ways to deal with stress that I can use while at work.


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                  well, hello. I just want to tell you i've read every word here. I'm not sure i've got any great advice for you except that you must OWN your way of eating/living. This is what has really helped me. I am no longer eating to "lose weight". I am eating to GET HEALTHY. So when someone offers me candy (or whatever MY weakness is), I realize it is not going to help me get to my goal of "healthy" and i have the power to decline.

                  I had a friend similar to yours who laughed at me as we discussed my new way of LIVING and I finally told him I didnt need him around if he could not support me; it was as simple as that. Reminds me of the sermon our pastor just gave this Sunday: Math.. Add, subtract, divide, multiply... Sometimes you need to ADD something to your life, sometimes you need to SUBTRACT something from your life...

                  The choice is yours. You are wise to stay connected here and read and continue to get ideas and REMEMBER WHY you're making this change.

                  all the best.....


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                    I can totally relate on the friends trying to force you to eat stuff.

                    My friend wanted a Burger King the other day and while in the the queue I got "Are you sure you don't want a burger?" "I'm buying" "Just some chips then?" Apparently no wasn't a valid answer. Then while he was eating it he was waving onion rings in my face. If he wasn't drunk I probably would have kicked him for the last bit!

                    Just persevere with the annoying people who try and get you to follow SAD or ignore them, and just enjoy PB and the health benefits!
                    My Primal Journal


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                      I love the arithmetic!

                      Thanks ladies for reading and being supportive. I was in quite the foul mood yesterday and needed to get it out.

                      Regarding my friend - I doubt we'll be eating together for a few weeks.

                      I shouldn't worry about hurting people's feelings. You're both right about that.. this is all for me and has nothing to do with then.

                      MOVING ON:

                      I got my 3 miles in last night. It was super.. so sorry you missed it Tonight? Some strength work and a cool 1.5.

                      Food today? Yes - I decided though that I am sick of bacon. Or whomever cooked my bacon today at my breakfast spot doesn't cook it the way I like it. I dunno.