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    Hi ya'll! I am Urban Dreamer and I'm from central Arkansas. I just started my primal journey two weeks ago. I am kind of struggling with it, but challenges are nothing new to me. For as long as I can remember I have always been chubby and have had horrible self-esteem. Being an awesome cook does not help....

    Well, this year I decided to change the way I felt about myself.

    I started finally exercising about the second week of January '11. I am short (5'3) and my starting weight was 235lb. I started following a low carb diet and started walking. Nothing big, just started walking around my neighborhood. After a couple of weeks of walking 3/4th a mile everynight, I bumped it up to a full mile. The weight finally started to tapper off. Now I am 212 and I have been walking about a mile and 1/3 almost everynight. I contribute my success to the new low carb lifestyle and acutally getting off my butt and moving. I am determined not to be another statistic of America's obesity crisis. I want to be healthy: I want to be able to walk, run, play, and have the self-esteem that I have never had before.

    Ok, 'nuf of that. I am a little concerned about my weight. I was down to 210 when I started the primal way of life. Now I am 212. I am hoping that it is either stress or muscle gain, but I can not tell which (I am leaning towards stress). Being in college and getting ready to move isn't making anything easy. I though mabey I was in a rut, so I tried walking 2 miles. My ribs were terribly sore this morning and I am afraid of hurting myself it I try to do it again. Help?

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    Don't push the miles to the point of hurting yourself. Not the way to lost fat. Two pounds is not much. May well be muscle. Put away the scales. Go by how your clothes fit. Or weigh yourself once a week or month. Sounds like you are off to a good start.

    Welcome and good luck with primal.
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      Thanks for the welcome! I rested a bit yesterday and I feel much better today. I have a really good feeling about this primal lifestyle. I usually only weigh myself once a week. I have noticed my clothes getting looser and looser. I have already bought one pair of jeans a size down and those are already loose.


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        My ribs felt alot better last night and so I decided to walk a bit further than usual. I ended up walking 2.6 miles! That felt great. I am getting ready to move soon and so packing and stacking boxes gave me some practice "lifting heavy stuff" lol. Shrimp & veggies in butter sauce topped off a great day.


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          Crappy weather has made going out and walking difficult the last couple of days. I miss being outside. On the up-side, I think I may need a belt for my new skinny jeans. I have a massive Algebra test tonight. Instead of a coke or candy I am having an apple and almond butter for "brain fuel". Hope it works!