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    I did my walk last night and just made a chicken leg and thigh on top of a salad with salsa. I felt hungry just before bed but figured I could make up for it with a big breakfast today. Which I did!

    Breakfast: 4 slices bacon, 2 oe eggs
    Lunch: Tuna w/ olive oil and vinegar; macadamia nuts- probably a bit more than one serving. Then, I stole a tbls of someone's peanut butter in the cupboard b/c I felt hungry still.
    Dinner: I could make chicken salad, or I also have some ground beef that should probably be cooked. Not sure. A burger does sound kind of good.

    Crossfitted at lunch; will probably go on a walk tonight. Forgot to do my hip thrusters yesterday; shoot. I'll get back on track today. I'd like to add push-ups at some point but I get way too much by way of push-up workout right now doing CF.


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      Woo-hoo, another primal challenge! After taking a bit of a hiatus from the community for a while I wanna join back in again. It's bigger so there's more I should ignore, but still, it has a lot to offer. So, in celebration of the PB, I have a rambling post of thankfulness.

      I realized that I don't think I've every pointed out what my profile picture is- a couple of years ago our furnace went out on a -15 degree night and we kept warm by burning these boxes of old Vegetarian Times that I'd kept for some reason (fuel, I guess!). I thought the picture was just about the most primal thing I've ever recorded. So many people here are former well-meaning veggies, so I can't be the only one who diligently subscribed and cooked complicated veggie meals before embracing my grill/smoker/crockpot. All while feeling guilty that I couldn't hack being a vegan for more than week, by the way.

      And here I am now, over two years into my opposite-of-vegetarian lifestyle, and I have to watch everyone around me embrace vegetarianism and veganism. I have a sister who just had a baby and I think she exists solely on cabbage and quinoa. I cringe for her and her baby's lack of b vitamins, protein, saturated fat, etc., but I'm trying to remember that we all do what we think is best. At least they get a lot of vitamin d from the sun?

      I also think that I'm a good person to talk to if you are frustrated about your spouse. I have a super-stubborn husband whom I could never "recruit" to try anything new. No matter what, he is always steadfastly defensive of what he is currently doing. Right. This. Second. He abhors change, and abhors even more the idea of SOMEONE ELSE urging him to change. Given this, I never say a single word about how I eat unless he asks. Recently (be patient people, this is 2.5 years into it...) he's been asking me about wheat. He was with me on the sugar, with me on the processed foods, and even gets the concept of fat = not deadly, but wheat is good for you, damnit, everyone says so. And besides, he would NEVER stop eating bread. Luckily, he appears to be the picture of health, so I figured his tolerance was much higher than mine. But he has really cut down on wheat lately. It's truly amazing. And I've done nothing except keep on keepin' on, so to speak.

      And since I embraced the PB, I have felt very little anxiety. Even if I never lost a pound, never learned to do a handstand pushup, never was able to go through pregnancy without heartburn and little back pain, that is what I am most grateful for in the entire universe. I'm a happy, balanced un-anxious woman with even more responsibilities and things that should be worrying me than before I started. For anyone who hasn't experienced anxiety/depression, you have no idea how to appreciate what you have unless you have this miserable f-ing comparison. While I'm grateful I can have the comparison to appreciate, I would never wish it on anyone.

      Happy Primal Challenge everyone! Keep up the great work; amazing things will come to you if you are patient.


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        I came down with a wicked cold today. I've done saline rinses all day, but I still feel < good. Oh, and in a flakey move I forgot my workout clothes so I couldn't do crossfit at lunch today. Sadness. I had a protein shake for breakfast, spicy vietnamese soup (with rice noodles in it) for lunch, and homemade chicken soup for dinner. It was one of those freakin' amazing fall days that normally makes my heart burst in appreciation to be alive but I just felt so run down and sinus-y. All in all, not a great day. I'm going to go to bed early. Tomorrow will be better, I'm sure.


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          Oh I enjoy you...sporadically. I'd say from my last post until now has been one of my worst months of both eating and exercise in a while. I literally have not eaten wheat in forever, and somehow let it creep in during this month. And boy do I notice it. Yesterday I actually ate a sandwich. It was disappointing, as usual, but I was lured in. Then, today, I ate some potato oles (crappy fried things from a local fast food joint that I have a weird weakness for, even though they leave my mouth feeling coated in grossness). Our dinners and breakfasts at home have been as good as usual, but I sure can do a lot of damage during the work day. Generally, a good challenge can whip me into shape. My crossfit gym is doing a 1 Month No Bread challenge. I like that they are starting to talk more about diet and I want to be super supportive of it.

          So, here's my Get Cleaned Up For The Holidays Challenge (and not just to look good in family photos):
          1. October 19=Day 1 (technically starting at 2 p.m.), Thanksgiving = final day. Reward = mom's pumpkin pie
          2. The usual: no grains, legumes, sugar or veggie oil
          3. To help with this: no going out for lunch. At all! Unless I plan on sitting there and drinking coffee and water.
          4. CF x 3 days/week and HL x 2/week
          5. This is a big one I've been lazy about lately (I've been doing a lot of home improvements in the evenings): go for a walk every day, even if it's at midnight on the treadmill. But preferably outside. And preferably with children or pets.
          6. Go to bed at 10! I've been awful about this lately, too. Jeez, I hadn't really noticed how bad this month has been.
          7. Run a timed mile this weekend and run another at the end of the challenge. I'm just curious and have been wanting to do it but haven't gotten my ass to the track.

          Upcoming challenges: Annual Halloween party. Trials (that lead to stress that lead to just wanting a treat). Two day conference (soooo boring, I'll just eat this cookie to improve my day).

          Coping mechanisms: Order some natural beef jerky. Bring hard boiled eggs with me. Go for walks. Have my ipod full of good podcasts or books. Fast; it feels good. Drink tea. Eat before I go places I know will have tough temptations. Measure myself so I can track my progress.


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            Day 1 of Get Cleaned Up For The Holidays Challenge (and not just to look good in family photos):

            1. The usual: no grains, legumes, sugar or veggie oil-
            I think I did this, except I put oil and vinegar on my salad and didn't ask what kind of oil (not sure if it was oo or veggie)
            2. To help with this: no going out for lunch. At all! Unless I plan on sitting there and drinking coffee and water.
            Well, I picked up a salad because I thought I grabbed some food from home but it turns out I left it on the kitchen table. It was a great salad with the exception of the unknown oil. But in retrospect, I could have followed this rule by IF-ing. I hadn't had breakfast, though, so my resolve was weak.
            3. CF x 3 days/week and HL x 2/week-
            CF'ed today. Climbed the rope well for the first time!
            4. This is a big one I've been lazy about lately (I've been doing a lot of home improvements in the evenings): go for a walk every day, even if it's at midnight on the treadmill. But preferably outside. And preferably with children or pets.
            Will head out for a walk as soon as my husband gets back from his run. I also went last night. It was nice to get out of the house in the evening.
            5. Go to bed at 10!
            Yes! Well, technically it was 10:11 when I laid down. This means I need to "go to bed" before 10 so that I can actually *be* in bed at 10. Slept like a rock until 7! Yay, kids, for sleeping in. Usually the little guy has me up at 6:15. But it's been cold and dark here in the mornings lately so I think that helps. It was just one year ago that I was going to bed at 11, waking up for 30 minutes 2 x's night, and then getting up at 6. I can't imagine having another baby. Ok, that's a tiny lie. I constantly think about quitting my job and having 3 more babies. The key to that is that I can't imagine having my job AND any more babies.
            6. Run a timed mile this weekend and run another at the end of the challenge. I'm just curious and have been wanting to do it but haven't gotten my ass to the track.
            Plan on doing that Saturday. Can't wait to force the whole family to come with me! I am challenging my daughter to see what she can accomplish.

            I also wanted to share that after doing pretty much only heavy lifting, crossfit, and walking for the past, oh 2.5 years or so (discovered primal in June '09 and immediately quit the 50 minute nightly runs), I just ran a 5k in 23:40. That's not an amazing time, but if someone would have told me that I wouldn't run more than a 20 second sprint for two years and only end up 1 minute and 30 seconds off my best time ever? I never would have believed it. Plus, I'm pretty sure a lot of my time had to do with the fact that I started way behind (because I thought I'd be slow) and had to spend the first minute or so walking, and I had no idea how close I was to the finish so didn't really push it during the third mile.

            Uh, my coffee consumption is getting out of control. I have previously thought about switching to tea. I don't think I want to pile that on my challenge right now, but maybe next week. Or the week after.


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              Oh a fresh new year! I love fresh starts and artificial measures of time. I'm starting a Whole30 challenge tomorrow but it will be for more like 45 days. We are planning a Vegas trip in mid-Feb and I want to follow the plan until then. It will go from January 4-February 17. Aside from the standards like no grains, sugars or veggie oils I will also have NO alcohol or caffeinated coffee. These are both big ones for me. I drink coffee all day long, every day. Today was my second day without, though, and I'm doing fine. My first day was Monday and I didn't have to work so I took a nap. That helped. I assume by the end of the week I'll be fine without it.

              The alcohol will be tough. I have my office Christmas party on Saturday and drinking is like, the main activity. I'm always happy to join in! But I like the idea of staying sober rather than allowing myself even one cheat. I like that food temptations should be at a minimum from here on out- holiday treats will be gone from work and home. I'm going to continue to go to crossfit 3x/week, sprint once, and go on 5 walks/week.

              For some reason the message on the Whole 9 website finally resonates with me: beating cancer is hard; not eating ranch dressing should not be hard. Therefore, I shouldn't even have to post to motivate myself! But I will anyway


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                Today's going well.

                2 hb eggs
                1 c. Irish Breakfast tea (yes, has a bit of caffeine)

                Burger w/ mustard, onions, pickles, tomato

                Herbal tea all afternoon

                Dinner: family fave of sausage, apples, onions and saurkraut scrambled together
                After dinner walk to take advantage of the unseasonably amazing weather.


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                  B: 2 hb eggs
                  L: steak salad w/ salsa and avocado
                  D: a lot like lunch, a taco style salad. I'm avoiding dairy for the next month so I skipped the sour cream and cheese. I didn't even notice, though it was hard to not put it on.
                  S: some nuts and dark chocolate when I was reading and feeling snacky.

                  Went for a 30-40 min walk (didn't time it) in my VFF's thinking that it was so warm out. My toes froze! I guess wearing them in January was just wishful thinking. Also, my Crossfit gym started a Paleo challenge and had an intro presentation we had to listen to in order to be part of the challenge. It was seriously awesome to hear other people in my somewhat rural part of the world talk about MDA! I'm so pumped for everyone to continue to learn about this WOE.

                  B: herbal tea
                  L: chunk of smoked salmon from my friend who caught the salmon in Alaska. A generous spoonful of almond butter. And then a teeny bit more.
                  D: I'm making HUGE bison burgers tonight and oven baked sweet potato fries. I'm actually hungry right now but have no more food at work except the almond butter and am excited to eat a 1/2 lb-er or something.

                  Did crossfit at lunch. It was 8 sets of 3 powercleans, followed by a 1000 m. row (as fast as possible). Short and very sweet workout. I love discovering chalk in my fingernails while reviewing some pleadings with a client later in the day.

                  I'm having a little dilemma: I love my cf gym and I love the guys who coach there. Crossfit has a huge variety, is fun, and always tough. I have a sense of loyalty as I've been there since not long after it opened and I enjoy watching the gym take off. But my friend mentioned her garage-style, weightlifting gym that is run by a guy who trains a lot of his clients to compete in lifting competitions and figure comps. He seems extremely good at getting women to lift amazingly heavy. Which I think is where my heart truly lies. My commitment to the CF gym is up this spring and I'm considering switching. But I don't really know what to do. I'd feel like such a traitor!


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                    It's been a while since I hung out around here! I'm jumping back in because of some processed food creep that I've been experiencing lately. Tracking here has helped in the past. My weight is a bit on the bloaty side to go along with it. I've felt best around 140 lbs and today I weighed 152 (!) I'm 5'6" with an athletic build. This has happened over the past 6 months. I'm guessing that in about three days I'll be back in the 148 range but still. It was a little bit of a shocker. What has worked for me in the past was to do a two week primal re-set in the low carb range and with NO cheats. This is usually enough to kick my bad habits and be a bit more reasonable. I'll check in with daily food tracking and exercise.

                    Breakfast- 3 eggs, 1/2 of a bison burger, 1/4 c. homemade sauerkraut
                    Lunch- (planned)- homemade tuna salad with homemade mayo, celery, and green onion
                    Dinner- (planned)- smoked roast bison, green salad, cooked collards.

                    Exercise (planned)
                    2-3 mile walk


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                      Yikes, I was so tired yesterday. I ended up going to bed at 9:00 and sleeping until almost 6:30! I followed yesterday's plan with a few changes: I had roasted cauliflower instead of collards and I had some macadamia nuts in the evening. Our crossfit workout was particularly long and taxing so I went to bed early instead of going for a night time walk.

                      Today's tracking
                      Breakfast- 2 eggs, 1/2 of a bison burger, 1/4 c. homemade sauerkraut
                      Lunch (planned) homemade tuna
                      Dinner: meatloaf and collards

                      Exercise: (planned)
                      Glute work at home (following the strong curves glute plan as an experiment for the next three months)

                      I realized that I should weigh myself during this time so I can see how different things affect my weight. I'm not that huge on weighing a certain amount but I also know my body well enough lately to find my weight to be a fairly valuable measure over the long term. Like, I know that 140-ish (138-142) is a good morning weight for me if my diet is good. And like I said above, I'm guessing my weight after 3-5 days of low carb eating will be around 148, so I have about 8 lbs of fat to work off. Ugh, that sounds like a lot but it is a doable amount. I always wish I would have figured out that I was ahem, growing, at about 4 lbs up