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    So this is my Journal. I haven't done a journal in years, not since my CW Oxygen mag days. I've known about Primal for about a year, tried it for a couple of weeks at first but it fell by the wayside. I've been doing it for almost a month now, bought the book and am about 70/30.

    Eliminating grains has made the biggest difference. I had all sorts of indigestion and stomach pain before and it disappeared in the first week. Also I really love the fitness philosophy. I have been weight lifting regularly (as in 4-5 days a week) for about 10 years. I felt like I hit my max on a lot of things about 6 years ago and recently I had been experiencing a loss in strength. Since I pulled back and don't exercise when I'm sore my strength has shot through the roof and it's so much more fun. Also no more chronic cardio, I try to do slow stuff as much as I can. I have been sprinting for a while now but I cut back on that as well.

    I don't need to lose weight. I would like to be a bit leaner but mostly I just don't want to struggle to maintain my current body comp and fitness. I feel like Primal is an effortless way to do that and a huge load off of my mind. Coming from a girl who has OBSESSED over diet and body since high school days.

    Monday (1st day off from work)
    Sleep - 12.5 hours! (very tired from my crazy work schedule this week)
    Breakfast (3pm)- coffee with cream, splenda and cinnamon
    Workout - Gonna do an hour slow elliptical and some intense full body weights at the gym. (not a lot for me since I haven't been able to exercise the past 3 days)
    Lunch - (8pm) Alaskan red salmon and cauliflower mash
    Dinner - (12 am) Chicken Drumsticks, salad with blueberries for dessert

    I work night shift so my hours are very un-primal!

    Goals -
    I don't have ANY body goals for once in my life! I just want to feel good and have fun.

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    Well things got crazy after my last post but I am reviving this thread and plan to stick to it.

    I went to Phoenix for a conference about road safety for a couple of days (I'm a State Trooper in Highway Patrol.) It was a good conference and fun to interact with all the different agencies but my eating was very sporadic and a lot of alcohol at night.

    I have been on Wellbutrin for about 2 years now. I started taking it for seasonal affective disorder and it practically saved my life and my relationship at the time. I continued to take it in the summer months because of a lot of stress and heart ache over a custody battle for my son. Well I decided to stop taking it this spring and I cut down from 300mg to 150mg two weeks ago. I figured I would stop it all together when I went to Phoenix and I didn't notice any negative effects when I did. But when I got home my fiance noticed some and now I'm back to sleeping 12 hours a day notice my mood is spiraling down. So back to 150mg for now . . . . I'll see where it takes me.

    One thing I noticed from this experience is that when I got off the Wellbutrin my stomach problems DISAPPEARED even thought I was eating grains and dairy. So I'm assuming that would be a major factor in my tummy troubles. But I will choose my relationships and my sanity over a calm tummy any day.

    Oh and another thing, my schedule changed to a day shift. I am so excited as much as I love working at night it was starting to take a real toll on me. Also I'm exercising more, after my little break from it I realized that it is one of the things that keeps me sane and not biting everyone's head off so I'm back to daily exercise and feel better because of it.


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      I forgot to add that I'm back to strictly primal starting today. So I will post my food as much as I can.


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        Well its early for me. Trying to adjust to my new work schedule but I thought I'd post my food from yesterday.

        Woke up at 9:30 am and went to work at 10am.
        Drank a diet Mt. Dew
        2pm - a small bowl of ground beef with salsa wrapped up in lettuce
        7pm-another bowl of ground beef with a light beer
        11pm - 4 eggs with a little feta cheese, some walnuts and a tiny piece of chocolate (got very hungry)
        1130pm - drank 3 cups of herbal tea before bed.

        I have training today and they said that they are "providing lunch." So I'm sure I'll just IF until dinner time unless they have anything I can eat.