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Searching for My Inner Carnivore (FayetteSidra's Journal)

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  • Searching for My Inner Carnivore (FayetteSidra's Journal)

    Today is my second day of going primal, and I figured that it wouldn't hurt to start a little journal here to keep myself on track and keep myself motivated as I transition. I have no doubt in my mind that I'm making a lifestyle change that I can stick to, but I have a feeling that I'll need extra support those first few weeks as I detox from all of the crap I used to eat.

    Some Background Info:
    If you're really bored and want to read my entire history with food, you can head here and do just that. Here's the basic recap:

    I was fat all of my life. Seriously. Look at pictures of me when I was two and I was a chunky baby. Not surprising given that the two people who raised me (my mom, and my aunt who babysat me since my mom worked full time) were both overweight. My mom was never satisfied with her weight, so I grew up watching her try every fad diet and yo-yo in weight along the way. My aunt didn't care about health at all, so she taught me very early on how to overeat. This was a bad combination.

    By the time I was in high school, I was around 265 pounds. My freshman year, I dappled with anorexia, but I didn't stick with it. My senior year, I went on Weight Watchers and didn't stick with it. In college, I ballooned thanks to the dining hall. My senior year of college, I tried half-heartedly to lose weight and it didn't work.

    About a year after I graduated, I decided to make some changes to my lifestyle. I started working out and began to cut down on my portions. I became obsessed with the number on the scale, and it wasn't long before I was practically starving myself to see that number go down. A year later, I weighed around 165 pounds.

    In 2008, I started starving myself again and dropped to 145 pounds. Not surprisingly, my body rebelled and I began to binge uncontrollably. I gained 40 pounds in 2 months. Ever since, I've been stuck in a horrible yo-yo cycle gaining and losing the same 15 pounds. I was also diagnosed with Binge Eating Disorder.

    In January of this year, I started calorie counting again and lost 20 pounds in two months. As February was coming to a close, I was getting burnt out on calorie counting and burnt out on excess cardio.

    Last week, my boyfriend and I wanted the movie "Fat Head" which piqued my interest, so I started doing some research. Now, here I am.

    Going Primal
    Yesterday, February 27th, was my first Primal day. As I mentioned above, I really think this lifestyle will work for me because of its simplicity. Eat whole foods. Avoid grains, dairy, and anything processed. Simple. Not easy given the world we live in, but still simple.

    I have some big adjustments I need to make. For starters, I'm not much of a meat eater. Back when I was counting calories, I was taught meat=bad, so I cut most of it out of my diet for years. I've lost the taste for it. Now I need to reclaim it. Another adjustment is I need to stop counting calories. While I'm not tracking anymore, I still find myself adding everything up in my head throughout the day. I can't seem to just let it go. The third is portion control. As I mentioned above, I have major issues with binge-eating, and in order for this to work I need to get that under control.

    That being said, here's how yesterday went:

    February 27, 2011

    Exercise: 4 mile walk/jog

    Breakfast: None...I wasn't hungry.

    Lunch: Steak, cooked with a bit of olive oil and butter (cooked by my boyfriend since I have no idea how to cook steak) served with a heaping portion of steamed mixed veggies (carrots, broccoli, green beans, snap peas, etc.)

    Dinner: Turkey burger with mustard and a side of broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots.

    Snack: Spoonful of Sunflower Seed Butter.

    The Fitness Plan

    My boyfriend is going primal with me (to be honest, he was nearly primal already) and we've come up with this fitness plan:

    Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays: We're hitting the gym to do our heavy lifting. My boyfriend used to be a power-lifter and we used to do squats and dead-lifts together. We're going to do those again (plus others) three days per week.

    Thursdays: Sprinting day. We'll either do these on the indoor track or on stationary bikes.

    Every day: Walking/jogging. My morning walk/jogs are how I de-stress, so I can't imagine not doing these. I do about 4 miles per day.

    We're still trying to figure out how to work play in since we're both graduate students and we both work.

    So that's that! Very long introductory post. I'll throw up another post later tonight with today's progress.

    Thanks for reading!

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    February 28, 2011

    Exercise: 45 minutes walk/jog

    Breakfast: 2 whole eggs, two egg whites scrambled with spinach and mushrooms in coconut oil.

    Lunch: Stir-fry of chicken breast and mixed veggies in coconut oil, topped with curry powder.

    Dinner: Beef chili (ground beef, tomatoes, onion, garlic, mushrooms, carrots, and spices) over a bed of broccoli and cauliflower.


    Today I successfully went 100% primal. Woohoo!

    I had a very hard time not panicking, though. I've grown so accustomed to weighing, measuring, and counting calories that I feel very unnerved not doing so. Don't get me wrong, it's very freeing, but in the back of my mind I keep thinking "I'm eating too much! I'm going to gain weight!" But all of my reading tells me that as long as I only eat when hungry and stop as soon as I'm full, I'll be just fine. I mean, non-dieters live like this, so obviously it does work. Just control portions and don't over-indulge. But letting go is still really freaking scary...especially when I know I'm opting for very high-calorie foods. It's taking a very conscious effort to not tally everything.

    One thing I am noticing already is that I get satisfied on much less food, likely because of the high fat-content. I used to load up on rice to fill myself up, only to be hungry an hour later. Now I'm able to go much longer between meals without hunger pangs.

    Since it's only day two, I haven't experienced any sort of cravings or withdrawals yet....but I hear those hit hard right around day four or five. Therefore, be on the lookout for insane posts on Wednesday or Thursday!


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      Wow! Off to a great start! Fight through the next few days. You can do it. It's great your bf and you are in this together.
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