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  • And so I begin...

    or continue actually. I took measurements today and I will not be sharing them at this time.

    Current Stats: ~167 lbs @ 5'4" on a small-medium frame. Wearing size 12/14 jeans.
    My ideal stats: 120-125 lbs, but I think I could be happy at a strong 130-135. Size 6 jeans.

    I ordered Mark's book, but am starting anyway even if I don't have all the answers. I can tweak as needed in the future.

    My food plan for the day

    B: Coffee with cream and sugar, cottage cheese

    L: GB hash with onions, carrots, cauliflower and green salad

    Workout: circuit training and body weigh exercises at the gym. Probably lots of squats and lunges.

    D: (family birthday party) Spaghetti with salad. I'm taking Cauliflower rice and fresh spinach to eat the meat sauce on instead of using pasta. And I'll skip dessert. I might take some chai tea and cream to have while they eat dessert.

    This has been a long time coming. I feel like I've grown up a lot in the past 8 years through some health issues (Hypermesis through three pregnancies, Third pregnancy sent me into Hypothyroidism, found out I had lyme and began treating.) After my son was born I had ZERO energy, was so sick, had to go on an elimination diet for 3 years so I could breastfeed my food allergic son, and was just not happy. After going back to eating anything I gained weight and still had no energy. I'm ready to take my life back and feel good again.

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    Congrats on getting started. Hope that you find some good info and resources here while you wait on the book.


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      It's tough taking care of yourself when you have three wee ones to look after too!
      Congrats on your new beginings and best of luck!


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        Welcome and congrats on making a start. I hope you find the primal way of life brings you the health, vitality and body changes you are looking for. I am still new to primal but nearly 2 months in, I am LOVING it. Energy is up, body fat and inches are down. I am sure you will find the same
        Newly primal mama. Taking my family along on the walk to a healthy, strong and happy primal life.
        Losing fat, building strength, having fun.
        My journal is here (please ignore my excessive use of exclamation points and smilies, I just can't help myself! )


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          welcome to the forums and best of luck on your journey to better health. As losing weight is one of your goals listed, my advice would be to try to limit the amount of dairy you are taking in. (I saw you have cream for the coffee, cottage cheese and chai tea) Removing dairy will really kick your weight loss in high gear. I love dairy personally but I don't use it as much as I like because I have lactose intolerance. But overall your menu looks great and you should have pretty good results with that and your circuit training.
          "If man made it, don't eat it" - Jack Lallane

          People say I am on a "crazy" diet. What is so crazy about eating veggies, fruits, seafood and organ meats? Just because I don't eat whole wheat and processed food doesn't make my diet "crazy". Maybe everyone else with a SAD are the "crazy" ones for putting that junk in their system.


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            Thanks for the warm welcome!

            I had to add a smoothie of banana and romaine lettuce after my workout yesterday. Ended the day at less than 100g of carbs and went to bed hungry. Not ravenous, but a little hungry. Normally I would have made a bowl of cereal or some toast, so skipping that habit left me hungry. Went to bed early (for me) and slept great!

            Today I think I need to eat more though. Since we are eating leftovers, my meal plan is similar.

            @ Balance: I'm not ready to give up dairy yet. Not sure I want to lose weight bad enough to give it up. lol One thing at a time... I could give up the cottage cheese if I had another no-prepare breakfast idea. I have no interest in cooking before noon.


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              HeyChelle, welcome to journaling! It really helps me stay on track and feel supported. I second your decision to take one thing at a time rather than dropping the dairy so quickly. You might not need to drop it at all to meet your goals, and if it helps to keep you away from the grains and sugars (the really big issues) then it's serving an important purpose. Just my humble opinion (and I don't eat dairy, incidentally - I'm casein sensitive).

              Stats as of 3/1/12:
              5'10" female, 38 y/o
              Currently 140 lbs., approx 25% body fat
              WEIGHT GOAL: lose a bit more body fat and tighten up the rear end...basically, I want to look great naked. Everywhere else is looking great, but my ass/hips/thighs are being a bit stubborn. TMI?
              DAILY MACRO TARGETS: Cal: 1,857. Protein: 100g (400cal). Carb: 75g (300cal). Fat: 128g (1156cal).
              EXERCISE GOAL: incorporate 2-3 strength training sessions and 1 sprint session per week.


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                No need to give up dairy, unless you have reason to think it causes you inflammation. I eat lots of dairy and have been steadily losing once I found my optimum carb/calorie level for fat loss.
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                  Welcome! In reading your post, I saw that you are the same size I was when I started PB (Although you are a little taller than me, with a little smaller frame I think). I am seven months in and am now wearing your goal size. I had just hoped to get down to a size ten, but the weight keeps coming off and the jeans keep getting baggy . I only lose about 6 lbs a month, not the crazy amounts that lots of people see. But after a little while, that really adds up!

                  This WOE is awesome and with a little patience you can be in those size sixes before you know it
                  Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )



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                    Thanks for the encouragement Dragonfly and Maggie.
                    Jammies - Congrats on such great progress! Thanks for the encouragement.

                    Today was a bit tougher. We are home all day on Tuesday's, so I had no distractions to keep away the sugar cravings.
                    I snacked on almonds and chai tea (homemade - NOT the mixed stuff. black tea, cinnamon, cardamon with half & half and stevia) and got busy folding laundry to keep my mind from food.

                    Took the kids and the so-not-trained-huge-Black Lab to the park on foot. I was hoping a good walk would ease the soreness in my legs from yesterday's squats and lunges. Now my arms are sore from trying to teach that way too large puppy to be good. Pushing a stroller while hauling on a leash all while walking uphill. Insanity.

                    By the time dinner rolled around I was really craving. Dinner was seasoned and grilled chicken breast, grilled pineapple, and green smoothie. No FAT - so I made up bacon and eggs for myself to eat while I cooked dinner. LOL! It seemed like I ate a lot today, but I just sat down and logged my foods and I'm at a grand total of 1550 calories. I thought it would be so much more than that. (I don't have any specific caloric goals. I just track my food because it helps me to be mindful and not eat just because there is food in front of me.) Going to bed only just slightly, barely, maybe hungry - no late night cereal!
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                      A great day. So far it seems that I'm going to bed earlier, sleeping better, and waking up earlier and with more energy. Loving that.

                      30 min workout doing the 5 Essential Movements while the kids were in gymnastics. Came home starved and had to fix something to eat asap.

                      B: coffee w/ cream and sugar, 2 eggs and 2 pieces of bacon.
                      L: grilled chicken on spinach with feta, avocado, blueberries and a drizzle of evoo
                      After W/O: sautee'd green peppers, onions, black olives, and a little nitrate free pepperoni over a bit of parm.
                      D: Pork Roast over spinach, baked apples, homemade chai tea with a little bit of cream


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                        The scale is moving! but I think my boobs are shrinking. That is so not fair.

                        B: cottage cheese, coffee, cream, sugar. Less coffee today than normal b/c I filled up fast. After my next shopping trip I plan to switch to bacon, egg, and veggie breakfasts.

                        L: Lean pork roast over romaine with a bit of bbq sauce, green smoothie

                        D: Pizza Toppings baked together. Yum! (grilled peppers, onions, olives, tomato sauce, with a little bit of pepperoni and fresh mozzerella. Coffee with cream and sugar. eeek. I broke my own rules of only having coffee in the morning. Had friends over for dinner and the after-dinner coffee just smelled so good.

                        Body: did some of the LHT for fun and boxed dh on the Kinect. That has got to count for something like a sprint. I was totally sucking wind by the time I won. he hee.


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                          Lightheaded-ness hit me yesterday. No fun at all!

                          B: bacon, eggs, coffee, cream, sugar
                          L: green smoothie, pork roast over greens
                          D: whole foods soup and salad
                          S: my usualy homemade chai with cream and a stevia, cheese stick, and some heavy cream with berries

                          Coffee disclaimer - I have chose to keep the sugar in my coffee for now. So far it has not been a trigger; I make sure I pair it with a high protein breakfast.

                          B: bacon, eggs, coffee, cream, sugar
                          L: BAS with portabella mushrooms and a light sprinkle of feta
                          D: Primal Pizza and Molten Chocolate Cake (Grain Free) (rare treat when family is in town)
                          S: 3 chicken thighs, cheese stick

                          Oh wow. So Lose It says that I'm still under a 100 carbs for the day even with having that chocolate cake. That's awesome! Of course that dessert is mostly yummy fat so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised.

                          The lightheaded, edgy carb-flu feeling hit big time last night and most of today. I cooked up some chicken thighs for an afternoon snack and that helped but the dessert was the biggest help. Hopefully it won't just make the fuzzy feelings worse over the next few days. I've been eating between 1100 and 1400 calories and feeling just fine. Yesterday was almost 2000 and today was almost 1800.

                          No flames for all the counting. I like numbers and charting.
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                            Originally posted by HeyChelle View Post
                            The scale is moving! but I think my boobs are shrinking. That is so not fair.
                            Happens to me every time, too. Damn it!

                            Stats as of 3/1/12:
                            5'10" female, 38 y/o
                            Currently 140 lbs., approx 25% body fat
                            WEIGHT GOAL: lose a bit more body fat and tighten up the rear end...basically, I want to look great naked. Everywhere else is looking great, but my ass/hips/thighs are being a bit stubborn. TMI?
                            DAILY MACRO TARGETS: Cal: 1,857. Protein: 100g (400cal). Carb: 75g (300cal). Fat: 128g (1156cal).
                            EXERCISE GOAL: incorporate 2-3 strength training sessions and 1 sprint session per week.


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                              B: bacon and eggs, coffee and cream w/sugar
                              L: leftover primal pizza and a huge salad with cilantro, avocado, greens, mandarin orange, cucumbers, and a raspberry dressing
                              D: Grilled chicken with onions, peppers, tomatoes,and baby portabellas

                              I'm trying to increase fat intake per Griff's recommendation. :Closing eyes and crossing fingers: that it's the right thing to do. I cooked the chicken in bacon fat and added butter to my veggies at the table. Oh and I switched to whole cream in my coffee instead of half & half.

                              I'm slowly weaning myself off the sugar in my coffee. I'm down to 2 tsp per cup for a total of 4 tsp a day. No grains at all since going full primal over a week ago and limite fruit. I despise stevia in coffee, so will stick with the slow removal.

                              Today - tired! My littlest one still thinks she needs to sleep with us and she must be touching me all night long. Even better if she can get a leg and arm shoved UNDERNEATH me. Need. More. Sleep.

                              Body: Working at the gym doing the 5 EPM later this afternoon. Getting stronger. Loooove. It.
                              3 sets of pushups (knees) - 20!, 12, and 10
                              3 sets of air squats - 20!, 20!, and 9
                              2 sets of lunges
                              Jack Knifes using a bench - 12, 10
                              assisted pullups - 10, 10
                              and planks

                              Wednesday I'm going for the real deal pushups. Here's hopin' I don't fall on my face.

                              Food Today
                              B: bacon and eggs with onions and peppers. Coffee with cream and sugar.
                              L: chicken thighs cooked in bacon fat. Broccoli with butter and a salad. Chai Tea with cream (homemade)
                              S: Was starved after workout. Had 12 almonds and some beef.
                              D: Steak with a wee bit of peas and carrots and 1/4 cup fresh pineapple
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