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  • <Witty Title> aka Lunadam's Primal Journal

    Hi all-
    2 weeks late getting the Primal Journal up and running but better late than never.

    I bought PB over a year ago and never really made the jump even though it was clear to me that PB is the way to go. My wife got pregnant and with that I saw MY waistline expand. I bumped up to 222 and a 38 waist. At 6' that puts quite the belly on me.

    I realized that it was either change my lifestyle or buy a new wardrobe. Luckily I already had the PB in hand so I chose the lifestyle option.

    The first two weeks of Primal I have dropped 4lbs which is a nice steady weight loss.

    Today, I have decided to follow Whole 30 as much as possible and forgo the protein shakes and bars that I think are still putting too much sugar in my diet. I am also forgoing the 20% cheats as that is what destroyed me my past few failures with the PB lifestyle change.

    My goal is to get down to 195 or at 200 with solid muscle mass. It will be interesting to see what my body will respond to.

    I am doing Simplefit plus walking for my exercises to start with. I am very badly out of shape and would love to be able to do more than 5 pushups without gasping.

    First Simplefit
    Day 1-Level 1 : 12 rounds (did Jumping Pullups/negative pullups since I can't yet do a pullup)

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    B: Eggs, sausage, strawberries
    L: BBQ pork, collards, stew
    D: Ribs, Broccoli
    S: Egg salad, strawberries

    Day 2 exercise: Walk 2 miles. Back hurts a bit. I think most of it is from the extra 30lbs I am carrying around.


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      Day 2 food:
      B: Egg salad, Sausage, strawberries
      L: 6oz steak, salad and steamed veggies
      S: Chicken leg
      D: 2 Chicken legs and spinach
      S: Strawberries and 8 almonds

      I also took a few healthy doses of Arnica for my back. Man, I love that stuff.


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        Day 3:
        B: Eggs, Spinach, sausage
        S: orange
        L: Chicken Legs, bacon, spinach, olive oil
        S: Apple, bacon, salmon
        D: Chicken legs
        S: Almonds

        Laid off the exercise a lil bit.


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          Day 4:
          B: Egg Salad, sausage, strawberries
          S: Apple
          L: Tuna and Egg Salad, spinach, strawberries
          S: Almonds
          D: 2 burger patties with half avacado and some mayo with mixed veggies
          S: Fruit

          I know I have been eating a lot of fruit lately but it was all fresh and I didn't want it going to waste. My next weeks' goals is to buy less fruit and ensure that I cut it back.

          For exercise i did planks, KBs and walked 2 miles.

          Back still hurts a bit so I am going to give it 4 days off.


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            B: egg salad, sausage, strawberries
            L: BAS with chicken and bacon
            D: salmon, kale
            S: almonds, pork rinds


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              Days 6 and 7.

              Terrible diet! Chips, bread and sweets. I knew that my diet would be bad this weekend due to being out of town and with vegetarians. I'm back on track as of last night though and this morning. i WILL NOT beat myself up but I will strive to learn how to eat better when out of town. The funny thing is I had been having all these sugar cravings and when I gave in, they tasted not so good. I am happy about that. i can just remind myself of that next time i have a craving.


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                Day 8:
                Good day of eating (I can't remember everything) except I had a bubble tea that had some natural sugar in it along with a veggie roll that had some rice paper around it.

                I felt junkie from all the food I ate over the weekend. I think my system is still recovering from all the sugar.


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                  Day 9:
                  So technically this is more than Day 9 but I am Day 9 of tracking my food. I've been eating Primal for about 3 weeks and lost 8lbs! Yay!

                  Day 9 food:
                  No breakfast
                  L: Chicken salad sammich (I know! Bad!)
                  D: Chicken thighs


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                    Day 10:
                    Got my first unassisted, pullup! Yay!
                    Did some planks and KB work.

                    B: Eggs, Sausage
                    L: Shredded Beef, Kale, Onions, Peppers
                    D: Chicken Thighs, veggies


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                      Day 11:
                      Lots of running around today so I may take that as Moving Slowly.

                      B: Eggs, bacon
                      L: BBQ ribs
                      D: BAS with chicken and bacon

                      I'm noticing that I am not as hungry when I wake up nor do I need to snack throughout the day. It is very nice!


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                        Day 12:
                        Had some alcohol on day 12 and I woke up with a splitting headache. I only had 3 drinks so I think I am going to take that as a sign to not really drink again. It's just not worth it. Plus it puts me that much farther away from my goal. It could be that yesterday was a cheat day as well and my carbs were higher than normal.

                        B: Chicken Thighs and bacon
                        S: Bacon, almonds
                        L: Chicken thighs and bacon
                        D: Organic burger patty with a sweet potato
                        S: 2 squares of dark chocolate and some rum


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                          Day 13:
                          Going to stop counting soon and just look at the post numbers.

                          B: Chicken thighs and bacon
                          L: Orange and egg salad
                          S: Grapes
                          D: Chicken legs and broccoli
                          S: Coconut milk bubble tea and 3 squares of dark chocolate

                          Last night was my last cheat for a while. Need to stop cheating!


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                            B: Egg salad
                            L: Burger patty and spinach and olive oil
                            S: banana
                            D: Chicken wings-baked
                            S: chocolate and almonds

                            Need to cut the nuts and chocolate out of my diet!


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                              Nuts are cut out of my meals and chocolate is now out as well. Trying the Leangains IF method to see if I can speed up fat loss. So far things are good on the first day of it.

                              Yesterday's meals
                              B: Eggs, bacon
                              L: Lots of bbq goodness, collards
                              D: Baked wings and spinach
                              S: chocolate (last time for that for a while)

                              Back is still killing me. Have massage and chiro lined up to assist.