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    My name is Julie, very close to 44 yrs old. Today I am going PRIMAL. Actually it would probably be more accurate to say: Today I am going to begin changing my life from a SAD one, to a Primal one.

    I feel like I have been fairly healthy and at best, average in my weight most of my life. I'm 5'7" and usually weigh close to 150. I have practiced IF but not with great consistency. I haven't consumed sodas for over 20 years, never buy/eat fat-free, diet or low -anything and for about 10 years have tried to avoid HFCS whenever possible. Thought I ate pretty well actually. Boy, was I deceived!

    As I said, I've done pretty well controlling my weight. Until this past year. Something happened and the wheels came off. Maybe it was the stress my family has been through since my husband lost his job, March '09 (2 yrs now). Maybe it was pre-menopausal hormone, freaky, something. I'm not sure what happened but I started gaining weight like never before- mostly in my abdomen! I was trying everything that had worked for me before; cutting calories, exercising more, fasting, portion control - didn't help. If anything it seemed to make things worse.

    I knew that I had an addiction to carbs, but never made any connection to my weight problem. I was a firm believer in the CW of "calories in-calories out". I was convinced that I just needed to eat less food. (Funny thing was, I didn't really eat that much.)

    I was very sad, very low and actually wondering if I should try hypnosis to regain control. Then I prayed for help and my God led me to the truth! I was in a bookstore randomly looking and picked up the Drs Eades book, The 6 Week Cure for the Middle Age Middle. I read a little and thought it made sense and was worth a try at least. While I was waiting to get the funds to buy the book I started looking on the internet and came across MDA, but I didn't spend much time on the site because I didn't understand, yet!

    I finally bought the book and planned my start for the 6 Week Cure. While looking for book on weight training at the library, I came across Gary Taubes book, Good Calories Bad Calories and checked it out. Unbelievable! I was fascinated and completely blown away by that book. Everything made sense after reading it! I finally understood how deceived I had been-my eyes were open. It was after that that I came back to the MDA site and started getting it!

    Too late to make this long story short, but where I am now is this: I started the 6WC exactly two weeks ago. My starting weight was 169. The highest I've ever weighed, except for being pregnant.
    Today I weighed 162. I have lost inches all over, 1.5 in my middle, which is good for two weeks - I think. It was a good starting place to go through the carb, sugar and caffeine withdrawal process and get my liver healthy.

    After reading the web-site extensively I have decided to go forward from here eating Primal instead of following the next four weeks of the book. I know this has to be a Way of Life instead of a temporary eating plan. I can never go back after reading Taubes book.

    So today I am starting! I'm afraid of failing.
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    Welcome! I think you will do fine. You're already making a great start with your reading and research. You're losing inches. That is not failing, that is kicking butt. You can totally do this.


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      Welcome! Relax and enjoy the journey...we are all learning here!
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        Welcome to Primal!! I just started 22 days ago and I'll tell you, it's been the best thing ever!! Like you, I could not believe how CW had deceived us. My journey to MDA is a bit different, but like you it came from reading and needing to deal with a weight issue. I also tried and adhered to calories in-calories out. And it got me almost nowhere.

        I will keep up with your journal. Stop by mine (search for This Primal Life~Kris C's Journal) if you'd like. Best of luck! I'll tell you, this is the most delicious way of eating/ way of life (WOE/WOL) ever!! That makes it really easy to stick to. Within a week you won't be sad to see the pasta and whole wheat bread go. You'll wonder why it was there in the first place.
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        Current weight: 168 lbs
        Goal weight: whatever makes me look strong and healthy!

        Current goal: No More Muffin Top!!
        a real pushup, a real pull-up, weekly sprints

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          Thanks for the encouragement!

          @Kris C, I read your journal. Yep- similar issues. I'd be happy to keep up with your postings! Cheers to you!

          I think my fear stems from failing so many times. Not only that, but not being able to get the results that other people have achieved. I did Body for Life about 13 years ago. I worked HARD and followed the plan to the letter. Huge disappointment. Tried running, and running and running. Nothing. I've failed to meet my expectations so many times that I've come to believe I shouldn't even hope for big results!

          And I'm so weak physically! Never been able to do push-ups, well not more than a handful. I went through Army Basic Training and almost couldn't pass the PT test! The drill Sargent had to spend extra time with me doing bench presses and extra push-ups just so I could struggle to get 13 out!
          I want to start getting strong, do the Primal Fitness and all that but I don't have confidence.

          One thing at a time- maybe.

          Thanks again for the welcome.


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            Day 1

            No exercise today Walked 3 miles yesterday though.

            Drank caffeinated coffee for the first time in 2 weeks, Drs Eades book recommended it (before giving blood) after the first two weeks are complete.

            Fasted until noon.
            Ate 2 hardboiled eggs and cup of roobios tea
            later had leftovers; couple of bites of pork chop and egg salad on tomato slices
            dinner was grilled steak, mushrooms w/butter and steamed green beans with a spoonful of my homemade mayo and lemon juice dressing. Whew! Also drank LOTS of water.

            I have a question about tomatoes; are they good, bad ?


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              Yesterday was a bit strange. I wasn't as hungry as I have been. I guess I ate plenty of fat?

              Yesterday's fare;

              I had a bit of leftover steak for breakfast
              lunch was 2 fried eggs w/ bacon
              for a late snack I ate sardines with a hardboiled egg
              After making dinner for the family, I found myself not feeling at all hungry so I didn't eat.

              I weigh everyday ( just to graph my weight and get a mean average) and it has consistently ticked downward. That's a good thing. But I don't really have that crazy energy everyone seems to talk about. Maybe I haven't given it enough time?

              Here is to TODAY!


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                The energy will come. I haven't gotten crazy energy but I certainly have a whole lot more than I used to have. Even with a workout and a walk today, I am still not exhausted like I used to be at this hour (it's nearly 7PM here). How's your sleeping? Any improvements there?

                I have no upper body strength either. My goal was to do a real pushup by my son's birthday next week, but I might have to be realistic and change it. Maybe a good knee pushup instead. And when that energy hits you, you will be wanting to do some sort of workout! Even if it is just something small. That's all that matters, small steps in the journey toward better health.
                Starting weight: 168 lbs
                Current weight: 168 lbs
                Goal weight: whatever makes me look strong and healthy!

                Current goal: No More Muffin Top!!
                a real pushup, a real pull-up, weekly sprints

                Visit my journal:' Place for Primal Rantings...because everyone else thinks she's nuts


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                  Sleeping is good. Energy level seems to change from day to day. I guess I need to pay more attention to what I'm eating on the days I feel "draggy".

                  I've was working out 3 days a week for the 4 weeks before I changed my diet, but while I was adjusting to no carbs/sugar I just didn't have it in me to do the weight training. I decided to do a new exercise routine when I felt like I had adjusted to the way of eating. (maybe I can only focus on one thing at a time. ) The weight is still moving downward each morning and that's one good thing.

                  I am going to work on holding the plank position for longer and longer time periods as a prep for the push-up. I can do the knee push-ups but they have never really helped me get to the full push-up!

                  Good luck with your work-outs!


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                    Julie you and I sound a bit alike I`m rather new as well. I`ve never had a "weight problem";I`m 5`7" and currently 143 lbs and about 19% body fat and I turned 46 on the 22nd of February. I haven`t read Taubes book yet but I`m reading the Primal Blueprint and about 3/4 of the way through. Cheers to our journey
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                      @pattyd Thanks! I think my goal is to be where you ARE.
                      Seriously though, I may have started this with a focus on weight loss but now I'm all about a lifestyle change. I know that I personally have issues with grains, I'm addicted. So now I know I can't even play around with them. Like any addict I guess. So here's to "one day at a time"!


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                        Welcome aboard Julie! I'm just ahead of you - doing this about a month now.

                        I hear you on the pushups. I am such a weenie. I have to do modified pushups, or start on the ground flat on my belly then push myself up into the plank. I found that to be helpful. I'm now able to do "monkey" pushups and do pushups on a stool. Soon I will be doing real pushups - I see the progress.

                        Do the baby steps to build the strength - it will happen.
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                          Yesterday was a bust! I visited a friend who is from Nepal that I haven't seen in a while. can't visit their home without being offered food, and you can't say no. Unfortunately it wasn't the normal Nepalese fare, it was a toasted PB sandwich with a slice of American cheese. Evidently their favorite "American" sandwich these days. Also, some fried things I called "banana pancakes" (tasty, but not on my menu these days.) and some fried "chip-like" things that are common in Nepal. And no visit is complete without their spiced tea drink.

                          I just decided it was one day out of many, many, many days and I would be fine. And while that is true- I was afraid it would set off cravings that might be difficult for me to resist since I am so new to this WoE.

                          Turns out the cravings were not a problem, I did have a small (3oz) glass of wine that I wouldn't have had otherwise, but I did wake up in the middle of the night feeling a little sick at my stomach. Now I'm not sure if it was the grains, sugar, or alcohol that caused it.

                          Received my Coconut oil yesterday. Looking forward to trying it out! I also picked up some Coconut milk to try, but I didn't realize how much sugar it has. I may wait until my weight gets down a little before I indulge in that.

                          I'm motivated to try the pushups again. (Thanks Girls!)


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                            I did an IF today. Had a bit of roasted chicken w/skin and a protein shake with a raw egg for dinner. First food since dinner last night.

                            I did 3 full push-ups today, just to see if I could do any at all. I'm going to try for 5! next time.


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                              Congrats on the push-ups!!! Still working toward my first real push-up. It will come soon enough. And great job being open-minded about the food with friends. Yes, it is one day out of many. I am glad you didn't get cravings. Must mean Primal is working. Feeling sick was probably a combination of it all.

                              So jealous of your push-ups! Here's to the start of a new week!
                              Starting weight: 168 lbs
                              Current weight: 168 lbs
                              Goal weight: whatever makes me look strong and healthy!

                              Current goal: No More Muffin Top!!
                              a real pushup, a real pull-up, weekly sprints

                              Visit my journal:' Place for Primal Rantings...because everyone else thinks she's nuts