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  • March Whole30

    After falling spectacularly off the wagon in February, it's time to climb back on with a vengeance!

    The rules:

    1) Eat real food meat, fish, eggs, tons of vegetables, some fruit, and plenty of good fats.

    2) Do not consume added sugar of any kind, real or artificial.

    3) Do not eat processed foods.

    4) Do not drink alcohol, in any form.

    5) Do not eat grains.

    6) Do not eat legumes - this includes peanuts and all forms of soy.

    7) Do not eat dairy.

    8) Do not eat white potatoes.

    9) Take measurements before starting, but do not measure or step on the scales the for the whole month.


    Personal tweaks:

    1) No nuts - these seem to be a trigger food for me that make me hungrier instead of sating me

    2) No restricting myself - until I get into the swing of things, I will eat as much as I want to. One of the top reasons I'm doing this is to not only realign what I eat, but how I eat. Recently I've been binging a lot. I think it's unrealistic to stop that immediately. So step 1 is simply to binge heathily, if that urge arises. I can work on the finer points later.

    3) No skimping on exercise - it is necessary. However, if my body is telling me it needs a rest, then equally I shouldn't push it.

    4) No feeling guilty on March 3rd, as I am going to an elderly colleague's house for dinner and won't be able to avoid eating 'forbidden' foods.



    In order of importance...

    1) Get back on the wagon - really commit to living and eating primally

    2) Kill sugar cravings and pave the way for good eating habits which focus on health, satiety and listening to my body rather than my emotions

    3) Lose a bit of body fat

    STARTING TODAY (to make up for the afore-mentioned dinner!)

    Anybody else in?

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    I certainly had my last hurrah yesterday. Decided to cap off a week of awful eating and deteriorating willpower with a gigantic curry (including a naan bread - haven't eaten bread in months!) followed up with Baskin Robbins. Was so full I didn't eat right up until the evening, when I had a bit of soup, some tuna, a glass of lovely white wine and a banana. I feel like I needed to get it out of my system.

    Today I feel...ok. I definitely feel bloated, but not terribly. I slept pretty badly, but I have no idea whether it's food, stress or the fact that the liquor store over the street is open and having deliveries at 3am again. Could be a sleep-destroying combo?

    Breakfast was:
    - cup of red cabbage cooked in butter
    - two small fried tomatoes
    - two-egg omelette cooked in butter

    - a banana

    - BAS - lettuce, cucumber, tomato, red cabbage, celery and a can of tuna (forgot to bring dressing!)
    - portion of homemade liver pate

    Looking good!


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      I am 100% in for March.

      I'm going to have a bit of a cheat night tonight.

      March 1 = no smoking, and 100% whole 30. Can't wait to see my results! I have my first race of the season in April and I have a feeling I am going to be looking and feeling pretty awesome for it!

      I will be taking before pictures and measurements tonight, I believe.



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        Hi Nopie!

        What are you going to have for your cheat night?
        Good luck for race season! What'll you be racing?
        I too have to dig out the tape measure tonight - thanks for reminding me to take pictures too!

        Definitely feeling reinvigorated today! Colleague just came and gave me two souvenirs (not entirely sure what kind of food they are), and I'm sitting and contemplating the fact that I've no real desire to eat them. A month ago, I'm pretty sure I'd have shovelled them into my mouth by now.

        Hope the rest of the month stays like this


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          Sweet. I'm in.


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            Was wondering when this thread was going to pop up... I'm in for the month of March


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              I'm in for March, with the 'tweak' of eating butter. For me, the hardest part is going to be kicking the diet cola, but I think cold turkey is the way to go! Already took measurements and pictures... Whoooooo!
              Life consists with wildness. The most alive is the wildest. (Thoreau)


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                I'm in. I've just spent the last couple of days trying to get it right in time for March.


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                  I'm in for 100% - no cheats - no mods - looking forward to kicking the protein shake habit for a while!

                  "Do or do not do, there is no try" - Yoda


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                    ok, I am going to try it too - had a terrible week last week as was on holiday and need to kick myself up the ass!


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                      Originally posted by Jezsh View Post
                      Hi Nopie!

                      What are you going to have for your cheat night?
                      Good luck for race season! What'll you be racing?
                      I too have to dig out the tape measure tonight - thanks for reminding me to take pictures too!

                      Cheat night didn't really end up happening quite as I planned- I got a small apple crisp McFlurry and stole some of my kids' fries at McDonald's. (Yeah sue me, I took my kid to McDonald's for the Play Place mainly, yikes).

                      I thought yesterday was the last day of the month... oops.

                      So tonight I am going for AYCE sushi dinner with a friend who is also hopping on the whole 30 bandwagon March 1 (Katydid371). Then hopefully we can do our pictures and measurements.

                      These are the upcoming races I am training for as a runner:

                      Run for Retina Sunday, 04/10/11
                      5K London, ON

                      Forest City Road Race, Sunday, 05/01/11
                      10K London, ON

                      If anyone is on DailyMile add me so I can follow your training -


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                        I am in. Planning to start March 1, but pretty much started already over the weekend.

                        Will allow myself a bit of leeway when my DH and I go for 2 days to wine country for his b-day. Can't possibly avoid indulging in great wine and a bit of cheese there.
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                          I'm in, will be starting tomorrow, no cheats or exceptions. only mod for me is no nuts, period.. cause I don't know when to stop.
                          taking some "before" pics & measurements tonight, looking forward to tackling this!
                          primal journal - the book of meatabix / food pr0n


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                            I'm starting tomorrow also! So far today have eaten almond flour pancakes, about 1/2 a stick of butter, 1/2 a bar of dark chocolate, and an iced coffee with a boatload of cream and stevia. Also going out to dinner tonight . . . Getting it in while I can . In healthier news, I've started preparing for the week by making hard boiled eggs (if I want a snack it will be an egg, not chocolate or butter) and thawing out meat! I'm also going to take "before" pics tomorrow. Good luck everyone!


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                              Ok so here are my rules:

                              1) up to 2 cups of coffee a day and only before noon, and non caffeinated teas after this time.
                              2) no dairy
                              3) no sugars, of any kind
                              4) when possible, only grassfed meats and wild seafood (I may make some exceptions here)
                              5) meals shall consist of meats, eggs, veggies, healthy fats like coconut oil and whole 30 approved spices.
                              6) no nuts or fruits (I really need to break my addictions here) except avocados and tomatoes.
                              7) no smoking
                              8) no processed foods (including meats, like bacon) of any kind
                              9) drink plenty of fresh filtered water
                              10) take vitamin D supplement and Omega 3 supplement daily
                              11) go to bed at or before 11pm every day
                              12) Weigh, measure and photograph myself only before and after the 30 day period. No weighing myself for 30 days.
                              13) Fast only when I feel like fasting
                              14) bonus day 31 is to be a 24 hour water fast
                              15) keep things simple. don't try a bunch of new crap and recipes. Just eat what I know works.
                              16) No booze. FML.

                              I am being extra restrictive because I really need to break my sugar addiction and also because I weigh in on April 5th for a competition with potential to win 500 dollars with a bunch of people on weight watchers- I have something to prove here, people.

                              Ok measurement and photo time. I am taking my picture in a bikini. One that is low rise enough to show my saggy post-having-twins belly. I want to see some progress here. The pictures and measurements will be posted at the end with the updated ones.
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