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    I have been playing around with "Going against the grain" and IF over the last couple of months and now I think it is time to commit to 30 days or more to a paleo/primal challenge. I'm not as pure as the primal30 rules lay out. I like to weigh (126.4) and I can't function without 2-3 drinks per night. I think if I can keep it to under 3 drinks a night for 30 days then that is an achievment in itself. I'm allowing 1-2 cups coffee per day with a dash whole milk. I drink tea but will not use any sugar for the next 30 days. I'm allowing Stevia in my tea.

    Food will be fresh fruit, veg, meat, fish, eggs.

    No cans or frozen if I can help it.

    I'm going to limit nuts until I lose a few pounds and try get flaxseeds in everyday. I come from a rawfood background since 2006. I've lost over 80 pounds since I started dieting in 2002. The last couple of years I've noticed joint pain and it's happened every time I've gone 100% vegan. I don't want to end up with arthritis so I am switching to this way of eating to see if I can reach a higher level of health and fitness. Since cutting out grains and doing a weekly fast the joint pain has dissapeared. Now I just have to make sure it stays that way. I used to be a chronic cardio bunny. Walking 1-2 hours per day. The last few months I've rested and walked 30-40 mins 2-3 times per week. My hips are very gratefull.
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    Welcome and good luck with the 30 day thing!
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      Welcome Mystic, best of luck to you on reaching your goals!
      2/7/11 the beginning, 340 and miserable, 3/3/11, 321.5 on my way to 240, on 4/8/12 and then on to a six pack(Failed Miserably) Back 5/19/12 at 342,,,,6/20/12, 315,,,,7/6/12 at 299 ,,,,7/14/12 at 295,,,8/15/12 at 279,,,8/31/12 at 274 ,,, ,,,


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        Thanks! So far I've had a great start. Not yet been a day but hey I'm motivated and feeling great.

        Cross country walk 50 mins

        Breakfast : 3 eggs
        Lunch : Grapes and 70 gm fish
        Snack: Apple
        Snack: Egg
        Dinner: Oven roasted vegtables
        Drink: 1.3 Units Alcohol
        Snack 1 Tsp flaxseeds

        Calorie Est 1400-1600 Total
        Exercise Cals Est 200
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          Yesterday went really well. Today is a rest day and I slept in and got my sleep after a shakey start of getting woken at 6am by my 3 yr old daughter. The plan today is a 24 hour IF. Only 8 hours to go so it shouldn't be too hard. I'll probably go food shopping later so will have to think up some primal ideas. I want to get the kids eating this way as it doesn't make much sense to feed them poisonness foods now I know how bad they are. On a selfish lvl it keeps me on track not having processed carbs around.


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            I did my fast and had one hour of eating. I could of kept going but I didn't so am glad about that. I made a meatloaf for the first time and my son and husband both said they want it again! I usually never cook but I'm thinking I will alot more eating this way. Raw food usuasally doesn't need alot of cooking but since I'm not into raw meat then the family gets a treat. They have been fending for themselves for years so I think they really like a home cooked meal for a change.

            Shopping didn't go as well as I planned. I got sucked into the 1$ specials for family lunches. Spag in sauce, baked beans, pasta. I have alot of bills to pay and have got to feed the family for less for the next couple of weeks. At least I got some mince and gourmet sosauges for paleo dinners. I got a dozen eggs but am thinking I must get some bacon as everyone around here seems to rave about it. Doesn't the salt cause water retention?

            I can't make up my mind weather to IF today or not. I expect I'll have some eggs and do the 24 hour IF again tomorrow.

            Weight this morning 125.4


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              Hi Mystic! Good for you for taking up the challenge! I know what you mean with the joint pain - I feel that grains tend to be a cause for me.
              You get the opportunity to choose something positive for your self ~ so GO DO IT!


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                Hi Jen, thx for the comment. Im sure grains are bad for me. I am struggling with going without 100% but I wont give up trying.
                Yesterday I did a 28 hour IF and had great energy. I made poor choices in the evening so am determined to keep at it. Today I had grapes and mince patties, 2 eggs for dinner with a green salad. I went for a 50 minute hike. I have had some bad snacks as well. 200 cals worth but I have gone alcohol free so I'm very pleased as I really struggle with that one. Im sure with more planning I can get better at this 80/20 isnt enough, Id like to see myself at 90/10 or better.


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                  17 hours fasted currently I'm tempted to keep going and have sosauges and eggs tonight. I dont have many veges in the house but have broccili onion and green beans. Plenty for a primal dinner.

                  Weight this morning 126.6

                  More then Im happy with but I feel leaner with a flat stomache.


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                    I've a tendency to overdo the meat whenever I lower my carbs and this last week has been no exception. So Im going to focus more on vegtables , fruit and then meat just several times per week. If I Was eating fish it wouldn't be so bad. I can't afford fish everyday so I'm going to fill up on veges and splurge on nice fish twice weekly.
                    I feel a bit tired and run down today. Prehaps the dreaded carb flu? Weight this morning 127. Not happy I can gain eating under 1800 per day. Today Ive fasted then had and apple, grapes and 2.5 plain potatoes. 1000 cals.


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                      I've been away for a couple of days and am happy to report I've stayed paleo. Last night the family ate pizza and I scaped the toppings off and it was delish even if greasy. I head home today and look forward to being able to weigh in again. Did a 24 hour fast yesterday and will do another today. I love being primal in the city but look forward to getting back home.


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                        I'm switching it up a bit this week and have been juice fasting on grapes and watermelon. I am going to live in the tropics and Im sure in those areas there would of been a higher fruit consumption. I know when I focus on primal I eat way too much meat. Soon I will have access to fresh wild caught fish and what a dream that will be. Until then I cant be motivated to buy second rate fish.

                        Todays weight 125.4


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                          Today went well. I went shopping and bought 4kgs of red grapes and blk plums to have over the weekend. There is frozen fish and steak in the freezer if needed. I haven't had a drink of alcohol since Monday night. For me that's a big deal. I would so be a lush if only it was good for me.
                          I've gotten PB on kindle and so far it's a great read. I also enjoyed Robb Wolfs book only it needed some shopping lists.
                          Todays weight 124.4. Am happy to be back down to a weight I like.


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                            There was a crisis at home today with my husband having one of his depressive episodes. It was brief but intense and for once I was really quite scared. I told him I will leave if he makes me scared of him and he took a cpl of pills the doc has given him to settle down and he was ok after that. I wanted to eat anything and not care afterwards but I stuck with my grapes and now Im glad I did.


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                              125 Today. Ive just been for a 60 min hike in the woods. Planning on making a pot of broth and having that today. Im 16 hours fasting and feel no hunger so will try a broth fast to try reach 123 on the scale.