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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Jie Jie)

    I've been toying around w/ this for a week. Today is the day to commit. I ordered the book last night. Looking forward to reading the book soon.

    My goal is get fit via crossfit and to fuel my body through PB. I recently tried the Zone and found myself way too obsessed w/ the number of almonds for a snack. I was drawn to PB's simplicity and realism.

    Current Stats:

    Age = 35

    Gender = F

    Height = 5 '1

    Weight = 141

    B: 4 Egg Whites and Steak scramble, 1/4 banana

    S: Beef Jerky and Almonds

    L: Tenderloin and Veggies

    S: Remaining tenderloin and veggies from L

    D: Beef Shish Kabob w/ Veggies, glass of Lactaid Milk


    25m Broad Jump

    BWgt Deadlift (#of DL Reps determined by #of Broad Jumps done to cover 25m)= 18

    21 Lateral Burpees

    21 KB Swings (25# American)

    25m Broad Jump

    BWgt + 25% Deadlift (#of DL Reps determined by #of Broad Jumps done to cover 15m)= 11

    15 Lateral Burpees

    15 KB Swings (25#-American)

    BWgt + 50% Deadlift (#of DL Reps determined by #of Broad Jumps done to cover 10m)= 7

    9 Lateral Burpees

    9 KB Swings (25#-American)

    Time: 17:16

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      Day 2

      I had plans for a Tex-Mex dinner planned this evening so I made it my 20%. Great WOD this am!

      Weight: 139.6

      B: 3 Egg Whites, 1 Egg, Guac, Milk

      L: Orange Roughy, Broccoli, Almonds

      S: Green Tea

      D: Roasted Pork, black beans, chips, salsa, ceviche, tequila, scotch


      AMRAP in 20min

      70m Farmers Walk (Set-35#)

      20 Box Jumps (20")

      20 Ball Slams (12#)

      **Partners WOD = While Partner 1 is out on Farmers Walk, partner 2 will complete 20 BJ/20 BS.

      4.5 Rounds


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        Jie Jie...

        Why are you just eating those egg whites?

        Eat the whole thing, Girl. Don&#39;t be afraid...they are packaged together for a reason<3


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          Kuno1chi, funny that you posted that last night. I just made egg and turkey muffins for the week and I included the egg yolks. I wont be skeered of the yolk moving forward!

          Day 3

          Great rest day today! No WOD just rest. Just finished making quick egg and turkey breakfast muffins for the week. Delish and easy!

          B: 2 egg omelette w/ spinach, bell peppers, and onions. Chicken apple sausage and OJ.

          S: Almond butter

          L: beef fajitas and onions. Carrots.

          S: Almonds and a glass of milk

          D: 1/2 Rib eye steak. Okra w/ stewed tomatoes and onions.


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            Day 4

            Another great eating day! I&#39;m not craving the processed carbs. I&#39;m surprised and pleased at the same time.

            B: 2 egg turkey muffins, 1 plum

            S: Almonds, Lactaid milk

            L: 1/2 rib eye steak. Okra w/ stewed tomatoes and onions.

            S: Almonds, protein powder w/ Lactaid milk

            D: Grilled chix, Sauteed squash, strawberries


            Pullups 12-10-8-6-4-2

            Press 10-12-14-16-18-20

            Time: 10:40

            1000m row = 5:47m


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              Day 5

              On the road tonight and tomorrow. Doing good so far this evening.

              B: 2 egg turkey muffins, glass of Lactaid milk

              S: Almonds

              L: Ground beef w/ onions and clean guacamole, carrots

              S: Almonds and Odwalla Super Protein drink

              D: Grilled chicken breast w/ a little bit of salad, almonds


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                Day 6

                B: 2 eggs over hard, 1 sausage

                S: Almonds

                L: Shrimp, hardboiled eggs salad, bits of sampler appetizer (1 fried mozzarella and 1 wing)

                S: Almonds, peanuts (Not primal...letting my hair down, tiny bit of beef jerky

                D: 2 egg turkey muffins, carrots

                S: Scotch

                S: fajita meat, queso, chips


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                  Good lookin&#39; food! Good job on the whole eggs! I find, the more egg-days I have, the more I am satiated for most of the day! I think it has to do with the fat content in the yolks! Mmmmmm.....

                  Carry on!


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                    Thanks for the encouragement, SassaFrass! I&#39;m slowly getting out of the habit of only eating egg whites.

                    Day 7

                    Today&#39;s plan was to eat more primal than yesterday. Accomplished! Great WOD as well!

                    I am now bored w/ my food for the past 6 days so I bought Bison meat. It was scrumptious!

                    B: 2 egg turkey muffins w/ salsa, glass of Lactaid milk

                    S: Almonds

                    L: Ground beef w/ onions and clean guacamole and salsa, carrots

                    S: Almonds

                    D: Bison NY Strip Steak, baked green beens w/ olive oil and garlic


                    x 3 Rounds

                    2min-Row for Cal

                    10sec transition


                    Results: 21/40, 21/42, 19/41

                    1000m Row = 5:37


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                      Day 8

                      I feel good about my WOD today but know that I can skim my time if I focus on my run. Will work on runs and breathing next week.

                      B: egg turkey muffins w/ salsa, glass of Lactaid milk

                      L: 1/2 Chix breast, brocolli and carrots stir fry

                      S: 1/2 Chix breast, plum

                      D: Fajita meat, queso, 1 tortila, chips, chocolate candy


                      400m Run

                      [3 DL - 90#, 6 Lateral Burpees, 9 Ball Slams - 12#) X 5

                      400m Run

                      Time: 15:27


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                        Day 9

                        Tons of energy today.

                        B: 2 eggs over hard, brocolli and carrots stir fry w/ a few pieces of Bison steak, Lactaid milk

                        L: 1/2 a chicken breast w/ onions, panko breaded eggplant

                        S: Remaining few bits of Bison steak and broccolli and carrots stir fry

                        D: raw fish, vegetable tempura, 2 pieces of wasabi shumai, ika sansai, few pieces of peppered beef


                        80 min 5 mile walk


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                          10/11 Day 10 into the 30 Day PC. I&#39;ve decided to weigh myself on Sundays only instead of getting on the scale each morning.

                          Today I am 139 lbs. I&#39;ve lost 2 lbs since officially starting this journal.

                          The goal for next week is to eat more primal (cut down on the cheats of Mexican food) and stop eating when I&#39;m full. Just b/c there&#39;s food on my plate doesnt mean I need to eat all of it if I&#39;m alredy full.

                          Sounds simple. Will need to work on the habit.


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                            Day 10

                            Sunday rest day.

                            B: 2 fried eggs in coconut oil, glass of lactaid milk

                            L: Braised oxtail w/ pesole, and greens (ate only a few hominy pieces but instead ate the onions and carrots in the soup) YUMMY!

                            S: 2 tablespoon of Almond Butter w/ 1/4 of a banana

                            D: 1/2 chix breast w/ onions, fried panko eggplant (coconut oil), and broccoli and carrots stir fry


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                              Day 11

                              Feelin good! Lots of energy.

                              B: 3 scrambled eggs w/ salsa and wholly guac, glass of lactaid milk

                              S: 1/2 banana w/ Almond butter

                              L: 1/2 chix breast w/ onions, plum, 2 slices of fried eggplant (coconut oil)

                              S: 1/2 banana w/ Almond butter

                              D: 1/2 chix breast, bok choy, almonds, beef jerky, glass of lactaid milk


                              x 5 Rounds

                              7 OH Squats (35#)

                              200m Run

                              Time: 11:37