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The 16 year olds primal journal

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  • The 16 year olds primal journal

    Hey all, this is my primal journal. I thought it would be a good avenue for other teens to see what I do and for you veterans to see how im going.

    I will note, I do not own the primal blueprint or cook books.
    Infact - I should probaly read more into primal blueprint 101 but ohh well.

    Monday 21 Febuary 2011

    Breakfast: 7:30 AM - 3 egg omelette with some chopped up tomatoe thrown in. I added a bit of BBQ sauce.

    Recess: Apple and a peanut butter sandwhich (ohh no!!!) I couldn't find anything to eat so meh.

    Lunch: Almonds and chia seeds and a pear.

    After school I was hungry so I cut up some fetta cheese, put some pepper on it and added a couple of tea spoons of olive oil.

    Haven't had dinner yet but will be fish and chips as family is coming over. No doubt ill be eating copius amounts of chips and a burger with the lot - yum.

    Several green and white teas in the day + 1 coffee in the morning.

    Fishoil ( I believe it was about 2 grams)
    St Johns Wort (herbal mild/anxiety reliever)
    I had a bad stint of anxiety last year and the year before, although its gotten progressively better to the point its essentialy gone. I take St Johns for the last little bit of relief and hopefully after a few months of meditation and taking it ill be off it.

    20-20 minutes of meditation tonight (works wonders)