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    ah, again with not keeping up with this.

    for the record, I guess, I'm still eating lots of vegetables and lots of meat, some dairy, lots of pastured eggs (seems to be the least expensive, most nutritious/ethically raised thing I can get lately) lots of vegetables and oh, CSA box, lots of vegetables. I added in some rice crackers because I miss crunchy and at least they're gluten free, and I haven't been watching seed oils or nuts. overall I'm trying not to stress about anything right now, becase I seem to have the summer off from school (thanks, crappy state budget, for canceling all of the technology classes!!? wtf! technology is the only area librarians are going to get jobs in!!! *scowl*) and work is fabulous. so why should I be stressing over anything? food included! and I really dont want to be that person who is so constantly focused on what she does/does not eat. It's just food. I'm not binging (or purging or overexercising) and I'm not obsessed with eating right now.

    I seriously think maybe having an enjoyable, fulfilling, challenging job was the last part of the "balance" that I've been missing for three years. Everything else was fine. (ok, right now, I could use a social life, but whatever.)

    been doing pilates, dumbbells, and belly dance drills. rode my bike to/from work once last week, with my boyfriend, it's a little too sketchy for me to do on my own...but a massive awesome hill, so I'm going to try to talk him into riding with me more often.
    I want so badly to start taking tribal style belly dance lessons again. focusing more on the dynamic movement stuff than the dumbbells, and the yoga/pilates/dance posture is really helping me to know how to maintain posture when lifting anyway.

    and now I'm going to go back in hiding again until I figure out things.
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