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  • The 30/30/30 Project ~ a_morgan24

    Project 30/30/30: Weigh in at 130 lbs. by May 30th... the day of my golden (and dreaded) 30th birthday.

    Here goes nothin'! I've been Primal and on the Forum since August but have a clearly defined goal now and realize that this will help me keep accountable. I am a 29 y/0 female from Denver CO. I started my journey to being healthier about 2 years ago when I lost 2 family members to smoking related diseases. I smoked and was chubby and lazy. So, I went to a hypnotist, successfully quit smoking and decided to get off of my ass and get in shape. Enter CrossFit. I joined an affiliate in March of 2009 and have slowly (very slowly) gotten stronger, fitter and happier. But that wasn't quite enough for to satisfy me, so I met with a co-owner of the gym after a nutrition seminar that they host and she introduced me to PB. I started in August at 151 lbs, got down to 130 lbs, then the holidays and my slacking has me back up to 140 lbs today (I am 5'5).
    The number 130 isn't the 'must have', I just know that when I was at 130, I felt my best so I want to get back to that 'feeling'. I want to keep the hourglass figure, continue to get stronger, sleep better, have a happier digestive system, get rid of my exercise induced asthma symptoms and (in the spirit of being honest), look hot while I'm poolside in Vegas on my 30th.

    Crossfit! Haters, don't bother. I love it, it works for me. I like the variety, motivation I get from the group and the results. I average 3-4 WODs/week.
    My dog. She loves walks and has taken to actually bringing me her leash when she's ready for one. (hint hint)
    Colorado. It's beautiful here and there is so much to do for Play! I love being outside and having fun.
    I love too cook
    My Dad owns a Grass fed beef business and pays me with beef for my website design and marketing help
    I work from home so less temptation to eat out and no office 'crap' lurking around constantly
    This forum. I come here for recipes, advice and sometimes, just a break from work

    Potential Setbacks:
    I work. A LOT. Average 12-14 hour days with "shorter" days on the weekends. I work from home so it's pretty hard to 'walk away' when it's this busy. That makes it tough sometimes to get to the gym, go outside to walk or even cook a good meal after a looooong day.
    I like to drink. Wine, Whiskey and Vodka, in particular. Certainly not an alcoholic but no chance I am giving it up
    I have an active social life which includes plenty of eating out and drinking with friends.
    I still crave junk. It's getting better but I am nowhere near the point that I'd like to be with not wanting to cheat.

    Monday was my 'official' day back in. I've stuck to my 1,700 calories/day goal, went to CrossFit Monday and yesterday and took an hour long walk today. Thanks to hard workouts and a little snowmobile crash last weekend, I think that my jello legs needs a day or two off.

    I plan to use this to track food and exercise and for motivation when needed.

    So, the adventure begins....
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    Day 4 of the Project commences... Had a good day yesterday. Despite the sore legs, I made it out for 2 long walks w/ the d.o.g. and meals went as such:

    B: 2 egg omelet with leftover asparagus and filet mignon, 5 strawberries, coffee w/ half & half
    L: BAS and grilled pork chop
    S: 1 serving roasted salted green peas from Sprouts. Amazing little salty/crunchy snack
    D: Yummy dinner at little French restaurant – steak meal with mussels to start and a glass of red wine
    Dessert: a second glass of wine… I think I tipped the 1700 calorie scale with that one.

    Getting in a WOD today with my sister (who I am slowly trying to get hooked on CrossFit). Today’s workout is
    21-15-9 reps for time of:
    wall ball shots, 20 lbs (12 lbs),
    My quads are seriously screaming from all of the squats I’ve done this week so somewhat dreading the wall balls but who knows, maybe they’ll feel better after I destroy them yet again… One can hope.

    Looks like it will be another gorgeous day in CO also so think I’ll skip the “doing taxes” chore at lunch and convince my neighbors to join us for a dog park date. I love Vitamin D.


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      DAY 5! TGIF. Got my butt kicked at CrossFit last night. No matter the workout, if it involves burpees or wallballs, I have a hard time with my breathing and this one had both. That plus torn hands from pullups and bruised knees have me calling it a rest day today (rest + neosporin + advil).

      B: omlette with bacon, bell peppers and onions, 5 strawberries, coffee w/ half & half
      L: BA Chopped S with tons of veggies and some turkey
      S: Sprouts dried peas and a piece of my uncle's amazing beef jerky straight from West TX
      D: Green beans and Roast that I had in the crock pot all day - grassfeed beef chuck with mushrooms and onions cooked in some water/wine/onion soup mix. Deeeelish!

      Have a friend's 30th birthday celebration tonight at a dive pub and then dive bar for a concert. I think I'll eat dinner before to avoid deciding on a healthy bar dinner.

      IMd my non-primal but supportive best friend yesterday and told her I was bakin' bacon and my house smelled like heaven. I love her for not replying with the "you eat a lot of bacon for somebody trying to lose weight". Instead she replied with this:

      No wonder she's my bff. Happy Friday ~


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        I have a love-hate relationship with weekends lately. I eat so well during the week when I am home and only have good, fresh food around. But the weekends are a whole other beast for me. This weekend was comprised of 2 birthday parties (including 2 birthday cakes), a bar that only served beer and no time at home to 'pick' what to eat. I did still manage to do well minus a bite of cake and beer on Friday. Let's just say that my head and stomach aches the next morning reminds me why I am not a beer drinker anymore.

        This week is pure insanity at work so I am vowing to myself that I have to get in at least 4 WODs and some good long walks with the dog in an effort to maintain sanity... today's workout is: AMRAP 12 minutes of: 12 squat cleans, 95 lbs (65 lbs), 12 situps.

        Weighed in this morning and lost exactly 1 lb. this week which is my goal. So far, so good!


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          Holy crap, I'm tired! But I got some great ideas on a thread I posted yesterday for some natural supplements so heading to the store today for those. I need to find more balance in my life so I can get back to a normal routine - both personally and with sleep!

          Meals yesterday:
          B- scrambled eggs, bacon, apple
          L- chicken salad in butter lettuce 'wraps'
          D- Parm crusted pork loin and green beans w/ butter, almond slivers, salt/pepper. My new fav.

          Didn't do so well at the WOD yesterday after a pretty intense warm up. I got in 5 sets + 1 extra rep of 65lb squat cleans and sit ups in the 12 minutes. I have lousy/tight/cracking hip flexers so squats do me in. But I took my dog for a walk in the afternoon and was feeling stressed and overwhelmed with a lot of stuff going on in my life right now. So I started running. If you knew me, you would know how much I hate running. Turns out, it felt pretty good. Maybe this is a new revelation for me!

          I am co-hosting a Girls night dinner with a friend tonight for a bunch of non-primal friends. The co-host set the menu and I am to bring... the bread. Awesome. I won't eat it but I'll bring it because I've tried to have the PB conversations with this crowd and they are not gettin' it.

          Got my catalog in the mail yesterday to order a new bathing suit for Vegas. It's happening today... talk about motivation!
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            cool journal Morgan!

            I like how you talk about the WODs and how you feel during/after them. Your diet candor is also appreciated whether or not it's strictly Primal. I hope to someday be as able to indulge with friends etc and maintain a positive outlook and not stray from the trail or get stressed about being 100% compliant; pretty cool that you can follow the program and still have a very active work/social/crossfit life.

            look forward to more! What does the swimsuit look like? Post a picture of your dog!
            ad astra per aspera


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              Thanks, FastCat! My first MDA friend and my first journal commenter, it’s an honor I follow your journal hoping that some of your commitment will rub off on me via computer monitor.

              Pictures, as requested…

              Sadie, the wonder/lover dog:

              ‘The’ 30 bikini: the model is too damn skinny so instead of hanging the picture on the wall for motivation, I’ll just hang the bikini.

              Yesterday’s workout… amazing. I was too busy to get to the gym but we busted out the Michael Jackson Experience on Wii at girls night and I danced my ass off for a good couple of hours. If you haven’t yet experienced the phenomenon, you should.

              B: inadvertent IF. i.e. I am sleep deprived and got swamped so just forgot to eat until 2
              L: Chipotle salad with fajita veggies, carnitas, guac, pico and a lil’ bit of cheese
              D: Asian Chicken salad at girl’s night with some (I use that term loosely) wine.


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                Weds –
                B: 2 egg frittata with bacon, bell peppers and organic green chili salsa, apple
                L: tuna salad w/ homemade mayo, onion, dill pickles, s&p in butter lettuce wraps
                D: steak and veggies grilled in cast iron skillet, yum!

                5 rounds for time of:
                10 pullups
                10 dips
                50 double-unders
                Love double unders but hate (maybe hate is a strong word… I am slow at them) pull-ups so luckily, they balance out for time.

                Jeans were scrunched up under my belt in the waist yesterday, wohoo! It’s crazy how getting back into a solid routine helps so quickly… Wait, no it’s not. It makes perfect sense and feels gooooood.


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                  B: 2 egg omelet with turkey, artichoke hearts and feta. Grapes. Coffee/Cream
                  L: Pork chop, raw veggies and curry dip
                  D: nada


                  Wittman: 7 rounds for time of:
                  15 kettlebell swings, 24 kg (16 kg)
                  15 power cleans, 95 lbs (65 lbs) I modified the weight and used 55 lbs for the power cleans. 105, that’s a lotta reps
                  15 box jumps, 24" box (20" box)
                  Time – 24:24

                  I am ready for the weekend. Too much working and not enough sleep! Starting to get a sore throat which is usually the first sign of a “slow down” cold. I am going to take the memo and relax as much as possible. Just one more day of work…


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                    Yet another busy weekend behind me. I did have a 'cheat meal' on Saturday. I know many on this forum are passionately adverse to cheat meals and many are equally as adverse to scales, and I am not. So yes, I cheated, and then I weighed in again today. *gasp* I schedule a cheat meal every 2 weeks so that if I am craving some sort of carb-ridden junk, I 'save' it for one meal every 2 weeks when I eat whatever I want and then turn it back around. It works for me.

                    In regards to all of the "throw the f-ing scale away mentalities", as I said in my first post, the actual # isn't the goal but all things that I felt the last time that I was at my goal weight. I don't obsess but I need more of a measurable and solid goal to reach so I picked one. And I have been at the weight recently so I know that is my sweet spot. With 130 lbs comes more body confidence, more muscles poking through, better sleep, better skin, better digestion, etc. So, judge if you want, I weigh myself and I schedule cheat meals. Every body is different; every goal is different.

                    Pretty mellow week socially so I am sure it will involve plenty of work hours and hopefully plenty of activity. It's supposed to be in the 60s all week! I have one lucky golden retriever...


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                      Woke up feelin' good today. I got to relax last night while watching some Dexter and making jewelry and FINALLY getting a good long night of sleep!

                      Monday B: Omelet w/ Turkey, feta and tomato
                      L: leftover chili from awesome recipe that I found on here
                      D: Roasted turkey, green beans and sweet potato

                      CrossFit WOD - 50 reps on the 5 minute interval of:
                      wall ball shots
                      It almost felt like my coach hand-picked some of my biggest weaknesses and threw them all together. It hurt but I didn't modify anything and I finished it all in just over 16 minutes. Definitely one of the slowest in my gym but a) that's typical and b) I've learned not to beat myself up about it. I go in and kick my own ass and feel great when I leave so have to stop stressing about the times. The place is full of games qualifiers, former D1 athletes, pan-am rowers, etc. so that helps get past my own ego.

                      Back to the gym today at noon and cashing in a gift certificate for a facial tonight. I just might like Tuesday this week.
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                        B: 3 eggs with leftover turkey and cheddar cheese, apple, Plantation Mint Tea.
                        L: grass fed beef roast and veggies
                        D: Steak, steamed artichoke with homemade roumalade

                        Workout of the Day:
                        As many rounds in 20 minutes of:
                        5 power cleans, see chart
                        10 box jumps, 20" box
                        150 meter run
                        8 rounds + 15 reps

                        I am feeling uninspired for commentary today, still trying to wake up. Looking forward to another beautiful day in CO today!


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                          Yesterday was gorgeous so I opened some windows, got some fresh air in the house, took the dog for a walk and made it to the gym last night. Good day.
                          B: fried eggs, sliced kielbasa
                          L: BAS
                          D: Pork tenderloin (marinated in garlic/mustard/balsamic glaze) and roasted asparagus w/ tomato
                          D: Strawberries w/ a little cream and honey.

                          5 rounds for time of:
                          10 KB snatches each hand, 20 kg (12 kg)
                          10 pushups
                          10 squats


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                            You are making me seriously crave CrossFit. I've never done it, but it was my goal to give it a go this year. I injured my back pretty badly in late 2010 and am still healing, but man, I'm itching to get in there and give it a whirl.


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                              Yea!! I am clearly a big proponent of it I am just not one of those people that can go into a big gym and push myself hard enough or be creative enough with putting together workouts to stay interested so it's perfect for me.
                              If you can find a good affiliate that will help you modify workouts so you don't mess your back up, you should definitely do it! I have been going for 2 years and still modify some of the workouts. I started out incredibly out of shape and have ex.induced asthma and various other issues so there are still things I cannot do (and I am still slow). I think the key is having coaches that know you and your injuries/weaknesses and make you feel comfortable with what you're doing. Even though I get my butt kicked more often than not, everybody is so supportive so it makes me excited to go each time. Once you start, you'll be hooked.