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    Staycation! Great call. And I am jealous that you're going to San Fran too! It's one of my favorite places to visit.

    I am back from a mini trip to Illinois to spend time with my Dad and other family there. It was awesome. I got to relax (a tiny bit), got in a workout at another CrossFit affiliate and got to do a lot of work with the grass fed beef business. It's really taking off for him! Very exciting to have met some clients, attend some 'pitches', see the processing facility, etc.

    I ate as best as possible given the constant moving around/driving/working so it's back to 100% for me today. Going to soak up these last few days of freedom before starting the new gig on Monday. Got to the gym today for this WOD,
    5 rounds for time of:
    10 ring rows
    10 ball slams, 30 lbs (20 lbs)
    10 weighted situps, 30 lbs (20lbs)
    150 meter run
    My time was 10:01


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      Haha, cute dog.


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        Sadie says Thanks! She is an awesome dog.

        B: Eggs, sausage, grapefruit
        L: Big ass Chef salad
        D: Going to do something with Shrimp/butter and make a cold cucumber/tomato/red onion/vinegar salad

        Workout: Doin' a little dance at Tease in Denver. This place rules.

        Started the new gig today, going be a sink-or-swim type of training program but I'm ready for it! Lucky to love what I do so that makes the insanity worth it.

        6 weeks from today... is the big 3-0. Yikes.


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          B: green tea, strawberries, omelet with turkey, feta and artichoke hearts
          L: BAS
          D: Have a grass fed Chuck roast in the crock-pot right now that smells like heaven. Will be devouring that and some steamed veggies for dinner

          WOD: 4 rounds for time of:
          20 squats
          20 pushups
          20 box jumps, 24" box (20" box)
          20 situps
          I got somewhere around 10 minutes, I forgot to check as I was leaving.

          For those of you are following the CrossFit games sectional open, I have to share how great it is that my affiliate's team is currently ranked 13th in the world! Since I am not competing, I claim no credit beyond cheering and moral support. Our affiliate is hosting the Regional competition in May (Southwest Region) so if any of you will be there, you should let me know so we can meet up.


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            Rainy morning here in Denver and I love it. Except I wont if it keeps up all day and rains out our Softball game tonight. Catch 22.

            B- eggs, sausage, strawberries
            L- BAS
            D- Leftover Chuck Roast (I'll be eating it for days but will not complain), grilled veggies, glass of red wine

            I think my future career is as a Burlesque dancer. Kind of kidding (only kind of). My workout last night was an hour long Burlesque class taught by the most fun man in Denver. Zach. He wears 5 inch heels while dancing, I can't even do that I wear high heels often! Also, the warmup? Hula Hooping. Seriously the whole experience could not have been more fun. Today, it's back to CrossFit. I am combining the 2 most drastically different workouts that exist and am loving it.

            Got confirmation yesterday from some of my girlfriends/softball teammates that we are confirmed for group golf lessons, finally. It's something that we've been trying to do for the last couple of years but there were always scheduling conflicts. Score 1 in the play category!


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              B- eggs and grilled veggies
              L- BAS
              D- More leftover chuck roast, raw veggies, 2 macaroons

              WOD: 5 rounds for time of:
              6 front squats, 75 lbs
              12 pullups
              150 meter run

              Fun: Softball game where we beat a team tied for 1st (we were 3rd) by 10 runs! The Weasel Wackers were on fire last night. I might have to think twice about CrossFit right before games though, my legs were like lead running around the bases.

              Today's WOD: ouch. Going at noon and that will make 5 tough workouts, 5 days in a row. This girl is on a mission!
              750 row
              35 ball slams, 30 lbs (20 lbs)
              35 situps
              500 m row
              25 ball slams, 30 lbs (20 lbs)
              25 situps
              250 meter row
              15 ball slams, 30 lbs (20 lbs)
              15 situps

              Happy Friday!