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    OK, this is it. I have got to quit fucking around and get serious. I weigh more this morning than I have since 2003, I'm running out of jeans to wear, and I'm flat out disgusted with myself. Why the hell did I let this happen? It's not like I don't know how to eat, hell I'm an expert on this crap! I've gotten extremely lazy about cooking for some reason and just can't get out of the order-out rut. Stupid, I'm the one that bitches about people who bitch about not having time to cook! Hypocrite much Tamara? Get your ass in gear and get on with it. Here's what I expect from myself:

    1. No more crap food. If you're good you can have sushi when you get back from FL.
    2. Move, get off the fucking couch, quit spending the entire evening on the computer. Go for a walk, hit the trails, work up to running them again. Remember mud and snake runs? Fun stuff. TV rots your brain, quit it.
    3. Go buy a heavy bag this weekend, use it! Great stress reliever, remember?
    4. Be ready for Crossfit by Memorial Day, cause guess what girlfriend? That's your b-day present this year.

    I love you, now quit being a fuck up.

    PS - to anyone reading, yeah I talk to myself a lot...

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    Tell us how you really feel Tamara. Seriously, you go!
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      I like your attitude. I think you will do just fine.


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        I decided I'd treat this as a real journal. So yeah, it may get a bit blue at times.

        Did good yesterday. Huge salad for lunch and yogurt for snack. No "formal" exercise, but lots of moving stuff around and carrying a rug upstairs (yeah, it's a sorry excuse, but it's beats setting on the couch ALL evening).

        I am so going to get a bag as soon as I can, there are days I'd love to come home and beat the hell out of something. If it stays warm I can use Mark's, just need some gloves, raw nuckles are not that much fun...

        Probably do salad again for lunch and a steak for dinner. I'm vacilating on if I should eat more or continue to follow my hunger. If I follow my hunger, I only eat one meal and a snack most days. Maybe I ought to fitday it and see how much I'm really eating, I have a feeling that I'm getting more than I think doing this. I really feel that I should continue just listening to my body...

        OK, that's the food plan. I'll be moving another rug into the house tonight (10 stairs up). Time to commit to myself to go walk about in the park and enjoy the weather. So, I may be back later cussing at lazy me


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          Yeeee hoo. 5 lbs down in 2 days. Love it. Yeah, it's water, but it's nice to see. Keep up the good work on teh eating, but really girl, get off your ass. Moving furniture around is not a workout.


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            OK, weekend is over. Really need to work on that get off my ass thing...

            I did indulge in sushi on Sat, but was good the rest of the weekend. Haven't checked the scale, but my jeans felt a bit looser this morning. Now if I can just make it through the upcoming trip to FL...


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              Ahhhh, new Av. That's better.

              Tired as hell today. I hate Tuesdays, why is that always the day of the week I have the worst time with? Oh well. Hopefully I'll sleep tonight. Other than tired I'm feeling good. Been good on the food, probably ate too much last night, but I'm addicted to chicken thighs. They're almost as easy to chow on as bacon ;> Staying off the scale until I get back from FL.

              Here's the rules:
              1. Eat real food
              2. No grain, legumes, sugar, minimal fruit and diary
              3. Get off your ass
              4. Eat when you're hungry and stop when you're not (on that note, stop cooking chicken bits and bacon!)


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                I love that you said "I love you" to yourself at the end of your first post. I was concerned.


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                  Plus also I love the title of your journal.


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                    OK, I'm back.

                    Can't say I've been great, but I could have been worse.

                    Got the trip from hell to move the old man out of the way. Other than a planned indulgence on a grouper burger in FL I did the best I could on the road. Of course it fell apart once I got home again. I really have to stay away from Starbucks. That mocha addiction is killing me ;>

                    So, Mark's brining the bag for me this week. I can go home a beat the hell out of stuff then! Some days it really won't feel like a workout. LOL It's a start. The weather is finally getting spring like. Think I'll stop on the way home a get my park pass for the year. FT Ben is on the way home, I can start out walking and build back up to hill sprints. Uggg, bet none of my shorts fit anymore. Have to hit the DAV and see if I can find something...

                    Food, that's still the problem. I cannot get myself back into cooking mode. Even frying up eggs for a salad seems like too much work. Maybe if I start getting more exercise I'll get move motivated in everything else.

                    Maybe I just need to work at one thing at a time. This time how about working on exercise first instead of food first. Can't hurt. As long as I stick to mostly real food. No fastfood, no pizza, no mochas... Worth a try.

                    So, bag on the way, get a park pass and start keeping running shoes in the car... That's the plan for the week. Let's see how things go....


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                      Quick update.

                      Doing pretty well this week. Good with the food. Down 3ish lbs on the scale. More energy (except today for some reason). Moving around a bit more, heavy house stuff and pushups. Still waiting for Mark to bring the bag. Put off the park pass until payday, weather's gone back to winter anyway.

                      Getting straightened out slowly, but getting there. Now I just need sleep...


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                        Ahhh, making progress here. Feeling pretty darn good today.

                        Not a perfect weekend by any means, but I refuse to consider sushi a bad thing (as long as I keep it to a once in a while thing...) At least I ordered about half of what I usually do ;>

                        Got the bag in the basement, now I've just got to figure out a way to get the base filled up. I have a serious hate for inefficient processes, as a result I can put things off forever until I figure out the best way to do something LOL I'm going to just have to bite the bullet and do it the hard way even if it makes me crazy...

                        Have some buffalo marinating in a spice rub, probably cook that up with a couple of eggs and some spinach for dinner.


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                          All good stuff this weekend. Did waste a perfectly good "cheat meal" on pizza. So not worth it, I'm holding out for some serious goodies next time.

                          Finally got around to heading to Sagara. OMG, palace of all things strange food. I had pork belly yesterday and am looking forward to goat curry tonight. Serious awesomeness. I won't quit buying meat from the grass fed folks and the farmer's market, but I'll be supplementing from here. Oh, and spices, and just really strange stuff in packages and frozen. One of these days I'll get up the nerve to try durian...

                          So, got the park pass, got the bag, been doing more moving than over the winter, but still sitting around too much. But, even though the scale isnt' moving, I'm feeling thinner and more energetic. So, it's getting better, just need to push myself off the butt and out of the house and get in the habit. At least it's starting to get nicer.

                          So, so far so good. I'm actually starting to enjoy cooking again. The cat is getting pissed that I'm not making him chicken (may buy him some necks...) Brat.


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                            Didn't have the goat last night. Wasn't hungry and just had a chicken leg and some chocolate... Hope I get hungry tonight, I'm really looking forward to this!

                            "Running" gear going into the car in the morning. It looks like the flood is over for a day or so. Since even when I'm in shape running resembles more of a hike with sprints... start back off slow and avoid the snakes ;>


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                              Strange, no dinner last night either. Just not hungry, not even the chicken snacks... Oh well, I'll get hungry more than once a day when I do. I was hungry earlier today, so I had breakfast. Which means that I may actually be hungry for dinner. We'll see.

                              Seriously having one of those "I don't care, and you can't make me" days at work. I need a vacation. Or at least some retail therapy and a long lunch.

                              Won't have time to hit the park on the way home today, plumber is coming since I have a nice small pond in my basement. Oh joy, I love mud season...