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    Well, had a few days of total fuck up. I guess it could have been worse. 5-guys is really more meat than anything! LOL Jury duty on Monday didnt' help, but all better now. Realized last night that I'm actually happy, strange that...

    Weather is awesome! Hopefully I can get to the park after work and do some walk about. Enjoying the punching bag. great stress reliever that.

    Got a delivery from the cow guys, so I have plenty of burger in my freezer. And 5 lbs of pig fat that will become lard shortly! I've been out and miss my lard.

    So, just a quick check in.


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      Wow, didn't realize it had been a week since I updated this! Gee, time flys when you're having so much fun <eye roll>

      So so week, some pretty bad "I don't give a shit" days in there. But as of yesterday I've commited to myself that I'm giving it 100% for the rest of the month. A whole week and a half! LOL How ambitious.

      So, good food planned, nothing crappy in the house. I will not call the pizza man, I will not call the pizza man... Salmon and sweet potato for dinner, tomorrow is korean fish broth w/ rice noodles for Rat Man, I'll have to come up with something for me...

      I did my 100 pushups test yesterday, 4 whole girly pushups, ugh, I've never been good at pushups, but this is horrible. So w1d1 tonight. If the weather holds I may get to the park this afternoon also.