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    So I haven't written in a few days, but thats not to say I didn't live primally! I just have so little time in the day to do everything I want. Most of my time at night has now been taken up reading Gary Taubes books. I haven't exercised either, but still feel great. I am currently trying to keep my carbs under 20 net right now...its only been two days and so far so nuts, only about 1-1.5 oz dairy if any, and the rest...well you know the story. I guess its an Atkins like thing without all the Atkins bars and semi-processed foods. Oh yeah! Small victory for me last night! My future mother-in-law had her birthday last night and NO CAKE FOR ME! but that really wasn't a challenge seeing as how I really don't like cake anyway=) I just felt bad not taking a piece when everyone else had one....and seeing as how only 5 was a little awkward being the only one turn it down! on the flip-side they know I have to get into a wedding dress in July! Whoop Whoop!!

    My food intake has been good these past few days....
    I enjoyed some brisket with green beans and bacon one day
    had lots of salads with HB eggs and bacon and avocado
    salmon and omelets
    and last night I made "fajita boats"- I put a chuck roast in the slow cooker with a fajita rub, olive oil, garlic, anaheim pepper, onion, and one can of diced organic tomatoes. smidge of bacon grease- 4.5 hours later =deliciousness made some guac. and put all that in romaine boat leaves sprinkle of cheddar sooo gooodd!
    well today is going to be an awesome day...for no reason just is..until it proves me different...and it will take alot to do so!
    Own it GROKS!!


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      Awesome!! First of all, congrats on the wedding in July!! You will be all groked out walking down the aisle haha.

      Wanted to ask you what you think of Gary Taubes book! I have had it for two months but have only read about 20 pages of it. I find the beginning kind of dry, not like reading the Primal BluePrint or anything, but I think there is a lot to learn from it. Maybe I will start reading it again!

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        Sooo it's been almost two years since I have posted in my journal! Reading back I was and still am pretty enthusiastic! Just thought I would make a re-entrance. Anywho, last I posted how excited I was to be getting married-well I'm divorced now...JUST KIDDING!!. No, still in love and a pregnancy later, I am hoping to do what's best for my kiddos. Anyway it's late tonight maybe I will post more tomorrow.
        Laters baby